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Rollo does the unthinkable in the ‘Vikings’ Season 4 premiere

ZAP2IT – While those that have been watching “Vikings” since it’s series premiere may not be all that surprised to see Rollo (Clive Standen) taking up arms against his own brother in Ragnar (Travis Fimmel), the first episode of Season 4 painted the darkest picture of the berserker warrior yet.


Not only has Rollo turned his back on Ragnar, but in aligning with Paris he’s declared war on his own kind. This is such a dramatic shift from the Rollo fans have come to love and — in a strange way — it makes him the central villain of the series.


To turn on his own people, having them slaughtered en masse — men, women and children — is truly a deed that will not be forgiven. Perhaps it’s not forgiveness he’s seeking, though. As creator Michael Hirst told Zap2it, “Rollo is in Paris trying to figure out if it’s true that the gods think his destiny is to be a Frankish noble.”


This is him asserting himself in that role, even if it makes him the sworn enemy of everyone he’s ever known.


The question is what will happen once Ragnar finds out what’s happened. Though he doesn’t necessarily trust his brother — Rollo’s tried to usurp his power before — surely this deed goes beyond anything he could have imagined.


“You have betrayed your own kind, Rollo’s last real ally in the vikings camp tells him as he slowly dies. “But we shall be revenged. Ragnar is coming! Ragnar will revenge us.”


One comment on “Rollo does the unthinkable in the ‘Vikings’ Season 4 premiere”

  1. Rory says:

    No, not really. In fact I am much looking forward Rollo to finally get some of that sunshine for himself and coming into his own. Just remember real Rollo is something of a hero in France, he’s the good Viking who protected Paris.

    Did Ragnar not slaughter King Horik’s children in order to become king?(Except Erlendur but all the others, the little ones, the girls) Did Ragnar not murder, with his barehands choking him to death, the man who managed to make his way all the way from England to let him know his settlement in Wessex had been massacred JUST so he wouldn’t have to delay his raid on Paris to “avenge”those pesky Norse farmers he’d settled there? What of the women and children the Vikings have killed on Ragnar’s raids? Oh but *maybe* Ragnar didn’t do it himself(though I find that unlikely–one show of kindness doesn’t mean he didn’t do it on other raids, just like Rollo giving the old man water instead of killing him doesn’t mean Rollo never killed an old man in a raid)? Hey neither did Rollo.

    But that’s OK because it’s Ragnar, right? No double-standard there at all. 😀

    Except what we have here is Rollo aligning himself with the people who actually have rights to Frankia, the Franks themselves. In reality, Rollo is the outlaw who gave up a life of crime to become a lawman. 😀 The Franks up to now have, in the diplomatic sense anyway, behaved honestly–Ragnar is the one who was treacherous.

    Rollo has every right to be in Frankia, the Emperor has signed a treaty with him, Ragnar and any Viking who sides with him is a risk to the Frankia Rollo has promised to protect.

    And I don’t much rate the deaths a very few non-combatant wives and kids who really shouldn’t be there – this is a winter encampment to hold a base for a spring raid, they were not there to settle just to raid. The only people who should be there are warriors who probably don’t have anything worth going back to in Scandinavia and that is what seemed to be there at the end of last season. So that’s MIchael Hirst just trying to “up the drama” with “surprise KIDS”. I don’t blame Rollo for that,

    I blame their idiot husbands, they put Rollo in a kill or be killed situation because it’s likely no one in the camp including shifty eyed Erik was actually on his side, that means when Rollo said he wouldn’t break the treaty, as he would have, they’d have had to kill him as “loyal Ragnar subjects”.

    That’s why they had him come to the camp rather than meeting him somewhere more neutral. They, not being incredibly bright, figured they’d have a better chance of getting one up on Rollo, if he refused to accede to their demains, if they had him surrounded. Rollo, being smarter than they were, simply beat them to the punch.

    So I don’t consider Rollo a villain at all. He’s showing himself entirely capable of “playing with the big boys” as this show has show has shown the big boys playing, he’s shown forethought(he realized there was only one way that meeting was going to end and smartly saved himself AND put a mark in the “check” column of starting to prove his loyalty to the Franks he is going to be leading in battle.)

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