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Vikings’ Ragnar Lothbrok is the true hero modern antiheroes misunderstand

October 07, 2014

Go back to look forward

By Dennis Perkins @dennisperkins5
Oct 6, 2014

Vikings’ 2013 arrival saw it lumped in with the so-called “white male antihero” TV glut, and not without reason. As a genre, such shows are, at heart, wish-fulfillment fantasies where an American man can shuck off the emasculating trappings of modern domesticity and thrill, however covertly, to the actions of “real men.”In Tony Soprano’s first therapy session with Dr. Melfi, he invokes the “strong silent type” (personified in his mind by Gary Cooper) and The Sopranos is informed by Tony’s interpretation of what that essential manliness entails. Walter Whitecouched his escalating lawlessness in familial concern, but as he finally confided to Skyler at series’ end, he became the biggest meth lord in America simply because he liked it. As Heisenberg, Walter could forget his perceived failures as a husband, father, and provider and stride manfully among the criminal underworld. Sons Of Anarchy trucks heavily in the idea that outlaw bikers, breaking from the strictures of civilized society, are both freer and more truly men than, say, the viewer with a mortgage and a minivan. Even in a period piece like Mad Men, Don Draper sees his unfiltered-cigarette-smoking, whiskey-swilling, fanny-pinching present as missing something—and looks to the past, as seen in the repeated motif of cowboys and astronauts.

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‘Vikings’ Season 3: {SPOILER} To Die?

October 02, 2014

‘Vikings’ Season 3: Athelstan To Die? George Blagden Moves To New Series
vikings (1)

Viking’s Athelstan might not make it through season 3.

The monk-turned-warrior will defiantly be with Ragnar and Co. at the start of season 3, but he may disappear around midseason. The cast of Vikings is still busy filming in Ireland, but Athelstan actor George Blagden is currently in Paris working on Jalil Lespert’s Versailles.

Blagden snagged the role of Louis XIV in the 10-part miniseries, and his Sun King commitment may result in his Vikings death. Could he be the character that the cast said was disposed of just before their trip to the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con? Or will his character just become removed from the main storyline towards the end of the season?

After a tumultuous second season and near crucifixion in England, Athelstan will need to undergo quite a bit of psychological during Vikings season 3. Hopefully series creator Michael Hirst can find a way for Blagen to stay in the story.

“Athelstan is one of those characters who has an effect on everyone else. For Rollo, it was anger. For Floki, it was maybe jealousy. And for Ragnar, it was curiosity,” Blagden explained to Spoiler TV. “The fact that we see Ragnar even considering to engage with the worship of a foreign god at the end of Season 2 is really powerful, and ultimately that was Athelstan’s influence. I can’t wait to see where Michael takes Ragnar with this this season.”


For what its worth, I don’t think this means Athelstan will die. The show likely juggled his filming schedule so he could do both shows!


‘Vikings’ Season 3: Bjorn Looks To Rollo For Advice?

October 02, 2014

‘Vikings’ Season 3: Bjorn Looks To Rollo For Advice? Clive Standen Teases Uncle/Nephew Relationship

By Vanessa Frith, EnStars
on Oct 02, 2014

Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) is seen with a bloody handprint across his face while filming for season 3 of ‘Vikings’ in Ireland. (Photo :


Bjorn will look to his uncle for advice during Vikings season 3.


Rollo (Clive Standen) may not be Ragnar’s (Travis Fimmel) favorite person following his questionable season 2 decisions, but the King’s brother will be able to teach his nephew a thing or to as the Vikings spread their raiding to Paris.


“Rollo & Bjorn can learn a lot from each other…and they will in season 3,” Standen tweeted in September.


Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) may need that extra advice as he starts to leave his childhood behind. Historically more powerful than his father, Bjorn will run into conflict with his father as he grows older.


“It’s definitely been a coming-of-age story,” Lugwig explained to Zap2It. “Historically, this character goes on to do some pretty incredible things, so I think we’re setting up him coming into his own and becoming a man.”


When season 3 does premiere, Standen promises “it’s going to blow your heathen mind!”


Find out more when Vikings returns to the History Channel in 2014. Click the video below to see a teaser for season 3.

Source: EnStarz


Welcome to Vikings Fan!

October 01, 2014

Welcome to Vikings Fan, a Fan Valhalla for History’s show ‘Vikings’! I’m still working on getting the site complete with all the best and most up-to-date information on the show but please feel free to explore the site, follow us on <a href=””>Twitter</a> and check out the gallery! Please feel free to send in fanart so I can create a fanart section in the gallery!


Season 3 First Look Trailer

September 30, 2014


Vikings Season 2 DVD & BluRay Release Date

September 30, 2014

Grab the children and run for the hills as Fox Home Entertainment has announced the Vikings Season 2 Blu-ray and DVD release date is set for October 7.


History’s Vikings, an original series, has been a success story for the cable network. The show centers around family man viking Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and his thirst to explore and conquer new lands. The series averaged over 3 million viewings in its 10/9c time slot on Thursday nights and has already been renewed for Season 3.


The Blu-ray edition of Vikings Season 2 will include all 10 episodes in their unrated form. A total of 16 hours worth of content is exclusive to Blu-ray including alternate and extended scenes.


Vikings Season 2 Blu-ray exclusive extras

  • 10 Unrated episodes that include extended and alternate scenes
  • The Viking Sagas – An Interactive Archival Exploration of the Viking Sagas. Use the BD remote to select an icon within the Sagas to hear a detailed deconstruction told by Viking historians.
  • A Warrior Society: Rites of Passage – Viking Historians unravel more fascinating mysteries of the Viking culture delving deeper into their rich history revealing the real world practices of the Viking people. Topics for exploration include: Viking Birthing Rituals, the significance of a young man receiving an armring, and the preparation undertaken before a young man or shieldmaiden’s first battle.
  • My Family, My Enemy – Creator Michael Hirst details the story arcs of season two and how compelling stories from history influenced the script, with further insights from the cast members and their roles in this season.
  • Imagining and Executing Climactic Battles – A behind the scenes exploration into every aspect of planning and execution of the key battle sequences, before intricately deconstructing every stage of preparation for the climactic VIKING battles in season 2.
  • Audio Commentary on “Blood Eagle” featuring Michael Hirst and Gustaf Skarsgard (EXTENDED)
  • Audio Commentary on “The Lord’s Prayer” featuring Michael Hirst and Gustaf Skarsgard (EXTENDED)

Blu-ray and DVD shared extras

  • My Family, My Enemy
  • A Warrior Society: Rites of Passage
  • Imagining and Executing Climactic Battles

Source: The HD Room


‘Vikings’ postmortem: Creator Michael Hirst on [spoiler’s] death, season three, and Ragnar’s new role

September 29, 2014

By Andrea Towers on May 2, 2014

Image Credit: History

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen Thursday night’s season finale of Vikings, “The Lord’s Prayer,” stop reading now and come back when you’ve done so. Those of you who already know what went down in the final hour of History’s epic series, come join me in your pain and sorrow…


What a ride. Those are the exact words I used when I spoke to creator and executive producer Michael Hirst, having had the opportunity to preview the finale ahead of time, but I think they ring true for all Vikings fans right now. The final episode of season two was both intense and emotional — King Horik [Donal Logue] finally got what was coming, there were some surprising lines drawn in terms of loyalty, and just where does that put everything as we head into season three? EW spoke with Hirst to find out exactly that, and to get his take on the season as a whole. Read on for more — although we may not return to Vikings-land until 2015, we can already promise you it will be worth the wait.


ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: First of all, let me congratulate you on an amazing run of episodes. Retrospectively, how do you feel about this season as a whole?
MICHAEL HIRST: I have to say, I felt good about it from the start because I had these established characters and I had some fairly worked-out ideas about where I was going to take them. As a production, you feel that the first season there’s always something…you’re finding your way and you’re trying out things, but the second season, we went into it with a lot more confidence. We had three boats in the first season, we had eight boats in the second, and so on. So it did feel like a much bigger show, but I felt as well that the actors and their storylines were all interesting.

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