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‘Vikings’ Season 4 Spoilers: Dianne Doan Teases Yidu, Ragnar Relationship And More


DESIGN & TREND – “Vikings” season 4 is just weeks away and we are on the edge of our seats waiting for its return. With the latest season comes some new faces, particularly Dianne Doan who’s character Yidu will shake things up for the Kattegat natives.


Design & Trend caught up with the talented actress to talk about her new role and she even dished on some spoilers.


How familiar were you with “Vikings” before auditioning for the show? What drew you to audition for the role of Yidu?


I knew about the show and had watched a couple of episodes here and there, but I didn’t follow it season to season. I was excited that they were introducing a character from the East, and incorporating the Asian culture to the show.


How would you describe Yidu’s relationship with Ragnar? Since she comes from a different part of the world that Ragnar has never been to, will this have an impact on their relationship?


I think her very appearance intrigues Ragnar, because of her ethnic background. The production really wanted to make sure that they differentiated Yidu from the people of Kattegat.


The relationship stems from Ragnar’s curiosity of her past, where she comes from, who rules it and what her thoughts are about religion and death.


What does Yidu think of the Vikings’ way of life? Do you think she and Athelstan are similar when it comes to embracing the viking culture and religion?


I think Yidu’s initial reaction is shock, because their lifestyle is so different than where she comes from. She is now a slave in a foreign land where she doesn’t know the customs or language. Her main priority is survival. And if that means assimilating to their culture and religion, then yes, she embodies the same characteristics as Athelstan in that regard.


As previously revealed, Ragnar and his men will be heading back to Paris in an attempt to fully infiltrate the French city, do you think we will see Yidu tagging along? Will we ever see Yidu on the battlefield?


Well that would be fun now wouldn’t it! You’ll just have to tune in to see for yourself!


Apart from Ragnar, are there other characters who interact with Yidu?


Yidu is a slave to the royal family so you will see her interact with Aslaug and Bijorn.


Without giving too much away, what has been your favorite scene to shoot so far?


I loved filming the episodes that Helen Shaver directed, in those particular episodes I really got a chance to explore my character. And I believe these episodes will allow the audience to understand Yidu, and her past.


Are there particular actors on the show you wish you had scenes with, or more scenes with? Who are they and why?


Yes, Floki! I would have loved for our characters to have interacted more. I love what Gustaf has done with his character. All of his twitches and quirks, I loved watching him work.


Be sure to catch the “Vikings” season 4 premiere on Thursday, Feb. 18, at 10/9c on the History Channel.


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