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Press: Vikings season 5 trailer debuts at raucous Comic-Con panel

EW – Ragnar Lothbrok died last season on Vikings, and while his fractious family avenged him by the finale, the great king’s presence is felt strongly in the trailer for the show’s fifth season. Debuted at the epic History series’ Comic-Con panel on Friday, the preview promises a full-blown civil war amongst Ragnar’s family, with devious Ivar announcing “a war between brothers” as he plots to overthrow Lagertha’s rule.


The fifth season will debut on Nov. 29. As Entertainment Weekly exclusively revealed, the new batch of episodes will send characters all over the map. Bjorn will ride a camel through the desert. Ivar will battle Bishop Heahmund (played by new series regular Jonathan Rhys Meyers) in England. Floki will set off on his own journey, which will take him to Iceland. But many of the characters will also join together for a climactic battle. How climactic? As Lagertha says at the end of the trailer, “The end of our world is here.”


The Comic-Con panel was already high-spirited before it received a surprise special guest. It all started during the audience Q&A, when someone dressed in a kangaroo outfit caught the attention of the panel. The kangaroo walked on stage and hugged star Katheryn Winnick…


…which would have been horrifying, if his mask hadn’t been pulled off, revealing that the man in the kangaroo outfit was none other than Ragnar Lothbrok himself, Travis Fimmel!


Fimmel proceeded to join the panel and occasionally put the kangaroo mask back on. He also gave out costar Alexander Ludwig’s phone number, and when an audience member actually called Ludwig’s phone, she was invited up to receive a hug. (And possibly a kiss, too.)


There was also a man in the audience who blew on a Viking horn anytime there was a big announcement, or whenever anyone on stage said anything.



The raucous event ended with the promise of an honest-to-god Viking funeral on a longship behind the San Diego Convention Center. But before the panel wrapped, Winnick asked Vikings creator Michael Hirst if there would be a sixth season for the series.

“I have no definitive news,” said Hirst. “But I certainly hope so, because I’m writing the episodes.”


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