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Season 4 Will Unvravel Aslaug’s Mischievous Plans to Stay in Power as Ragnar is Busy in Paris!

While Ragnar Lothbrok is busy in his conquest of Paris, his throne in his home in Kattegat in Denmark has been taken over by his wife Queen Aslaug, played by Alyssa Sutherland.


According to the latest spoiler on the historical TV drama series “Vikings,” on the History channel, Queen Aslaug has become fond of power as her husband is often away and busy either in Paris or Wessex.


This fondness for power of Aslaug will apparently become a focal point in the upcoming Season 4 of “Vikings” according to Enstarz, as she and Ragnar will argue more about it more than her husband’s religious beliefs and problematic infidelity.


Showrunner Michael Hirst confirmed in a recent interview that Aslaug had a taste for power while Ragnar has been away, adding that in the fourth season, fans would be able to see that the Queen is enjoying the taste of power that she might find it hard to just give it up or relinquish it back to her husband.


“Vikings” Season 4 is now being filmed in Ireland for a 20-episode season to be released early next year.


Actress Alyssa Sutherland recently posted on her Twitter account her latest attire on “Vikings” as Queen Aslaug and captioned it as fittings for the queen, indirectly alluding to her character’s mischievous plans against Ragnar.


Presence in ComicCon in San Diego


“Vikings” fans would be happy to know that the cast members and the production team behind the series will be attending the upcoming San Diego ComicCon slated on July 10.


The panelists from the “Vikings” TV franchise shall include showrunner and creator Michael Hirst, History EVP Dirk Hoogstra, along with actors Travis Fimmel (Ragnar Lothbrok), Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha), Clive Standen (Ragnar’s brother, Rollo), and Alexander Ludwig (Ragnar’s son, Bjorn Ironside), details Crossmap.


Also, part of the reason for their participation in the event is to enable the cast and the production team to drumbeat the coming Season 4 of “Vikings” on the History channel early next year.


Reports have it that the cast and crew will provide fans a glimpse of Season 4 of “Vikings” but it is not clear if they shall also be showing a teaser trailer to go with their scheduled question-and-answer afternoon session with fans.


The upcoming fourth season “Vikings” shall also focus on the storyline about the Northmen’s settlement pact with King Ecbert. Michael Hirst also confirmed that there is likely the possibility that Season 4 will tackle the Wessex settlement issue.


Bouncing back


King Ragnar Lothbrok, played by Travis Fimmel, may be in the throes of death in the series finale of Season 3 of “Vikings” given the numerous arrows in his back but everybody expects him to survive the dilemma and bounce back to complete his raid and conquest of Paris and Emperor Charles of France.


The history books indicate that Lothbrok is regarded as the scourge of France and England and that he was only conquered by his enemies while attacking Northumbria.


Despite attempts of Charles to devise various plans to save his city and country from falling into the hands of Ragnar, his efforts will prove futile.


Ragnar was able to complete the conquest of Paris with the help from his son Bjorn Ironside and his team along with three new characters including Halfdan Black of Scandinavia, to be played by Jasper Paakonen, Chinese traveller Yidu, to be played by Dianne Doan, and King Harald Finehair, to be portrayed by Peter Franzen.


Apart from showing the physical predicament of King Ragnar Lothbrok during the series finale of Season 3 of “Vikings,” it also showed the progress of King Rognvaldsson Rollo, portrayed by Clive Standen, on his plans to fulfill his destiny and the prophecy by proposing to marry the princess of Paris, who happens to be the daughter of his brother, Ragnar. (this statement seems to be an error but it was taken directly from the source so I copied it ‘as is’ but I do believe it seems to be a mistake)


Based on history books, Rollo will eventually become a Duke of Normandy, which is a region of France.


But Ragnar will eventually discover the intention of Rollo and it would not sit well with him that shall eventually result to a huge confrontation and a higher level of sibling rivalry between him and Rollo.


Michael Hirst, executive producer and creator of “Vikings,” confirmed the confrontation between Ragnar and Rollo in Season 4. He said that the series finale of Season 3 was actually planned and set up to pave the way for Ragnar’s huge confrontation with his brother.


The showrunner added that while Ragnar was in a life-and-death situation towards the end of Season 3, nobody should underestimate the will power of Ragnar and his ability to survive ordeal after ordeal.


He added that the feud between Ragnar and Rollo would only intensify and shall become the show’s focal point for next season.


He disclosed that if Ragnar will accept Rollo’s offer of considerable ownership of land in France as well as his daughter’s hand in marriage, he’s got to do it for what it’s worth and not to play the game of convenience. However, if Ragnar accepts his brother’s offer, it would be a second and much bigger betrayal.




3 comments on “Season 4 Will Unvravel Aslaug’s Mischievous Plans to Stay in Power as Ragnar is Busy in Paris!”

  1. delmcatee says:

    I am confused by how you written the bit about Rollo and Paris. Princess Gisla is the daughter of the Emperor of Paris, not Ragnar.

    Concerns of Incest aside, Ragnar hasn’t been in the land of the Franks before to father a child that would be old enough for Rollo to marry!

    1. alikat says:

      That article was copied word for word from the source “” so that was a mistake on their part. They likely meant to say she was the daughter of Ragnar’s enemy, Charles, or just say she was the daughter of Charles. Unless something completely wacky has gone on that we don’t know about lol Their arrival in Paris last year was their first time. I made a note on that line just so others didn’t get confused.

      1. delmcatee says:

        Ah. OK. Thanks. = ]

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