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Katheryn Winnick lifts the lid on Vikings

March 16, 2016

STUFF – The first time I visited, they had to drag her off set to be interviewed.


She came stalking into the press-room in full shieldmaiden kit, drawing audible gasps from journalists and causing one post-pubescent blogger to make a face like he’d just shut his Thinkpad on his privates.


On my second visit to Vikings HQ – a sprawling production complex hidden in the Irish countryside – the halls are empty, most of the crew are off shooting on location, so it takes me a few seconds to realise that the unassuming woman I’m holding a door open for is not an intern, or someone from the art department.


Today, she’s dressed in a slouchy sweatshirt and clutching a paper coffee cup. The Viking gods have thrown me an unexpected hallway exclusive with Lagertha. I need to play it cool, not say anything dumb.


“They didn’t make you come in on your day off, did they?”


“No, I had stunt rehearsal this morning. They keep us busy.”


“What’s downtime like for you here? Celtic dancing? Brewing your own Guinness?”


She laughs. “They make enough Guinness around here without my help.”


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Gallery Update

March 12, 2016


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A Vikings star on contouring with dirt, why she’s gluten-free and how she was cast as Lagertha

March 08, 2016

VOGUE – Katheryn Winnick, star of Vikings and the face of Raymond Weil’s Noemia collection, talks to Vogue Australia about career, well  being and Ireland.


38600-1_og_article_portraitWhat was your big break in Hollywood?
“For me, I think it was really two breaks. The first being a guest star role on the TV show, House, in an episode called “One Day, One Room.” My character goes head-to-head with Hugh Laurie. After it aired, I know it broke records with ratings, and gave me the confidence I needed to know that all the years of struggling in this business could eventually pay off. I would consider my second break to be when I got cast in Vikings to play the female lead as shield maiden, Lagertha, which has definitely been the turning point in my career. It’s a role I have deeply connected with and can sink my teeth into. Now, the show airs in over 140 countries around the world, and I couldn’t feel more honoured to be a part of such an incredible show.”


Did you ever turn down a role that you now regret saying no to?
“No, I have not turned down a role I regret yet. It is all about finding the right project that speaks to me. It all starts with the material. I look for strong female roles that excite me; roles that are not only powerful but raw, undone and authentic.”


What was the audition process like for Vikings?
“They did a worldwide search for Lagertha with thousands of actors competing for this role. After I read the script, I fell in love with the role and self-taped in my living room in Los Angeles the next day. They were concerned I wasn’t weathered enough to play a Viking. I re-did the tape, this time adding dirt from my backyard all over my face. I asked for a Skype call with the writer/creator Michael Hirst. We talked for an hour and clicked right away. I mentioned that I am a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a second degree black belt in karate and how I can understand the warrior mentality and the will power of someone like the character. I was amazed at how brilliant his mind is, how he works, and how collaborative he is to create a character together.”


When did you realise Vikings had become such a big hit?
“After season one aired, I started getting a lot of fan mail and social media hits with people tattooing my character’s face on their bodies. It’s amazing to me that there are such die-hard fans out there. At Comic Con last year, it was crazy to see thousands of fans line up for hours just to get a glimpse of our panel and cast mates. Also, it is incredible to see how Vikings has transcribed into trends around the world, in terms of Lagertha’s braids on runways and red carpets to Halloween costumes. It is all a wonderful compliment.”


Where is the best location you have ever filmed Vikings and why did you love it?
“Believe it or not, we shoot all of our locations in Ireland. There is an incredible landscape with mountains, lakes, reservoirs, and open fields that are so untouched. It is so beautiful and rural and with the help of an amazing visual effects team, we make it look like Scandinavia. My favorite location is on a Guinness estate where we have built Kattegat, our Vikings’ hometown. It is an incredible set, right at the bottom of these two mountains with several joining lakes. It is so beautiful and peaceful. I’m very fortunate to shoot in Ireland with such a gorgeous landscape.”

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Vikings Goddess Katheryn Winnick Says ‘Strong Is Sexy’: How She Stays Fighting Fit

February 20, 2016


PEOPLE – It’s no surprise when Katheryn Winnick says she’s “not a girly girl.”


“I’m more of a tomboy,” the actress tells PEOPLE before the premiere of the Vikings fourth season on Thursday night.


“I absolutely love punching and kicking, and kicking the crap out of somebody,” she says, referring to her many fight scenes as Lagertha in the Michael Hirst drama, and to her “first love” – martial arts.


Winnick, 38, started taekwondo at the age of seven, got her first black belt by 13, and started her own school by 16. “By the time I was 21, I had opened up three different schools in Toronto. I started teaching actors martial arts on movie sets, and my first passion, my first love was martial arts.” The actress holds a third degree black belt in taekwondo and a second degree black belt in karate.


“Lagertha’s role is very similar to me,” she says of her regal, battle-ready character. “In the sense of determination and working hard and being able to defend yourself and having the knowledge you need to be able to get out of any situation. With that comes an inner strength – how you deal with conflict. Her being so strong and being a force to be reckoned with comes from growing up as a shield maiden, and for me, growing up as a martial artist.”


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‘Vikings’ Star Katheryn Winnick Talks Season Four & What It’s Like Cutting Off A Man’s…Er …

February 20, 2016

DECIDER – For the past four years, Katheryn Winnick has dazzled us as the steely-eyed shield maiden Lagertha on History’s Vikings. Lagertha began her journey on the show as an ambitious young Viking’s feisty wife and now is a powerful Earl and insightful warlord. This season, she has to face the uneasy balance of sharing power with one of her former lieutenants, Kalf. She groomed the warrior to be her right-hand man, but then he betrayed her, and then he seduced her, and now he claims that they can rule together.


“I feel like she has a special in her heart for him but does she really truly trust him? That’s debateable,” Winnick teased. “It’s tricky because Michael Hirst — who is the creator and writer of the show — he’s always putting me as Lagertha in the same situation where she’s been betrayed so many different times by so many men! First her first husband, Ragnar, and then her second husband, and now here’s someone she trusted fully has also betrayed her.”


Winnick is also set to go toe-to-toe this season with Vikings‘ other reigning queen, Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland). The two women are both powerful women, but take starkly different approaches to consolidating their power. While Lagertha often relies on her prowess as a fighter, Aslaug uses cunning and magic to achieve her ends.


We asked Winnick if she ever got jealous of Sutherland’s “cushier” role. “Are you kidding? I love my role!” Winnick said. “No, I get the chance to fight and be a mom and be a powerful leader and you know kick ass at the same time with cool braids and chain mail. No, but we’re [both] strong women characters. I think Lagartha’s relationship with Aslaug in season four, she she’s her differently than she did at the end of season three, which brings great storytelling and great drama.”

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Katheryn Winnick teases Vikings season 4

February 20, 2016

‘Major changes in infrastructure.’


EW – The hit History series Vikings returns Thursday for another season of head-choppin’, kingdom-conquerin’, world-discoverin’ high drama. In the wake of last season’s assault on Paris, the lead characters are spread out across the known world. To get some details on season 4, we talked to Katheryn Winnick, who plays noble shieldmaiden-turned-Earl Lagertha, about what’s ahead for the series.


ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We left off with so many elements of these characters’ lives in flux. Where is Lagertha when we begin season 4?


KATHERYN WINNICK: Kalf, her second-in-command who usurped and betrayed her, has announced to her that he’s in love with her. So she ends up sharing the Earldom with him. Not sure if she ever fully trusts him, but there’s definitely a strong connection between the two of them. You do see her, now, coming back to Hedeby, and sharing the responsibilities and the power with Kalf. Of course, she’s a Viking, and has her own motivations of where she wants to be. Things are gonna happen. There will be major changes in the infrastructure there, some big deaths, some incredible battles.


Whenever I talk to creator Michael Hirst, the idea of “power” comes up: How different people use it, and what different people do with it. What do you think is really driving Lagertha now? What are her ambitions focused on?


What makes Lagertha different than any of the other characters is that her motivation, what drives her, is not necessarily personal. She really feels that she has to rule for the good of her people, to make decisions based on what is best for the community. You have to remember that Lagertha started off as a farmer, on a tiny farm in Kattegat. She struggles with being an Earl, with being a woman in a position of strength, being betrayed. How does she get control back? How does she deal with her sexuality? How does she deal with her family? There’s a lot of complications.


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February 17, 2016

IGNIt’s not as easy as it looks.


If there’s anyone you can hope to have teach you some tricks to become a proficient (or at least serviceable) Vikings shieldmaiden in a couple short hours, it’s Katheryn Winnick. The star of the History series had years of experience in martial arts before she ever took up the sword and shield as Lagertha, and she puts that experience to good use in the series’ impressive fight sequences.


As someone who doesn’t have any background in martial arts, I was pretty much starting from scratch when I headed to Vikings’ studio outside Dublin in October 2015. But Lagertha and the shieldmaidens are inarguably some of the coolest elements of Vikings, and I figured if I was getting a chance to watch some stunt training, I might as well throw myself in the mix.



Katheryn Winnick and stunt double Caroline Simonnet showcase Vikings fighting skills


Winnick is an accomplished martial artist: she achieved her first black belt at age 13, competed in the Canadian Nationals and even opened her own Tae Kwon Do studios in Toronto, Canada. Before I actually got to train with Lagertha’s shield and sword, I had to get the basics of the martial arts-based fighting style that the shieldmaidens use.


Clearly, I am the non-professional stuntswoman here.


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