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Return of The Vikings: New Faces – In conversation with Linus Roache

November 11, 2014



Paul Risker chats with Vikings star Linus Roache…


vikings_episode3_gallery_7-P-300x155As part of a special week long feature to coincide with the home entertainment release of Vikings series 2, Flickering Myth sits down in conversation with the cast and creator Michael Hirst to go behind the scenes of the critically acclaimed historical drama.


From the reflections of two onscreen brothers, Linus Roache a.k.a. King Ecbert reflects on joining the cast in series 2 and playing the antagonist to Ragnar’s protagonist…


Paul Risker: Was there a sense of intimidation did you feel walking into an established cast?

Linus Roache: I wouldn’t say it was intimidating, but it was nice to get on a moving train – onto something that is successful. I don’t know how Ronnie Wood felt when he joined the Rolling Stones [laughs].

Watching season one for the first time was what made me decide to do the job, because it is great television – it is great drama. Michael is a genius at bringing people inside of history and making you feel like you are actually there. The performances are amazing and it is shot in this very big and epic way.

I was excited because all I had to go on for my character was one or two episodes, which were not even fully written. But from what Michael was roughly telling me about where it would go, I was actually basing my decision on how good season one was.


PR: You fulfill an antagonist role to Ragnar’s protagonist. What makes that part different to the other villains perhaps, and do you think he’s a match for Ragnar?

LR: Definitely, and villain is a strange word. But I think Ragnar has definitely met his match in Ecbert who’s kind of similar to Ragnar in that he’s not tied to tradition – he’s a progressive and free thinker who can think outside of the box.

As soon as he meets Ragnar I think he kind of admires him, and it is a rivalry of two great men finding and pitting themselves against one another. Ragnar is a warrior but Ecbert is more of a strategist, manipulator, politician and he’s extremely ambitious which Ragnar is also. But it’s like two great chess players finding each other, and who have met their match.



PR: Why do you think Ecbert has such a fascination for cultures other than his own?

LR: Why – that’s a really good question. Why are any of us interested in things outside of what we know? That’s what sort of creates the future isn’t it – when somebody is willing to step outside the known and question the dogma of the time. What I like about him is that he’s not even necessarily a spiritual man. At the end of the day he’d probably say yes I believe in Christ, and I’m a Christian, but he’s an opportunist who will use whatever the most salient way is to move things forward. He’s fascinated by how things work and he has a very free mind, which is what makes him both a dangerous as well as a very exciting character. He’s a free thinker; he’s not stuck, and therefore you can move more quickly. He’s probably a little lonely in that there are not many people around him he can relate to, because he is willing to think outside of the norm. That’s why when Athelstan comes along it is a beautiful relationship. He meets someone else who has experienced this other culture, is intellectually smart and so there is a little love happening between him and Athelstan.

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International model Alyssa Sutherland reveals her passion for acting

November 11, 2014

by: Briana Domjen

SHE made her name internationally as a model but Alyssa Sutherland now wants to be known as an actor.

But she still has her toe in the water when it comes to modelling, flying home to Australia this week to film a guest spot on Foxtel series Australia’s Next Top Model.

“The fashion industry was always very good to me, but my passion has been with acting now for a long time and to actually have employment is really wonderful,” Sutherland told Confidential.

Alyssa Sutherland is back in Australia filming a guest spot for “Australia’s Top Model”. Picture: Sam Ruttyn

Sutherland is currently starring on hit US series, Vikings, which airs on Foxtel’s FX Channel, playing Nordic warrior queen, Aslaug.

She’s previously appeared in a small role in film The Devil Wears Prada and on TV series Law and Order: SVU.

“To be on a show that has been so well received and has amazing viewing is literally a dream come true,” she said of Vikings.

“I am itching for the next thing to come along and that’s what I love about acting, there is always another challenge.”

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Return of The Vikings: Brotherhood – In conversation with Clive Standen

November 07, 2014

November 4, 2014
by Gary Collinson


Paul Risker chats with Vikings star Clive Standen…


As part of a special week long feature to coincide with the home entertainment release of Vikings series 2, Flickering Myth sits down in conversation with the cast and creator Michael Hirst to go behind the scenes of the critically acclaimed historical drama.


After yesterday’s interview with Travis Fimmel, Clive Standen a.k.a. Rollo reflects on the tumultuous journey so far between two brothers… OB-XH176_rollo_E_20130430131922-300x199


Paul Risker: There is a lot of love between the two brothers – between yourself and Ragnar. What went wrong, and how can we expect to this play out in season 2?

Clive Standen: At the end of season one Rollo in his eyes has the chance of a lifetime – to be the general of his own army. That’s what Jarl Borg ultimately offers him – the chance to be king for a day on his own terms, and so he trades in everything. It’s one of those cases that you don’t know how much you love something until it’s gone.

He realises that the one the person who has always been there for him is Ragnar, but it doesn’t strike him until he’s face to face with his brother on the battlefield. Ragnar’s sword is down, and Rollo’s spear is almost against his neck, and he has every opportunity to kill him and to have everything he wants. But he can’t go through with it because in that moment he realises that all through his life all he’s ever had his brother. Anyone with siblings will know that one minute you love them and the next you hate them. But they are blood, and you can’t choose them, but you also can’t live without them. That’s the problem that Rollo encounters on the battlefield – he can’t go through with what he thought he’d always wanted.

In episode two you quickly realise that its four years in the future, and he’s a shadow of his former self. He’s an alcoholic and he’s all washed up, and the relationship between the brothers will never be the same again. So he spends the majority of the first few episodes trying to gain enough courage to go and speak to his brother, to regain that trust, and it all comes to a head.

Rollo’s kind of like a phoenix rising from the flames so to speak in season two, and in episode three Ragnar punishes him just like you would punish a child. What do you do when you want to punish a child? You take away what they love most. I always thought that by stopping Rollo from raiding and going West with him again is almost like chopping the plug off the PlayStation [laughs].

When he’s left behind, and Jarl Borg attacks Kattegat, he’s in charge of Ragnar’s children along with Aslaug and Siggy. There isn’t a great army left because Ragnar has taken the best men with him, bar the women, children and old men. I’ve always seen that scene where the old man comes up to him and says, “Your main aim is now to look after the children of Ragnar” almost as if Thor is looking back at him. It is a massive turning point for him, and he’s at a crossroads. Everything about Rollo is looking after yourself, living on the margins, being a hedonist, and proving to the Gods that if you fight well then you are worthy of your place in Valhalla. This old man is encouraging Rollo to go against everything that he has believed in – to run away to fight another day in order to protect his brother’s children, and the future kings of Kattegat. When he goes through those months in the farmstead looking after Siggy, Aslaug and the children, it’s the first time Rollo has had to worry about anyone other than himself before, and I think it is then that he starts to realise what it is to be a leader of men – to lead by example. It’s not just about going out there with all axes blazing and decimating the battlefield. There are a lot more qualities that a leader needs, and he starts to learn that, which culminates in the scene where Ragnar comes back and he finds out Jarl Borg has taken everything. Ragnar says something along the lines of, “I want to rip out Jarl Borg’s throat with my bare hands.” Rollo is the one in a role reversal of the brothers who says, “You and what army?” He is almost the mature brother saying we can’t do this. He tempers his brother, and I think that’s when they start to trust each other, and find themselves once again in each other’s good graces.

The problem with Rollo is that while he may be back on side with his brother, he realises that his ambitions mean that he doesn’t have to trample all over his brother, because Ragnar isn’t involved in his ambitions. But they are still ambitions and they are not going to go away. So he still struggles with the inner turmoil of where he is going to go and what his fate holds in store for him? He has this great line where he says, “I was in your shadow, and when I stepped out of it there was no light.”

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Return of The Vikings: New Faces – In conversation with Alexander Ludwig

November 06, 2014

NOVEMBER 5, 2014



Alexander-Ludwig-main-300x166Paul Risker chats with Vikings star Alexander Ludwig…



As part of a special week long feature to coincide with the home entertainment release of Vikings series 2, Flickering Myth sits down in conversation with the cast and creator Michael Hirst to go behind the scenes of the critically acclaimed historical drama.


From the reflections of two onscreen brothers [Travis Fimmel and Clive Standen], Alexander Ludwig a.k.a. Bjorn reflects on joining the cast in series 2 and playing Ragnar’s son…


Paul Risker: Going into season two you are taking over a role that has been played by a younger actor (Nathan O’Toole). Did that present any challenges?

Alexander Ludwig: It has its challenges. I thought that Nathan did such a great job and I was obviously very happy to be a part of the show. But I also loved his character as a child and so it was bittersweet.

I definitely wanted to keep elements of the way he had played it, which I think was important especially in the transition stage, and especially in the third season. I have kind of veered away from that because when you grow up and you become a man there are elements that you always keep with you, but I’m not the same guy as I was yesterday, and I wanted to make sure I could show that he’s grown up.

Season two is definitely a coming of age season for Bjorn, and in season three he’s his own man. He’s a team with his father and he’s basically learning to lead, because historically that’s what will happen – Bjorn will have to step up and take over.


PR: What do you think Bjorn wants most of Ragnar – to be a good father or to be his equal?

AL: His respect – definitely. I don’t think he needs a father figure. Ragnar has always been a great father to him, and so what he really wants is his respect.

It’s so funny when you do historical shows because you realise that people in terms of being a human being, relationships with one another doesn’t really change over time at all. We still have the same problems nowadays that we did back then. I want my Dads respect in real life, and I want to prove to my father that I can make him proud and I can do better than him. I think that is also what Bjorn wants.

He’s intelligent and so he wants to learn everything he can from his father because he sees that he is a visionary. But at the same time he does want to do better, and he wants to go further. He wants to become even more legendary, and historically that is what happened. It is so cool to be on a show and to be able to start showing that.

One of the most powerful themes in narrative fiction is the idea that every generation wants to despite their respect for the previous generation to propel themselves further. This is a common conflict in narrative fiction.

It’s an interesting thing to dive into and explore, because when you’re living it rarely do you see it from the outside perspective. But when you’re playing a character that is going through that then you really sit back and think about it. You realise how hilarious it is that what everybody wants to do is to make sure they do a better job than the generation before them.

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Return of The Vikings: Brotherhood – In conversation with leading man Travis Fimmel

November 04, 2014

NOVEMBER 3, 2014



Paul Risker chats with Vikings star Travis Fimmel…

In a special week long feature to coincide with the home entertainment release of Vikings series 2, Flickering Myth sits down in conversation with the cast and creator Michael Hirst to go behind the scenes of the critically acclaimed historical drama. First up leading man Travis Fimmel a.k.a. Ragnar Lothbrok reflects on the journey so far…


o-VIKINGS-ON-HISTORY-TRAVIS-FIMMEL-facebook-300x200Paul Risker: Ragnar’s arc in season one is a fascinating one. He grows from explorer to having something of a swagger or arrogance about him. How does it feel playing a character with that kind of arc?

Travis Fimmel: I don’t know whether its arrogance or he just likes women. In season two he still feels righteous about what he does. He wants to help his people out, and he certainly wants to be a guy that’s known for exploring, and being the first Scandinavian to have been certain places. I think his heart is in the right place, and he’ll do anything for the people around him.

He doesn’t have many people that he can seek advice from, and so sometimes he has to say, “No, we are doing it my way.” Otherwise if he’d listen to some of the other ideas that were thrown in they wouldn’t get anywhere. A lot of the time successful people who achieve their goals sacrifice a lot of human things – family and such. There are a lot of rich people that aren’t very happy because they get rich by sacrificing a load of things, and it’s that old saying that “Money doesn’t make you happy.”


PR: So he’s a noble man, but with a brutal edge?

TF: [Laughs] Yeah I like that!


PR: I have to ask about the Blood Eagle episode which is horrific, absolutely horrific. What was your reaction when Michael told you that’s the way the story line was going to play out?

TF: Oh I loved it, and it was shot so well by Kari Skogland – beautifully shot and beautifully written. Thorbjørn Harr is such a great actor, and it’s stuff like that makes our show a bit different. We can’t show everything that happens, and so they need to be clever how they shoot things. You can’t show cutting lungs out and such, but it’s amazing how they can portray that by being smart about it.


PR: The first season is focused on introducing the characters and the world to the audience. At the end of the first and on into the second season you don’t have to play it safe, and you are able to play around with things a little more. Is there a feeling of liberation when making that transition from the first to the second season?

TF: Well every actor hates exposition, and some actors really like lines. So it’s much easier the more seasons you do because everybody knows the characters, which makes it so much more enjoyable; more relationship driven. You don’t have to explain everything, and the audience are smarter than any of us. There is stuff that the audience pick up in a show that we miss. But exposition comes from way above the people here and production. There are people that think, oh the audience don’t get this, but the audience get it better than anybody – it comes from higher up.


PR: Do you ever think of the audience when you are on set?

TF: Always.

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Vote #Vikings for #PeoplesChoice

October 29, 2014

Currently Vikings and Travis Fimmel are nominated for a People’s Choice Award. They need your votes. But, a great part of People’s Choice is that you can write in a nominee. So make sure to vote in your favorite Vikings and Shieldmaidens as many times as possible before voting closes!

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October 27, 2014

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