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Season 4 Death of King Ragnar is Graceful Exit to Actor Travis Fimmel


With the decision of actor Travis Fimmel to focus on acting on films rather than on the small screen, his character King Ragnar Lothbrok in the historical drama TV series “Vikings” on the History channel may be bidding goodbye to the show come Season 4 next year.


It is really difficult to find a replacement actor for Travis Fimmel and his character in “Vikings” so rather than do it and alienate some fans of the show, it seems like the producers are now contemplating of giving the actor a graceful exit on the TV series – the death of his character.


Reports have it that executive producer Michael Hirst has already teased the possibility of King Ragnar’s death come Season 4 and that his first-born son Bjorn Ironside, played by Alexander Ludwig, will serve as his successor as King of Kattegat in Denmark, details Venture Capital Post.


In a recent interview, Hirst said that fans should take note of the fact that King Ragnar is not only sick, but he is actually hovering from life and death during the Season 3 finale.


Charismatic and magnificent


He admits that Travis has been an absolutely charismatic and magnificent actor for “Vikings” but the show has already come to the point where his young and hot sons can take over from him. Hirst added that hopefully, the audience will continue to be engaged with Bjorn the way they were with King Ragnar, and will also follow him and his adventures or conquests.


The Christian Post confirmed that Season 4 will be the last time that Fimmel will play as King Ragnar because the actor really wants to concentrate on his movie career.


He has been cast as the lead character Andruin Lothan in the upcoming “Warcraft” movie, which is expected to be a smashing success if the millions of gamers around the world would decide to watch the film when it hits theaters soon.


The producers are said to be trying to carefully craft Fimmel’s graceful exit from the show in such a way that it will be less painful and disappointing to the millions of viewers of the popular TV series.


Shifting of focus


Although Fimmel shot to fame because of his stint in the very popular and widely-followed TV series, the actor believes that the only way that he can broaden his career and spread his wings as a well-rounded actor is by concentrating on doing films.


But since Fimmel has yet to confirm the rumors, everything about his plans after Season 4 of “Vikings” remains as speculations at this time and should be taken with a fine grain of salt.


However, there may be some semblance of truth to the rumors about the plans of Fimmel to go into movies as “Vikings” showrunner Michael Hirst was quoted in a recent interview that Season 4 will see a shifting of focus on the Vikings.


Instead of concentrating heavily on King Ragnar Lothbrok and his adventures, the upcoming Season 4 will focus on Ragnar’s sons, particularly Bjorn.


For sure, audiences will be greatly devastated if Travis Fimmel and his character Ragnar will leave the show through death. The show’s possible redemption, if ever, are Ragnar’s sons and the showrunner and the producers are hoping that if and when Travis Fimmel goes out for good from “Vikings,” the viewers will continue to be engaged and follow the stories of his sons, particularly Bjorn.


In addition to Bjorn, another possible successor to Ragnar Lothbrok, is his brother King Rognvaldsson Rollo, played by Clive Standen.


But since Bjorn hates his uncle to the guts, it is possible that he and Rollo may have to fight it out themselves to determine who will be the next leader of the Vikings.


Rollo, however, has plenty of things running on his mind right now, but he has no plans of becoming the leader of the Vikings so it is likely that the next leader of Kattegat is Bjorn.


There are reports that Bjorn will actually rally his men against Rollo who has betrayed the Vikings by siding with France and King Charles in exchange for the promise of land, riches, and marriage to Charles’ daughter.


However, before King Ragnar finally bids his adieu on “Vikings,” he is expected to meet a new love in the upcoming season, which rumors say would by Yidu, played by Chinese actress Dianne Doan.


Bjorn is quickly turning into a leader in his own right and the prince of the Vikings will exercise his newfound power when he comes face to face with his uncle Rollo.


In an interview in July, Ludwig said that he was unsure exactly what revenge his character would perpetrate against his traitor uncle. What he knows is that when Bjorn explodes, there will be no compassion at all for Rollo.


The actor said that Bjorn is so straight-edge in that when he makes a decision, he sticks to it.


It is not just King Ragnar and King Rollo who will have their share of sibling rivalry in Season 4 of “Vikings.” Apparently, Ragnar Lothbrok’s sons will also fight among themselves on who shall sit as King of Denmark after the possible death of their father.




3 comments on “Season 4 Death of King Ragnar is Graceful Exit to Actor Travis Fimmel”

  1. Sandor says:

    Just the awesome Clive Standen ‘Rollo’ Doing the Haka in Comicon, he said he use this to get in the right mindset for the fight scenes.

  2. Mladen says:

    Those Vikings got everywhere! I loved Margaret Elphinstone’s , which is about the life of Gudrid Thorbjarnardf3ttir, a Viking woman who treeallvd to North America. For years her story in the sagas was thought to have been fictional, but in more recent times archaelogical evidence in Newfoundland and Iceland have proved it was certainly feasible.(Make that Ernest Borgnine, btw- the curse of the typo strikes again)

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