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Why Michael Hirst Won’t Kill Off Katheryn Winnick’s Lagertha Anytime Soon


DESIGN & TREND – Katheryn Winnick’s Lagertha won’t be going to Valhalla anytime soon.


Before the surprising time jump towards the end of the season 5 finale of “Vikings,” Lagertha was brutally stabbed in the chest during the siege on Paris. The shieldmaiden wasn’t seen nor was she mentioned in the flash-forward, but series creator Michael Hirst confirmed in a couple of interviews following the airing of the midseason finale that Lagertha is alive.


“There’s a feminist collective in New York who wrote to me a couple years ago and they said, ‘We don’t’ care how many of the male characters you kill off, but if you do anything to Lagertha, you’re in trouble.’ So I’m very careful about that warning,” Hirst told TV Guide.


On a more serious note, Hirst said that Lagertha is far too important of a character for him to kill off just yet.


“She’s also gone on this amazing female journey in which she’s gone from farmer’s wife [who’s] happily married with kids, to being betrayed, to being in an abusive relationship, to having power, to having power taken away from her by men, to having to fight her way back, to having to lose her baby again,” Hirst said. “She is the soul of the show and I need her.”


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hirst teased what fans can expect from Lagertha in the second half of season 4.


“She’s a huge part of the story going forward,” Hirst said of Earl Ingstad. “There’s something she does which is so unexpected, but when you think about it later, you think: ‘No, she had to do that. That is Lagertha.'”


While Hirst won’t tell what Lagertha’s “unexpected” move is, the trailer for season 4B suggests that she’s going to take Kattegat away from Aslaug [Alyssa Sutherland], who has ruled the kingdom since Ragnar [Travis Fimmel] went missing.


Winnick also teased what’s next for her character during an interview with last month.


“She has a big arc and you’ll see it more in the upcoming episodes,” the 38-year-old actress said of Lagertha. “There’s going to be a physical change for her, and as an actor you cut off your ego and allow yourself to change. You’ll see her change physically, her clothes will change, her status will change. It’s an exciting time.”


Are you looking forward to seeing Lagertha’s storyline in season 4B? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


The second half of the season premieres this fall.


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