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Vikings creator and star talk about the shocking ‘All His Angels’

December 31, 2016

EWWarning: Major Spoilers for the latest episode of Vikings are ahead.


Characters have died on Vikings before — main characters killed by other main characters, major political figures cut down to make way for a new generation, and great warriors dying brilliantly in battle. But this week, the show cut down its most legendary figure. King Ragnar Lothbrok – who sailed across the sea to raid Northumbria and Wessex, who brought ships to the great walls of Paris, who wandered the world for long years after his humiliation and returned to his home to complete one final quest – is dead. Held high in a cage in the forest, he was dropped into a snakepit, his death witnessed by his nemesis King Aelle and his slightly-more-friendly nemesis King Ecbert.


Anyone familiar with the sagas from which Vikings derives its narrative knew that Ragnar would die eventually. You might be surprised, though, to hear that this death was originally going to happen much earlier. “I was meant to die at the end of the first year,” says Travis Fimmel, the Australian actor who played Ragnar. “I ended up staying around for three more!”


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Interview Magazine – Travis Fimmel

December 21, 2016


INTERVIEW – In a lot of ways, Travis Fimmel is an easy person to talk to. He’s kind and polite, and quick to deflect the conversation back onto you: Where did you grow up? Did you like it? Would you go back permanently? When we meet in person on a rainy day in New York, he seems keen to keep an abnormal situation—an interview in which a stranger is asking you personal questions about your profession —as normal and reciprocal as possible.


The youngest of three boys, Fimmel grew up on a cattle farm in Australia, and lived in London for a while before settling in Los Angeles to become an actor. His early career had plenty of false starts, and he famously became a model in the early 2000s so he could extend his U.S. visa. Since he made his debut as Ragnar Lothbrook, the protagonist of Vikings, almost four years ago, however, things have been going very smoothly. In the past year, for example, he played a hapless hippy in Rebecca Miller’s screwball comedy Maggie’s Plan and starred in the video game adaptation Warcraft: The Beginning, which though a domestic disappointment grossed almost $400 million overseas. He just finished working with Chloë Sevigny and Steven Buscemi in Lean on Pete, the new film from 45 Years writer-director Andrew Haigh, and completed Finding Steve McQueen with Forest Whitaker and Lily Rabe. Next year, he will film Inversion opposite Samuel L. Jackson.


But Vikings is still the project everyone is buzzing about. It has long been suggested that, at some point, Ragnar’s sons will replace him in the main narrative, and, after April’s mid-season finale, it seemed like the time had come. When we left Ragnar seven months ago, he had been decimated in battle by his brother Rollo and had walked away from his kingdom. Now, however, Ragnar is back and keen for revenge.

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Travis Fimmel Appearing on Today and Live with Kelly (Videos)

November 30, 2016


Will Ragnar Lothbrok Die?/BTS: Vikings Stunt Coordination

November 18, 2016


New Season 4B Stills!

August 17, 2016




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Vikings Star Travis Fimmel Knows a Thing or Two About Swinging a Sword

June 08, 2016

ESQUIRE – The Australian actor easily balances the CGI-heavy Warcraft and indie comedy Maggie’s Plan.


The Travis Fimmel moment is upon us. After a brief career as an underwear model (“I only did that one modeling gig. I was 21 or something the last time I did that”), the Australian-born actor has been steadily working since he starred in in a 2003 reboot of Tarzan for The WB. A number of indies and TV shows followed before he found a signature role as Ragnar Lothbrok on the History Channel’s Vikings. He’s still swinging a sword, leading armies, and generally kicking ass in his first leading role in a big old Hollywood summer extravaganza, but the context is a bit different (and much more computer animated) in Warcraft, the Duncan Jones-directed adaptation of the massively popular knights-versus-orcs fantasy game series Worlds of Warcraft.


gallery-1464893803-hdm059916esqtravis-001Should you find yourself interested in spending time with Mr. Fimmel’s hirsute mug but need less swordplay in your life, be advised that he is also a charming romantic foil to Gretta Gerwig in Rebecca Miller’s new indie Maggie’s Plan. As you’d suspect to look at it him for even a second, Fimmel is a self-avowed outdoorsy type, and he even has a horse just outside of Los Angeles. Esquire caught him on the phone just as he was about to fly out L.A. and talked to him about pickles and knowing where to look when you’re fighting an orc.


I know you’re from Australia, but where do you live these days?


It depends on where the work is. I don’t get home as much as I wanna. The last four years, I’ve been in Ireland most of the time.


That’s where you shoot Vikings, right?


Yeah. I love it, mate. Great people, great crew. It’s a beautiful country. It rains a lot, unfortunately, but other than the rain, it’s beautiful.

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The Real Vikings: Who Was Ragnar Lothbrok?

March 19, 2016


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