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Spoilers: New season features a time jump, gearing up for Ragnar and Rollo’s confrontation


Fans of History’s historical drama, “Vikings” are anxiously waiting for its return and to appease them, creator Michael Hirst said that they are already preparing for its fourth season, which will involve a time jump. Brothers Ragnar and Rollo will take center stage on season 4 as the rivalry between them intensifies.


“Vikings” season 4 will be much more exciting as the series returns next year. The story between the two brothers, Ragnar and Rollo, and their rivalry will be the focal point of the Michael Hirst series.


We previously reported that Standen’s Rollo will be trying to prove a lot next season as revealed by Travis Fimmel himself. He also hints a much higher level of conflict between them between them which will result to certain ramification.


According to Ecumenical News, the upcoming season will time jump two years into the future to further highlight the sibling rivalry of the two warrior brothers, played by Travis Fimmel and Clive Standen.


The site also reported that there are speculations surfacing online that “Vikings” season 4 will be the series’ last and Michael Hirst already has a specific ending in his mind, where Ragnar’s sons reach the shore of a beautiful green land.


However, before that unconfirmed ending, fans should first watch out for other significant storylines next season including Rollo’s decision to marry the daughter of Emperor Charles of Paris, Princess Gisla. Franchise Herald wrote that even though the two connected instantly, Clive Standen‘s character will still have to work hard to win the heart of Morgane Polanski’s character.


The actor even said, “That’s going to be part of the uphill struggle that Rollo has essentially because the French Princess Gisla is not actually a big fan of the Vikings, let alone Rollo.”


“Vikings” season 4 will be much more exciting as the rivalry between Ragnar and Rollo deepens. Clive Standen’s character will now be fighting for the French and is set to marry a French princess, which will be another challenge for him. The new season will be two years in the future to highlight the brother’s rivalry.


“Vikings” is slated for a 2016 return on History.




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