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‘Vikings’ – Dianne Doan Interview on Playing Yidu and Working with Travis Fimmel


SHOWBIZ JUNKIES – Dianne Doan (Disney’s Descendants) joins the cast of History’s Vikings with season four, playing Yidu, a slave who catches the attention of Ragnar (Travis Fimmel). Yidu is unlike anyone else in Kattegat and in some ways she’ll be filling the void left in Ragnar’s life with the murder of Athelstan (George Blagden). During a conference call in support of the February 18, 2016 premiere of season four, Doan said she can’t wait for audiences to meet her character. Answering questions without giving away spoilers, Doan discussed her character’s backstory and what it was like joining the cast of an established show.


Dianne Doan Vikings Interview:


What’s it like to take the leap from Disney royalty to Viking slave? Was it a challenge?


Dianne Doan: “I couldn’t have asked for a better transition out of that Disney experience just because the audience range is so limited, I guess? Challenge-wise, I think I was definitely pushed in my work as an actor, coming on to a show that’s already been so established with the course of three years, working with Travis and then numerous directors that I was able to come across. It definitely was intimidating and it pushed my limits, I would say that, but it was so rewarding.”


You mentioned working with Travis as Ragnar. It seems like he’s enamored with your character a bit and so without spoiling anything, what can you say about that relationship?


Dianne Doan: “I come on pretty early on this season, and right off the bat it’s not just Ragnar that’s intrigued or curious. It’s definitely all of Kattegat just because from my sheer appearance, it’s so different than what they’ve seen around them. But with Ragnar specifically, we know throughout the seasons he is a person who seeks to learn about different cultures and different religions which is why I think he does raid lands. Off the bat, from my appearance to the way that I carry myself, he questions it, which is why I would say our initial relationship starts out of that curiosity.”


At the request of Showbiz Junkies, I have removed the complete interview from the site. Please see  the rest of the interview at SHOWBIZ JUNKIES


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