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Welcome to Vikings Fan, a fansite for the History Channel's series "Vikings". The show is based on the tales of the legendary Vikings: Ragnar Lothbrok, Lagertha, Bjorn Ironside, Rollo, among others. Explore the site for the largest photo gallery on the web for the show and also our video gallery!

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People’s Choice Award 2016 Nomination Time!

October 16, 2015

There is one nomination for Vikings, and one for Travis Fimmel, plus you can also write in a vote for other members of the casts! Click on the graphics below to go directly to vote for Vikings and the cast.

PCA - Cable TV Drama

Vote for Vikings!

PCA-Fave TV Show

Vikings should be on here! Write it in!

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Gallery Update

June 20, 2015

Since the cast is busy shooting, there isn’t much going on so I grabbed some individual photoshoots of the cast. Plus Clive represented the show at the Monte Carlo Festival and I included some photos of those events. Enjoy!

Gallery Links:


**Thanks to Far Far Away Site for this photoshoot


Ben Robson Talks Kalf’s Big Twist

March 06, 2015

There’s a new Earl in town.

Last week, while Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) was off dealing with political matters (and flirting) with King Ecbert (Linus Roache) in Wessex on History’s Vikings, her second in command, Ben Robson’s Kalf, sneakily took her title. He’s now the Earl!

Ben, who was a longtime viewer of the show before joining the cast this season, said he did have a conversation with “Vikings” Creator and Writer Michael Hirst, and he had hints about the twist.

“I definitely had an essence of what I was doing for sure,” Ben told Access Hollywood on Wednesday of that big surprise in last week’s episode. “It was a really, really interesting thing to do and obviously, knowing what Lagertha is like – it’s a very bold decision that Kalf decides to make.”

Near the end of the episode, Kalf revealed his big goal is to be famous. “I desire fame above all things,” his character said. So what are Kalf’s motivations?

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Gallery Update

February 19, 2015

Gallery Links below:
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Public Appearances > 2015 Public Appearances > BVLGARI And Save The Children STOP. THINK. GIVE. +86

Season 3 > Episode 3.01: Mercenary > 3.01 Episode Stills +1

Magazine Scans > 2015 Scans > 2015 – Entertainment Weekly – Feb 20 +3


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