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Season 4 Spoilers: Ragnar, Rollo on a ‘higher level’ of conflict; See the New characters next season


In “Vikings” season 4, Ragnar Lothbrok and his relationship with his brother, Rollo, will be surrounded with competition and jealousy. This would mean new challenges for the King of Denmark who will be meeting new characters next season.


Rollo, played by Clive Standen, has always had conflicting feelings towards her brother throughout the 3-season run of ‘Vikings.” Ragnar Lothbrok, played by Travis Fimmel, is a feared warrior and has earned the respect of the people around him, including Rollo. But still, he gets envious of Ragnar, who was left dying during the show’s season 3 finale.


Travis Fimmel has already told Variety that the viewers should not underestimate his character’s capability to survive tough situations and escape death and also teased the conflict between Ragnar and Roll in “Vikings season 4.” During the finale of “Vikings” season 3, it seems Roll has sided with the Francs while his brother is away.


According to Fimmel, Rollo will be proving a lot in the next season, mostly fueled by the statement of The Seer, “if you could see what I can see when you reach Paris, you would be dancing naked in the sand.”


“He’s going to want to prove that this is what the gods meant and this is why he should be dancing naked on that sand,” said Fimmel. “But the conflict now is at a much higher level, but it has different sorts of ramifications too.”


New characters are set to join History’s historical drama series according to The Hollywood Reporter. “The Gunman” star Peter Franzen, “Frozen Land” actor Jasper Paakkonen, and “Once Upon A Time” actress Dianne Doan have all signed for “Vikings season 4.”


Peter Franzen will portray the Scandinavian warrior, King Harald Finehair, who might pose a threat to Ragnar. Jasper Paakkonen is Harald’s brother named Halfdan the Black while Dianne Doan will play Yidu, a possible love interest for Ragnar’s son, Bjorn.


“Vikings” has taken History Channel viewers by storm with its story based on the Viking society. We previously reported that due to the show’s popularity, Travis Fimmel teased that it could be translated into a movie.


Ragnar and Roll’s rivalry will be heightened in the new season of “Vikings” as the latter tries to fulfill his fate confirmed by The Seer. Aside from the brothers’ rivalry, fans should also watch out whether the new characters joining the series will become Ragnar’s enemies or allies.


“Vikings” season 4 will return 2016 on History. Share your expectations for the new season on the comments section below.




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