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A Couple of Questions for Vikings Fans

October 14, 2014

First of all, I’m alikat7 and I created a new website called Vikings Fan (really original, aren’t I? lol) I’m trying to make this site a go-to place for all of the Vikings fans to get the most up-to-date information and photos, but I was curious to know a few things:

1. Would anyone be interested in a forum to meet other fans and discuss the show if I added it on the fansite? 

2. Would you be more willing to contribute fanart to the site if I set up the gallery so you could create your own galleries and add the art yourself? Or would you be more likely if you just email it to me and I add it in an album with your name? (which is how I originally thought it best but I’m willing to consider other ideas)

3. If I were to do fanvideo and fanart contests, would people contribute and participate?

Please feel free to give your feedback and if you can’t fit it all in a message, you can email me at

Also, please stop by the site and let me know what you think! And follow us on here and on Twitter:

I’d love to affiliate with the Vikings blogs on here so hit me up if you’re interested.


‘Vikings’ Season 3: {SPOILER} To Die?

October 02, 2014

‘Vikings’ Season 3: Athelstan To Die? George Blagden Moves To New Series
vikings (1)

Viking’s Athelstan might not make it through season 3.

The monk-turned-warrior will defiantly be with Ragnar and Co. at the start of season 3, but he may disappear around midseason. The cast of Vikings is still busy filming in Ireland, but Athelstan actor George Blagden is currently in Paris working on Jalil Lespert’s Versailles.

Blagden snagged the role of Louis XIV in the 10-part miniseries, and his Sun King commitment may result in his Vikings death. Could he be the character that the cast said was disposed of just before their trip to the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con? Or will his character just become removed from the main storyline towards the end of the season?

After a tumultuous second season and near crucifixion in England, Athelstan will need to undergo quite a bit of psychological during Vikings season 3. Hopefully series creator Michael Hirst can find a way for Blagen to stay in the story.

“Athelstan is one of those characters who has an effect on everyone else. For Rollo, it was anger. For Floki, it was maybe jealousy. And for Ragnar, it was curiosity,” Blagden explained to Spoiler TV. “The fact that we see Ragnar even considering to engage with the worship of a foreign god at the end of Season 2 is really powerful, and ultimately that was Athelstan’s influence. I can’t wait to see where Michael takes Ragnar with this this season.”


For what its worth, I don’t think this means Athelstan will die. The show likely juggled his filming schedule so he could do both shows!


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