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An interview with the show’s creator and writer Michael Hirst

June 08, 2016

This article was written about Season 3 because that’s what is airing in the UK now.

HISTORY EXTRA – With its gripping mix of gory battles, religious conflict and compelling characters, the epic historical television show Vikings attracts millions of viewers worldwide. With the third season in full swing, we spoke to the show’s writer and creator Michael Hirst about the challenges of adapting historical material for the screen and why the world has been gripped by ‘Viking fever’…


Q: Vikings has proven to be incredibly popular with audiences across the world. Why do you think there is such an appetite for the Vikings at the moment?


A: Well, let me tell you a story. After I’d written and made Elizabeth [the 1998 film about the life of Elizabeth I, starring Cate Blanchett], I was commissioned to write a screenplay about Alfred the Great, who fought against the Vikings. I started researching the Vikings’ culture and gods and democratic ways – loads of really fascinating things I didn’t know about before. But when I told people about it, their response was pretty half-hearted. Fast-forward to when I began working on Vikings [which premiered in 2013]. Now, when I told friends what I was writing about, they were incredibly enthusiastic. Something had changed and Vikings were suddenly in the zeitgeist.


When I was researching the series, I was definitely aware of a new interest dawning. People are interested in the Vikings now in a way they weren’t interested 10 years ago, not even in Scandinavia. There’s no real satisfactory answer to why this is the case, but it’s true.


But there’s also some correlation between a successful show and a historical interest. I was shown round the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo recently and the curator told me that since our show began, admissions had doubled. So to some extent the show itself has also created an appetite. There must be some deeper explanation that I can’t help you with, but I know it exists!


Q: In many ways the morals, beliefs and value systems of Viking culture are completely alien to modern audiences. How do you make characters from such a different society relatable?


A: People told me I wouldn’t be able to make a successful series with Vikings as my lead characters, because the Vikings are always seen as the ‘other’ – they are seen as the hairy, ignorant savages who come in the dead of the night, break your door down, rape your wife and daughter and steal your goods. Just mentioning the word ‘Viking’ would summon up these prejudices and received opinions. But while there are elements of truth in this reputation, it’s largely a cliché.


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Clive Standen interview – Vikings, Taken & more!

May 27, 2016

(The UK is behind a season so this article talks about Season 3 mostly)



FEMALE FIRST – Critically-acclaimed series Vikings returns for its third season on HISTORY tonight, and we managed to catch some time with actor from the show Clive Standen, to chat all about where his character Rollo will be going from here.


We also spoke about his new lead role in the Taken television series and much more – read on to find out what he had to say…


What should British Vikings viewers expect from the third season of the show?


Well, season 1 and season 2 of Vikings was only the tip of the iceberg of what the Vikings accomplished. Now, as we go into season 3, Ragnar’s ambitions, because he’s now the king, we’re hitting the golden age of the vikings and what the vikings were famous for. They’re far and wide – it wasn’t just about England, it was about most of Europe. What’s interesting is, Ragnar now has risen through the ranks of viking society, so he is their king and he has a great responsibility that now rests on his shoulders.


Can you give us a little bit of a tease as to what your character Rollo will be getting up to this season?


Rollo’s trying to prove to his brother that the betrayal was in the past. His ambition won’t go away but I think he realises it was misplaced, that it wasn’t Ragnar that was getting in the way. He needs to find a way of existing outside of Ragnar’s shadow, but without having conflicting interests towards his brother. As usual Rollo is going to be put through the ringer. He is gonna have some major confrontations with key characters in the series, and some of these confrontations might change him forever.


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‘Vikings’ Season 3 Is ‘Heartbreaking,’ Says Creator Michael Hirst

February 21, 2015


History Channel’s “Vikings” are ready to raid on Feb. 19, kicking off a bloodthirsty third season that will see Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and his horde continuing their exploration of England before setting their sights on the treasures of Paris.

But while Ragnar is now king and thus, according to Fimmel, “has the power to say what we’re going to do,” it won’t be smooth sailing for the reluctant leader, says series creator Michael Hirst.

“He never wanted to become king. He’s never been driven by the ambition for power. His motivating factors are twofold: one is his great curiosity, like the god Odin. And the other is that he does desire fame. Fame was the biggest thing for the Vikings, not celebrity — fame for doing amazing things,” notes Hirst. “So he’s king, but he’s uneasy about being king. He’s acquired power that he never intended to acquire. He is very aware that power corrupts. But it does give him the opportunity to do certain things that he does believe in and he does want to do, and one is to establish the farming settlement in England on the land that King Ecbert [Linus Roache] has given him. That’s perhaps not a very sexy ambition, but it’s actually what happened. It’s what, in the long run, led to the Vikings establishing themselves in England and France and so on.”

Fimmel admits that Ragnar’s restless curiosity and hunger for notoriety are what drive him towards France and the domain of Emperor Charles (Lothaire Bluteau), after his ally Athelstan (George Blagden) notes how strong the French defenses are. “He challenges Ragnar in the way that he says it. Ragnar wants to see if he can beat them.”

He adds, “Ragnar wants to get back to raiding. He’s done the people-pleasing stuff, setting up farms and trying to be a good guy, but he wants to get back to the old raiding that [we saw] in season 1… There are so many issues that come with being a person in power and so many demands and a lot of trust issues. And I think there’s a bit of corruption in everybody, including Ragnar, but his spirit was always about discovery and learning more and that’s what he wants to do. And once he settles the farmers and gets all the political stuff out of the way, he’s going to head to Paris, and he meets his match.”

As a result of his wanderlust, Ragnar’s relationships will once again take a backseat, with his second wife, Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) left back home in Kattegat with their children. Hirst aptly compares the Vikings to rock stars who try to escape the issues in their home lives by going on tour: “[They] need to raid to get away from their girlfriends and wives and responsibilities and children,” he laughs. “I think that the Aslaug/Ragnar relationship was under a lot of strain anyway ever since she saved Ivar. And Aslaug is great this season, and [the story takes her] to different places, unexpected places, some dark places, ultimately, in which she’s reconnecting with her Viking heritage. Her parents, though she didn’t know them, were very famous and she takes hold of that. She stops being so pliant. She stops being apologetic, and it was a very interesting development and arc to write. The arrival of a stranger [played by Kevin Durand] who may or may not be a god, is also a catalyst for her.”
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Vikings Filming Season 3 Wraps!

October 24, 2014

That’s a wrap! #Vikings Season 3

A video posted by Katheryn Winnick (@katherynwinnick) on

Now the long wait until it airs….


Spoilers: Paris raid ushers in the Viking Age

October 07, 2014

By: Kara Michelle
Oct 02, 2014

Vikings Season 3 Release Date, Spoilers: Paris raid ushers in the Viking Age; Lost’s Kevin Durand Joins Vikings Season 3 Cast

Vikings Season 3 news: Expect 10 new episodes from History Channel’s hit TV series as Vikings Season 3 release date is set for the summer of 2015.


The previous Vikings season ended with Earl Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) proclaimed King of Denmark, after killing its ruler Horik (Donal Logue).


So what’s going to happen next? Vikings Season 3 spoilers revealed that the upcoming season will see Lothbrok and his Viking warriors in The Great Raid in Paris, taking a fleet of 100 ships into battle. This event ushers in the Viking Age.


“Yeah, we’re gonna attack Paris. Paris was the most extraordinary city. It was still a Roman city, and it was like nothing else on earth,” said Vikings creator Michael Hirst.


Paris scenes are being recreated with CGI technology.


“We’re just building that, at the moment, on the back lot. It will also be CGI,” Rith shared.


Ragnar will reconnect with his brother Rollo (Clive Standen) as they raid the French capital.


“We go back to the raiding thing this year instead of all the dramas in Kattegat,” quipped Fimmel.


Meanwhile, Lost’s Kevin Durand joins Vikings Season 3 as Wanderer, a man who has more to him than meets the eye.


Vikings Season 3 cast also includes Lothaire Bluteau as Emperor Charles of France; Jennie Jacques as Judith, mother of Alfred the Great; and Morgane Polanksi as the Emperor’s daughter Princess Gisla.


Vikings Season 3 producers have shared that a character might bid the series adieu, but have declined to divulge more details.

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