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Morgane Polanski On Princess Gisla In Season 4

March 06, 2016


STARPULSE – Things are already getting bloody and complicated in the new season of History’s Vikings, and once again no one seems to be safe. So what does that mean for the French Princess Gisla, played by Morgane Polanski? Starpulse asked the actress what Season 4 holds for her character, who wasn’t in the best place at the end of Season 3.


“In season three, we sort of left it where her father accepted without even asking for her to marry Rollo in order for him to defend Paris if his brother attacks,” she explained. “For her that was the biggest slap in the face, that was humiliating just because he accepted without asking her. So I think her ego, it seems, is completely smashed.”


“In season four, we pick up at this wedding which she doesn’t want to [have], but has to happen, and then they’re going to go on a journey from there,” Morgane continued. “Stuff is going to change, twists and turns and ups and downs. And there’s been really cool stuff to discover, so I’m really excited for you guys to see it.”


But just because Gisla is forced into marriage with Rollo (Clive Standen), that doesn’t mean she no longer has a strength of her own.


“I think she is as strong as the Vikings but in a completely different way,” Morgane told us. “I think that’s what [series creator] Michael [Hirst] tried to represent, with the difference of culture of the Vikings culture and of the French culture.


“I think the main thing with Vikings is they are as they come. I think the French have much more layers, there’s much more I think agendas and looking over your shoulder. And I think she just adores how straightforward Rollo is, or they are, and I think she is just careful that she teaches him the different rules.


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Review: Vikings 4.3 “Mercy”

March 06, 2016


GEEKS OF DOOM – Last week on Vikings, Aethelwulf (Moe Dunford) led a mission to stamp down the Mercia rebellion and rescue Queen Kwenthrith (Amy Bailey). King Ecbert (Linus Roache) really didn’t care about her. He just wanted her boy, Magnus (Lothbrok?), saved. While husband’s away, the cat Judith (Jennie Jacques) will play… artist by defying gender bias (with Ecbert’s help), and study art with Athelstan’s doppelganger. Ecbert made her so happy. Rollo mimed war strategy with Count Odo (Owen Roe). Count Odo is secretly plotting against the Emperor and Princess (Lothaire Bluteau and Morgane Polanski). His confidante mistress is secretly plotting with someone else against Count Odo. Rollo (Clive Standen) is so out of his league. He tries a makeover to please Princess Gisla who laughs at him. Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard) escapes and the kids find him. He is strung up with water torture. Bjorn tries to survive in the snowy wilderness. Ragnar pities Helga (Travis Fimmel and Maude Hirst), and helps her bury her child.


Many spoilers below!!!


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Three Sneak Peaks for Episode 4

March 05, 2016


Gallery Update

February 28, 2016


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Morgane Polanski Was Born For Her Close Up

February 23, 2016

W MAGAZINE – The budding actress, Marc Jacobs model, and daughter of Roman Polanksi and Emmanuelle Seigner got an early start in the movies and she’s still going strong.


Morgane Polanski can’t remember a time when she didn’t know her way around a movie set. “I grew up on them,” says the 23-year old daughter of the director Roman Polanski and the French singer-actress Emmanuelle Seigner. Morgane was all of eight years old when she appeared onscreen in The Pianist, the 2002 Holocaust drama that won her father Oscars for Best Picture and Best Director. In the film, she could be seen crying onscreen in the Warsaw ghetto. To the layman, this might seem like a prestigious first IMDb entry, but it occurs to Morgane that it might also be a case of unfulfilled cronyism.


“He just kept giving me glorified extra parts!” she says.


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Season 4 SUPERTEASE Trailer

February 20, 2016


Promo and Sneak Peeks for Next Week’s Episode

February 20, 2016

Sneak Peeks:

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