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Welcome to Vikings Fan, a fansite for the History Channel's series "Vikings". The show is based on the tales of the legendary Vikings: Ragnar Lothbrok, Lagertha, Bjorn Ironside, Rollo, among others. Explore the site for the largest photo gallery on the web for the show and also our video gallery!

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New Season 4 Trailer

January 05, 2016

This looks so intense! I’m ready for season 4 NOW!


Michael Hirst shares exclusive image, teases betrayals in season 4

December 21, 2015

It’s the Last Supper for Ragnar, and everyone might be Judas.

EW – History’s Vikings is returning Feb. 18, but for fans who can’t wait, EW is excited to share an exclusive look at the new season: A Last Supper-inspired piece of key art featuring the show’s cast. Vikingscreator/writer-of-every-episode Michael Hirst offers an in-depth look at the artwork. Click on the image above for a full-sized view, and read Hirst’s tantalizing teases for the season ahead, below:
A picture of the Last Supper portraying pagan Vikings in the role of Christ and his apostles may seem, to some, very controversial. But I would say, if nothing else, it emphasizes the centrality of belief systems and spirituality in the show. We are addressing that conflict between Christianity and paganism.


So many Renaissance artists painted a version of the Last Supper because of art starting to perform a new function. The depict human and emotional dilemmas using this motif, the image of prophesied betrayal. All the figures in these paintings are concentrated around the words: “One of you will betray me.” I think that’s the key to understanding this image that we have from the show. It’s exactly the same issue that’s being confronted.


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CarterMatt Awards 2015: Katheryn Winnick up for Underrated Actress

December 21, 2015


CARTER MATT – The CarterMatt Awards are now getting into full swing, and today we are back to profile the last of our “underrated” categories in Underrated Actress. The people who are listed here are all fantastic performers who consistently deliver week in and week out. Yet, they are consistently overshadowed one way or another. Not today! We’ve spotlight six of our favorite women from all categories of TV, and we’re turning the power over to you in order to determine who you think is most deserving of the honor this year.


Voting is open for this category until December 27 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern time. You can read our full announcement article here to learn a little bit more all about when other nominees and results are going to be posted online.


Katheryn Winnick, “Vikings” (History) – Lagertha is an incredible character, one who is strong yet complicated. Her relationship with Ragnar Lothbrok remains one of the most stellar components of the series, but even without him around she delivers in every single scene that she is in. Sometimes history can feel drab, knowing at least to a certain extent how certain events are going to conclude; thanks to the performance of Winnick and others, “Vikings” never feels this way in the slightest.




Also vote for the most underrated actor and show.


‘Shiptober’: Will ‘Vikings’ season 4 match Ragnar Lothbrok with Aslaug or Lagertha?

October 11, 2015


Mrs. Carter: Does Ragnar Lothbrok have the time for his two loves?


With Ragnar’s siege on Paris not going exactly as he had thought and losing many of his men and women before finally penetrating the walls of the city, King Lothbrok has a lot on his plate and not all of it is good – the same goes for the two main women in his life.


In the first season of “Vikings” we saw a strong, unbreakable bond between Ragnar and shield maiden Lagertha as they had two small children and another boy on the way, but after his daughter was killed and Lagertha miscarried their second son, Ragnar started to worry that his legacy was going to die out if it was all shouldered by his one son, Bjorn. As time went on, we saw Ragnar meet Aslaug, a beautiful noble woman who caught his interest physically, but also mentally as she was able to outsmart him at his own riddle. They spent one night together, but that was all it took for Aslaug to become pregnant and sail over to Ragnar’s lands to try and take claim over him. Ragnar tried to get away with having both Aslaug and Lagertha as his “wives”, but Lagertha wasn’t going to have it and she packed up Bjorn and left Ragnar behind.


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Have You Seen the Viking Pop Vinyl Figures???

February 20, 2015

They’re currently on presale along with other Viking merchandise from Entertainment Earth but since some of those items have sold out in pre-sale, you might want to order them now. Even if you don’t like the figures, there are some really nice items like keychains, glasses, coasters, etc

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A Couple of Questions for Vikings Fans

October 14, 2014

First of all, I’m alikat7 and I created a new website called Vikings Fan (really original, aren’t I? lol) I’m trying to make this site a go-to place for all of the Vikings fans to get the most up-to-date information and photos, but I was curious to know a few things:

1. Would anyone be interested in a forum to meet other fans and discuss the show if I added it on the fansite? 

2. Would you be more willing to contribute fanart to the site if I set up the gallery so you could create your own galleries and add the art yourself? Or would you be more likely if you just email it to me and I add it in an album with your name? (which is how I originally thought it best but I’m willing to consider other ideas)

3. If I were to do fanvideo and fanart contests, would people contribute and participate?

Please feel free to give your feedback and if you can’t fit it all in a message, you can email me at

Also, please stop by the site and let me know what you think! And follow us on here and on Twitter:

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