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‘Shiptober’: Will ‘Vikings’ season 4 match Ragnar Lothbrok with Aslaug or Lagertha?


Mrs. Carter: Does Ragnar Lothbrok have the time for his two loves?


With Ragnar’s siege on Paris not going exactly as he had thought and losing many of his men and women before finally penetrating the walls of the city, King Lothbrok has a lot on his plate and not all of it is good – the same goes for the two main women in his life.


In the first season of “Vikings” we saw a strong, unbreakable bond between Ragnar and shield maiden Lagertha as they had two small children and another boy on the way, but after his daughter was killed and Lagertha miscarried their second son, Ragnar started to worry that his legacy was going to die out if it was all shouldered by his one son, Bjorn. As time went on, we saw Ragnar meet Aslaug, a beautiful noble woman who caught his interest physically, but also mentally as she was able to outsmart him at his own riddle. They spent one night together, but that was all it took for Aslaug to become pregnant and sail over to Ragnar’s lands to try and take claim over him. Ragnar tried to get away with having both Aslaug and Lagertha as his “wives”, but Lagertha wasn’t going to have it and she packed up Bjorn and left Ragnar behind.


Since then Lagertha has remarried, killed her second husband, became an earl and had her earldom overthrown by a man she trusted, but there remained a strong bond between her and Ragnar as they fought together and pillaged England and Paris together. He has asked her to come back, but she has remained strong in her convictions that she cannot be disrespected and with Aslaug still in the picture, there is no reason for her to come back.


Aslaug on the other hand has had 4 children with Ragnar – all boys, and their connection grew after marrying her, but Ragnar now has a taste for wandering with other women. He’s gotten away with it once, why not again? Aslaug has also been unfaithful to Ragnar and they are currently in a pretty bad place in their marriage.


So who should Ragnar be with? That’s what we are looking at in today’s CarterMatt “Shiptober” article all about “Vikings” and Ragnar’s difficult choice.


Lagertha: These two have history, chemistry and they both are on the same wave length when it comes to their way of thinking. They are both warriors and even their only son together has grown into a strapping young man who is fearless just like his parents. Ragnar and Lagertha really understand each other, better then any other couple on the show, which is why we never really understood why Ragnar was willing to give it up for another woman he barely knew who was having his baby – Lagertha also has a child with him! After Ragnar’s betrayal, it would be hard for someone like Lagertha to go back to him. She has a lot of respect for herself, and demands respect from anyone in her life, especially her husband. Can we see these too getting back together? We can, but it would take Ragnar putting his inflated ego aside to realize having both Lagertha and Aslaug as wives was never going to happen.


Aslaug: Ragnar and Aslaug have serious physical chemistry together, but they have a lot of roadblocks in their marriage. While Ragnar has grown to love her very much, they don’t really have much in common. She is a strong woman, just like Lagertha, but not in the same way. Lagertha and Ragnar’s inner strength is matched, where we get the feeling that Aslaug feels a little lost in this lifestyle. She has four of Ragnar’s sons and one of them, Ivar the Boneless, has physical limitations that leaves him in pain a lot of the time and putting a strain on their marriage. Couple that with the fact that Ragnar isn’t around a lot and is still testing the waters with the ladies, while Aslaug had an affair with the wanderer last season and we don’t know where these two will end up. It’s not looking good for them, but we never really thought they were that great of a couple to begin with – just too many differences to make it work long term.




One comment on “‘Shiptober’: Will ‘Vikings’ season 4 match Ragnar Lothbrok with Aslaug or Lagertha?”

  1. Tab says:

    Lagertha and Ragnor have such a good bond between the two, their love hate relationship makes it great viewing; I would really love to see them get back together becuase I thought they were fantastic together in season 1.

    Aslaug is also a decent character but she isn’t really suited to be a wife of a King who is taking on the world; Ragnor will return to Paris in spring and I can’t see Aslaug following him.

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