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‘Vikings’ season 4 air date, spoilers: Show to have very different Lagertha this July?


CHRISTIAN TODAY – The first half of “Vikings” season 4 came to bloody close, and fans can’t wait when the latter half of the season arrives. Unfortunately, History Channel hasn’t announced the return date of the series.


Rumors, however, indicate that “Vikings” season 4 will premiere this July. By then it will have been around three months since the midseason finale aired. Den of Geek believes that the show will return as HBO’s “Game of Thrones” wraps up.


For fans of Katheryn Winnick’s Lagertha, it is important for them to known when “Vikings” season 4 will return, because it will mean they will finally see what is in store for the shieldmaiden, who was in an alarming situation when the credits rolled.


She was as good as dead in the midseason finale after Aslaug attempted to eliminate her to have the crown to herself. (this is part of the original article but its not a true statement – Lagertha was stabbed by the Franks during the second invasion of Paris ~ Alikat) But according to executive producer Michael Hirst, Lagertha will live to see another day.


In fact, “Vikings” season 4 promises an epic comeback for her. “She’s a huge part of the story going forward,” Hirst told Entertainment Weekly.


“There’s something she does which is so unexpected, but when you think about it later, you think: ‘No, she had to do that. That is Lagertha,'” he continued.


Whatever Lagertha is about to do in “Vikings” season 4, media outlets say that Aslaug will not be happy about it. Considering Lagertha still managed to survive after what she did to her, Aslaug should fear for her life now.


Meanwhile, Winnick teased to Star Pulse that while Lagertha survived, she will almost be unrecognizable. “There’s going to be a physical change for her,” the actress revealed.


“And as an actor you cut off your ego and allow yourself to change. You’ll see her change physically, her clothes will change [and] her status will change. It’s an exciting time,”


Meanwhile, “Vikings” season 4 also hints at Rollo possibly reuniting with the Vikings and Ragnar training his cripple son Ivar the Boneless as his successor.


2 comments on “‘Vikings’ season 4 air date, spoilers: Show to have very different Lagertha this July?”

  1. Soughter says:

    Aslaug did not try to kill Lagertha or stab her in episode 10, anyone who watched the show knows Lagertha was injured in Paris fighting the Franks, so please stop spreading false information.

    1. alikat says:

      I actually posted that article that Katheryn Winnick RTed (I didn’t write it) and didn’t read it but yes, I don’t know where they got that. In the previews for the rest of Season 4 they show impending fight between the two and there was the sense that Aslaugh was interested in what King Finehair would do to Ragnar but she never actually was plotting with him. Don’t know why they thought Aslaug had anything to do with Lagertha’s stabbing.

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