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Welcome to Vikings Fan, a fansite for the History Channel's series "Vikings". The show is based on the tales of the legendary Vikings: Ragnar Lothbrok, Lagertha, Bjorn Ironside, Rollo, among others. Explore the site for the largest photo gallery on the web for the show and also our video gallery!

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Gallery Update

February 20, 2016



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Cloaks and daggers

February 16, 2016

Flayed, an axe to the head, an arrow through the heart — whether in bloody battle or during an act of betrayal — death is dealt out in true Nordic warrior style on the hit drama series Vikings.


THE WEST AUSTRALIAN – For Aussie Alyssa Sutherland (The Devil Wears Prada, Arbitrage), who stars as Viking queen Aslaug, the characters’ lives always hang in the balance.


“There’s a certain producer that kind of comes up and gives you a tap on the shoulder and we’re all very aware of who it is,” she explains over the phone from Sydney, where she is mixing work and pleasure before returning to the set of Vikings in Ireland to finish filming the fourth season.


“Having spoken to some of the actors who have been killed off, you get a little bit of notice, like a few weeks, and it sort of is what it is. We all know that nothing is ever guaranteed — we could be the next one.”


But whether her tenure on the show is long or short, Sutherland jumped at the chance to work with screenwriter and producer Michael Hirst (Elizabeth, The Tudors).


“To have the opportunity to work with Michael Hirst was a no-brainer, there’s no way to say no to that … I didn’t know a whole lot about it when it was offered to me because she (Aslaug) came in right at the end of season one. So it was a very quick introduction and the character was much more fleshed out in season two.”


Aslaug is just one of many strong female roles on the series and Sutherland thinks now is a great time to be a woman working in TV.


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Gallery Update

February 11, 2016

I’ve recently added a new feature to the gallery. The individual cast members now have a section for events with their photoshoots. I still need to add a few cast members but the ones below have been added. The events they attend together will remain in the group events. These are just the other events.



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Gallery Update

February 03, 2016

I’ve added some more photos to different events and previous seasons as well as adding some photos to the upcoming season.



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Day Of Reckoning: Vikings Season 4 Teaser

January 20, 2016


New Season 4 Trailer

January 05, 2016

This looks so intense! I’m ready for season 4 NOW!


Michael Hirst shares exclusive image, teases betrayals in season 4

December 21, 2015

It’s the Last Supper for Ragnar, and everyone might be Judas.

EW – History’s Vikings is returning Feb. 18, but for fans who can’t wait, EW is excited to share an exclusive look at the new season: A Last Supper-inspired piece of key art featuring the show’s cast. Vikingscreator/writer-of-every-episode Michael Hirst offers an in-depth look at the artwork. Click on the image above for a full-sized view, and read Hirst’s tantalizing teases for the season ahead, below:
A picture of the Last Supper portraying pagan Vikings in the role of Christ and his apostles may seem, to some, very controversial. But I would say, if nothing else, it emphasizes the centrality of belief systems and spirituality in the show. We are addressing that conflict between Christianity and paganism.


So many Renaissance artists painted a version of the Last Supper because of art starting to perform a new function. The depict human and emotional dilemmas using this motif, the image of prophesied betrayal. All the figures in these paintings are concentrated around the words: “One of you will betray me.” I think that’s the key to understanding this image that we have from the show. It’s exactly the same issue that’s being confronted.


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