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Season 4 premiere, plot rumors: Rollo to face the wrath of two men; new love interest for Ragnar?


“Vikings” has been renewed for season 4 and will return to small screens by next year, leaving fans a bit disappointed with the long wait as there’s no official release date yet.


However, it doesn’t mean that History Channel’s show is not talked about among fans. In fact, the show is also subject of many speculations, spoilers, and rumors.


In an interview with Zap2It, Clive Standen, who plays Rollo in the series, talked about his character from the previous season.


Season 3 of “Vikings” showed how Rollo betrayed his brother Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) over riches offered by Charles (Lothaire Bluteau), who also offered his daughter to become Rollo’s wife.


Following the betrayal, Rollo and Ragnar’s relationship is not the only thing at stake, but also the former’s relationship with his nephew, Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig).


According to Zap2It, Bjorn will also play an active part in the series as he will be compelled to do something about his uncle — disown him. In addition, the report even stated that Bjorn would come to the point of killing his uncle.


“He’s so hurt and he’s going to kill him. In his eyes, there’s certain things you can’t forgive,” actor Ludwig told Zap2It in an interview.


Standen also talked to Entertainment Weekly about his character, in which Rollo didn’t give much thought about the price he had to pay for going choosing Charles’ offers.


But Standen also revealed that Rollo would come to a realization that he picked the wrong decision and will soon face the consequences, particularly Ragnar’s wrath. As it turns out, Ragnar’s wrath is not the only thing Rollo will be facing but also Bjorn’s.


Meanwhile, in other “Vikings” news, it was speculated that Ragnar might meet a new love interest after failing to work things out with his queen, Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) in the upcoming season.


There are speculations that Yidu, the Chinese slave, would be the one to capture the king’s attention, as she is described to be like no other.


History has yet to announce the premiere date for “Vikings” season 4, but fans can expect the show to return any time in 2016.




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