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Relationships Issues

In The History Channel’s Vikings Season 3 “Relationship Issues” featurette, series creator Michael Hirst discusses the first apparent theme in Vikings Season 3, the complicated relationships between all the couples. It explains why almost everyone is anxious to leave their homes for the guaranteed violence awaiting them in Wessex.

Watch the video below.

The actors and creator explain their interpretations in the video, while I’ve mixed in a little of my own opinions below.

Ragnar and Aslaug (Travis Fimmel and Alyssa Sutherland): Their marriage is in trouble (as if it ever had a chance). It is an age-old problem — two problems actually. First…all ladies know that the majority of the time, if a man cheats with you and you end up with him, he is either going to cheat on you, or he is never really going to be happy with you. Second… It is really difficult for a couple’s relationship when a child is very ill. The parents feel helpless and have no one to be upset with except each other.

Floki and Helga (Gustaf Skarsgard and Maude Hirst): I agree with Skargard. “Domestic bliss is not for him.” Floki is always looking everywhere but here. And that’s ironic because he and Helga have the best relationship of the four.

Rollo and Siggy (Clive Standen and Jessalyn Gilsig): Standen is right. As much as I love Rollo, and don’t always agree with Siggy’s methods, she has proven herself devoted and has saved him from himself many times. He doesn’t deserve her.

Bjorn and Porunn (Alexander Ludwig and Gaia Weiss): I can’t decide whether Bjorn is slightly chauvinistic in this really progressive society for the time, or if he’s right because she wants to fight when she is pregnant and it’s dangerous.

Alexander Ludwig: “I find… civilizations change but interactions between humans, doesn’t really.”

Source: Geeks of Doom


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