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Viking Fans! Weigh in on Season 3

There are probably hundreds of reviews on websites about last night’s finale and the season in general but I want to hear from YOU, the Vikings fans.

Comment here and give the show some grades as well. You can say you didn’t like something but I expect everyone to behave civilly – no insulting the writers or actors personally. For example – you can say you didn’t like a character’s plotline but don’t say ‘I hate *insert actor’s name here* and he’s ugly and a horrible actor!’.

Keep in mind, all of the comments will likely contain spoilers so don’t read them and complain about being spoiled. I’ll warn of SPOILER ALERT so no one else has to!


After your comments, grade the show (grades A-F with A being the best and F being FAIL) for:

  • Season finale
  • Overall season
  • Main story lines (overall)
  • Minor story lines (overall)
  • Battle scenes
  • Number of deaths
  • New characters
  • Amount of time spent on existing characters
  • Remaining true to the characters we know and love
  • Living up to the hype of pre-season interviews and comments
  • Excitement for season 4


Next Thorsday I’ll post everyone’s responses. If you wish to remain anonymous just put anon in the comment.


I will not publish anything that is derogatory as a personal attack to the actors or creators of the show. (see explanation above)


2 comments on “Viking Fans! Weigh in on Season 3”

  1. Ben Osterloh says:

    SEASON FINALE ~ Watching Ragnar’s gambit unfold was done very well done, and foreshadowed just enough so that we the viewers both knew what might happen and still be surprised at the smaller details, so to speak. Only complaint was why Ragnar would entrust Bjorn, as opposed to Rollo or Lagertha.(B)

    OVERALL SEASON ~ Could have been better, could have been much worse. Minor issues with pacing. Bjorn/Porunn(?) romance seemed forced with unsatisfactory payoff. Getting just a little too dark, IMO.(C)

    MAIN STORYLINES ~ Assuming the invasions of Mercia and Paris were the main storylines this season, both were acceptable. Both invasions felt “rushed” and deserved their own seasons to better flesh the characters out, and give Mercia more depth. Hope that made sense. (C)


    : WESSEX SETTLEMENT – Razing came out of nowhere and made no sense what-so-ever. More below. (Straddling C/D)
    : BJORN/PORUUN(?) – Conclusion sloppy, waste of an interesting character. Aslaug nearly let two biological sons drown and Poruun thinks she’s a great mother. Not buying it. (D)

    BATTLE SCENES: Perfection. Bonus points for many being adapted from Norse histories. Examples being battling Mercian forces on opposite banks and the Viking Siege of Paris. (A+)

    NUMBER OF DEATHS ~ For me, the quality of the death scenes always tops the number and this season’s were gut-wrenching and hauntingly beautiful in the best ways possible. Even after reading up on Norse sagas, there were twenty-ish seconds where I honestly believed Bjorn had died. Had Torstein, Athelstan and Siggy not been killed off in the weeks prior, Bjorn’s death scare would not have been nearly as effective. (A+)


    : KALF – Highly likable, affable, with concrete reasoning for usurping Lagertha. Only complaint involves his plot to kill/ruin Ragnar and his family. He passed up numerous chances, saved Lagertha during the first attack on Paris, and after that one scene where he aired his grievances, never seemed to have any problems with Ragnar or his kin. (B)
    : JUDITH ~ Including her as her character was little more than living scenery last season. Lots of potential with the character, stunning actress that’s both easy on the eyes and looks like she could have been descended from Aella. No complaints, major, minor or nitpicky. (A)
    : HARBARD ~ (C)
    : EARL SIEGFRIED ~ Indifferent til his darkly humorous execution. All he needed was a pet cat named Roy 😉 (B)
    : “WANDERER” ~ Only (very minor) complaint was not catching his name. (B)
    : COUNT ODO ~ Awesomely pragmatic. Though, what was the deal with the dungeon? Too kinky and felt forced to cash in on “50 Shades of Grey”. (A)
    : CHARLES/GISLA ~ Liked the latter at first, now wishing Rollo or Odo “accidentally” kills them at some point. (D)

    EXISTING CHARACTERS ~ Aslaug abandoning her children to bone Harbard came waay out of left field, IMO. Especially as she refuses to admit to any wrongdoing later, even though it was her own biological sons that nearly drowned.Similarly, Ecbert ultimately being behind the razing of the settlement made no sense. Aethelwulf instigating the massecre would have been much more believable, as he’s been shown to be extremely religous before. (C)

    LIVING UP TO HYPE ~ Character development for Aslaug was promised, never delivered. Other than that, all good. (B)


  2. Sharon says:

    Great season. I think this was the best. My only complaint is that we need more than 10 episodes!! A+

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