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Tell Us About Yourself: Alexander Ludwig

February 19, 2015


What’s your wallpaper on your phone and/or computer?

A mountain is my wallpaper for both my phone and computer.


When you walk into a bar, what do you typically order?

A beer and or shot of tequila.


What’s the one word you are guilty of using too often?



What is the last thing you searched for on Google?

Dinner in the sky. I heard its this thing where you can have dinner while suspended from a crane overlooking the city. Looks unreal.


Who is the last person that called or texted you?

My cousin/best buddy James
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Gallery Update

February 19, 2015

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Return of The Vikings: New Faces – In conversation with Alexander Ludwig

November 06, 2014

NOVEMBER 5, 2014



Alexander-Ludwig-main-300x166Paul Risker chats with Vikings star Alexander Ludwig…



As part of a special week long feature to coincide with the home entertainment release of Vikings series 2, Flickering Myth sits down in conversation with the cast and creator Michael Hirst to go behind the scenes of the critically acclaimed historical drama.


From the reflections of two onscreen brothers [Travis Fimmel and Clive Standen], Alexander Ludwig a.k.a. Bjorn reflects on joining the cast in series 2 and playing Ragnar’s son…


Paul Risker: Going into season two you are taking over a role that has been played by a younger actor (Nathan O’Toole). Did that present any challenges?

Alexander Ludwig: It has its challenges. I thought that Nathan did such a great job and I was obviously very happy to be a part of the show. But I also loved his character as a child and so it was bittersweet.

I definitely wanted to keep elements of the way he had played it, which I think was important especially in the transition stage, and especially in the third season. I have kind of veered away from that because when you grow up and you become a man there are elements that you always keep with you, but I’m not the same guy as I was yesterday, and I wanted to make sure I could show that he’s grown up.

Season two is definitely a coming of age season for Bjorn, and in season three he’s his own man. He’s a team with his father and he’s basically learning to lead, because historically that’s what will happen – Bjorn will have to step up and take over.


PR: What do you think Bjorn wants most of Ragnar – to be a good father or to be his equal?

AL: His respect – definitely. I don’t think he needs a father figure. Ragnar has always been a great father to him, and so what he really wants is his respect.

It’s so funny when you do historical shows because you realise that people in terms of being a human being, relationships with one another doesn’t really change over time at all. We still have the same problems nowadays that we did back then. I want my Dads respect in real life, and I want to prove to my father that I can make him proud and I can do better than him. I think that is also what Bjorn wants.

He’s intelligent and so he wants to learn everything he can from his father because he sees that he is a visionary. But at the same time he does want to do better, and he wants to go further. He wants to become even more legendary, and historically that is what happened. It is so cool to be on a show and to be able to start showing that.

One of the most powerful themes in narrative fiction is the idea that every generation wants to despite their respect for the previous generation to propel themselves further. This is a common conflict in narrative fiction.

It’s an interesting thing to dive into and explore, because when you’re living it rarely do you see it from the outside perspective. But when you’re playing a character that is going through that then you really sit back and think about it. You realise how hilarious it is that what everybody wants to do is to make sure they do a better job than the generation before them.

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‘Vikings’ And ‘The Final Girls’ Star Alexander Ludwig Is One To Watch

October 14, 2014


You might already recognize Alexander Ludwig, but soon you’ll know his name.

The 22-year-old Canadian actor is currently getting his big break with a starring role in the History Channel’s “Vikings” and the lead in the upcoming horror movie “Final Girl” and the buzzed-about horror comedy “The Final Girls.” Despite their similar titles, both movies should be hits, with the “Final Girl” cast including Abigail Breslin and Wes Bentley and “The Final Girls” cast including Nina Dobrev, Taissa Farmiga, Malin Akerman and Alia Shawkat.


Alexander began acting at the age of nine, appearing in commercials before moving on to movies like “Air Bud World Pup,” “The Seeker” and “Race To Witch Mountain.” He made his grown-up acting debut as Cato in “The Hunger Games,” the evil, talented Tribute from District 2. His performance earned him the MTV Movie Award for Best Fight (with Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson) and the Teen Choice Award for Best Villain, but he didn’t become as famous as the many other breakout stars of “The Hunger Games.”


Since “The Hunger Games,” Alexander has appeared in “Grown Ups 2,” “Lone Survivor” and “When The Game Stands Tall,” as well as, of course, “Vikings,” which has given him plenty of opportunities to show off his body in shirtless scenes. Alexander’s success also shows on social media, where he has over 442,000 Twitter followers and 190,000 Instagram followers. Those shirtless selfies definitely help – as do the dating rumors with his “The Final Girls” co-star Nina Dobrev.

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A Couple of Questions for Vikings Fans

October 14, 2014

First of all, I’m alikat7 and I created a new website called Vikings Fan (really original, aren’t I? lol) I’m trying to make this site a go-to place for all of the Vikings fans to get the most up-to-date information and photos, but I was curious to know a few things:

1. Would anyone be interested in a forum to meet other fans and discuss the show if I added it on the fansite? 

2. Would you be more willing to contribute fanart to the site if I set up the gallery so you could create your own galleries and add the art yourself? Or would you be more likely if you just email it to me and I add it in an album with your name? (which is how I originally thought it best but I’m willing to consider other ideas)

3. If I were to do fanvideo and fanart contests, would people contribute and participate?

Please feel free to give your feedback and if you can’t fit it all in a message, you can email me at

Also, please stop by the site and let me know what you think! And follow us on here and on Twitter:

I’d love to affiliate with the Vikings blogs on here so hit me up if you’re interested.


‘Vikings’ Season 3: Bjorn Looks To Rollo For Advice?

October 02, 2014

‘Vikings’ Season 3: Bjorn Looks To Rollo For Advice? Clive Standen Teases Uncle/Nephew Relationship

By Vanessa Frith, EnStars
on Oct 02, 2014

Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) is seen with a bloody handprint across his face while filming for season 3 of ‘Vikings’ in Ireland. (Photo :


Bjorn will look to his uncle for advice during Vikings season 3.


Rollo (Clive Standen) may not be Ragnar’s (Travis Fimmel) favorite person following his questionable season 2 decisions, but the King’s brother will be able to teach his nephew a thing or to as the Vikings spread their raiding to Paris.


“Rollo & Bjorn can learn a lot from each other…and they will in season 3,” Standen tweeted in September.


Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) may need that extra advice as he starts to leave his childhood behind. Historically more powerful than his father, Bjorn will run into conflict with his father as he grows older.


“It’s definitely been a coming-of-age story,” Lugwig explained to Zap2It. “Historically, this character goes on to do some pretty incredible things, so I think we’re setting up him coming into his own and becoming a man.”


When season 3 does premiere, Standen promises “it’s going to blow your heathen mind!”


Find out more when Vikings returns to the History Channel in 2014. Click the video below to see a teaser for season 3.

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