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Vikings Season 3 Won’t have Another Time Jump, Will Be More Action Oriented

Vikings season 3 is the long awaited show from the History Channel and it got renewed for a third season a little while ago. Some fans were worried that the show may have been delayed because there was no New York Comic Con panel for the show this year. Comic Con is a convention that is all about comics, but recently it has also expanded to include other forms of media as well.

Vikings is a perfect fit for the convention, and many other similar TV shows such as Game of Thrones often have a panel at the convention. So, when Vikings wasn’t at the convention, many people were wondering what was going on.

One question many people were asking about Vikings season 3 is if there would be a time jump in the latest season. There was a time jump between seasons one and two of the show, but there won’t be a time jump for season three. The showrunner says that there is benefits and drawbacks to having a time jump on the show. The drawback is that every time you skip a section of history, you’re leaving out more stuff that you could have covered.

Vikings Season 3 Air Date

The positive is that you can jump to more interesting portions of the story. We also know that Vikings season 3 will be much bigger than season two. One of the biggest events of the new show is supposed to be a huge attack on the city of Paris where Ragnar will come attack the city with 100 longboats. As expected, the city will be mostly CGI in order to save on costs, but the scene should still be fun to watch.

For fans of action, they’ll be happy that Vikings season 3 will focus more on Ragnar’s expeditions than the political drama that is happening back in Kattegat. There isn’t a release date for Vikings season 3 yet, but since previous seasons aired in March or February, it can be expected that Vikings season 3 will debut around that time as well.

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