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Vikings Season 4 spoilers: Ragnar and Queen Aslaug to reconcile?


History Channel’s historical action-drama series, “Vikings,” has yet to have an official release date for season four but fans who cannot wait to hear more can now register their emails to get the latest updates.


The network took to the show’s official Facebook page to encourage viewers to be the first to know the show’s premiere schedule, events and other exciting news by posting a photo of one of the battles and captioning it with, “Want to hear about the next raid? Sign up for exclusive updates from ‪#‎Vikings and HISTORY!”


Although no information has been shared yet when it comes to plot, some reports claim that Ragnar Lothbrok may try to patch things up with Queen Aslaug played by Alyssa Sutherland. However, their differences may still get in the way and they will end up separating.


Showrunner Michael Hirst previously said that the queen is someone to watch for during the upcoming season, “She’s had a taste for power while he’s been away and when we return in season four, we’ll see that she’s enjoying that taste.”


What added to the speculation that they may not successfully reconcile is the addition of an exotic Chinese character named Yidu who will be a slave captured in the Red Sea and is suspected to be Ragnar’s new love interest.


Viewers will remember that the King of Norsemen has been linked with different women throughout multiple runs of the series and her addition is said to be realistically plausible, “I checked with our historical consultant and he said it’s all possible, it’s all plausible, it almost certainly happened,” Hirst added.


Meanwhile, as Ragnar tries to recuperate from successfully overcoming Paris, his own people may revolt against him. He is predicted to step down and be replaced by his son Bjorn but his other descendants especially Ivor will claim his rights to the throne. Instead of having a sole leader, Vikings may have four.


It remains to be seen if these assumptions come to fruition when the series returns sometime in 2016.




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