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Katheryn Winnick teases Vikings season 4

February 20, 2016

‘Major changes in infrastructure.’


EW – The hit History series Vikings returns Thursday for another season of head-choppin’, kingdom-conquerin’, world-discoverin’ high drama. In the wake of last season’s assault on Paris, the lead characters are spread out across the known world. To get some details on season 4, we talked to Katheryn Winnick, who plays noble shieldmaiden-turned-Earl Lagertha, about what’s ahead for the series.


ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We left off with so many elements of these characters’ lives in flux. Where is Lagertha when we begin season 4?


KATHERYN WINNICK: Kalf, her second-in-command who usurped and betrayed her, has announced to her that he’s in love with her. So she ends up sharing the Earldom with him. Not sure if she ever fully trusts him, but there’s definitely a strong connection between the two of them. You do see her, now, coming back to Hedeby, and sharing the responsibilities and the power with Kalf. Of course, she’s a Viking, and has her own motivations of where she wants to be. Things are gonna happen. There will be major changes in the infrastructure there, some big deaths, some incredible battles.


Whenever I talk to creator Michael Hirst, the idea of “power” comes up: How different people use it, and what different people do with it. What do you think is really driving Lagertha now? What are her ambitions focused on?


What makes Lagertha different than any of the other characters is that her motivation, what drives her, is not necessarily personal. She really feels that she has to rule for the good of her people, to make decisions based on what is best for the community. You have to remember that Lagertha started off as a farmer, on a tiny farm in Kattegat. She struggles with being an Earl, with being a woman in a position of strength, being betrayed. How does she get control back? How does she deal with her sexuality? How does she deal with her family? There’s a lot of complications.


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Rollo does the unthinkable in the ‘Vikings’ Season 4 premiere

February 20, 2016

ZAP2IT – While those that have been watching “Vikings” since it’s series premiere may not be all that surprised to see Rollo (Clive Standen) taking up arms against his own brother in Ragnar (Travis Fimmel), the first episode of Season 4 painted the darkest picture of the berserker warrior yet.


Not only has Rollo turned his back on Ragnar, but in aligning with Paris he’s declared war on his own kind. This is such a dramatic shift from the Rollo fans have come to love and — in a strange way — it makes him the central villain of the series.


To turn on his own people, having them slaughtered en masse — men, women and children — is truly a deed that will not be forgiven. Perhaps it’s not forgiveness he’s seeking, though. As creator Michael Hirst told Zap2it, “Rollo is in Paris trying to figure out if it’s true that the gods think his destiny is to be a Frankish noble.”


This is him asserting himself in that role, even if it makes him the sworn enemy of everyone he’s ever known.


The question is what will happen once Ragnar finds out what’s happened. Though he doesn’t necessarily trust his brother — Rollo’s tried to usurp his power before — surely this deed goes beyond anything he could have imagined.


“You have betrayed your own kind, Rollo’s last real ally in the vikings camp tells him as he slowly dies. “But we shall be revenged. Ragnar is coming! Ragnar will revenge us.”


3 Reasons to Love Vikings Star Travis Fimmel

February 20, 2016

PEOPLE – Its sturdy narrative prow cutting through onrushing waters, the hit History series Vikings starts season 4 with consternation rising among the ranks: Following the Viking attack on Paris, warrior Rollo (Clive Standen) has been won over by the richer, more advanced Franks. Hey, civilization happens! Even Travis Fimmel’s Ragnar, the Viking king, has allowed himself to be baptized. (More consternation rising among the ranks.) Now he dreams that the golden gates of Valhalla, the Viking resort destination on the far side of death, are closed against him.


But it’s better, isn’t it, to have Fimmel hanging around? Series creator Michael Hirst has said that this bloody, lusty saga could carry on even without the legendary Ragnar. And, true, the show isn’t called Viking, singular. But Fimmel, 36, has owned it – owns it – thanks to his …



1. Norse Style


When Vikings premiered in 2013, Fimmel’s look – tattoos, bangles, grimy beard, hair shaved close on the sides – was fierce and uncivilized, yet strangely runway-friendly. In a sense, he was one-upping Charlie Hunnam’s bad-boy chic in Sons of Anarchy. By now, the “Ragnar” look seems almost ordinary, at least if you use physical trainers and baristas as your social barometer. Ragnar, meanwhile, has moved on, shaving and tattooing his whole head. He looks older, and sadder, but then the Viking lifestyle was known to foreshorten the pinup years. His eyes, though, are still icily seductive.


2. Norse-Speak


The Australian Fimmel delivers Ragnar’s lines in a light, calm voice topped with a thin layer of accent – a lilt that suggests the sound of ice cubes clinking in a gin and tonic. Ragnar cuts through the considerable clamor of Viking society by being quiet. It’s odd that a Viking’s soft-spoken allure could make you think of John Malkovich or even Presidential candidate Ben Carson, but – by the hammer of Thor! – ’tis so.


3. Je Norse Sais Quoi


Fimmel’s Ragnar effortlessly radiates regal power – it’s the lack of effort that’s key. If Game of Thrones is fundamentally mystical, Vikings is fundamentally mythical. That requires a central performance that projects more than strength or power. It requires a mysterious note of withholding, of otherness. Think of Elijah Wood in the Lord of the Rings movies. Standen’s Rollo has the brawny, in-your-face heft of a proper Viking, but Fimmel has an elusiveness and a slyness.


Let’s hope he hasn’t booked his boat for Valhalla.


Gallery Update

February 20, 2016



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30 Things You Need To Know About Clive Standen

February 18, 2016



BUZZFEEDWhat’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?


Try and persuade my wife it’s her turn to take the kids to school and then…take the kids to school.


When you walk into a bar, what do you typically order?


A pint of Guinness.


What’s the one word you are guilty of using too often


Three words…Ask your mum.


What is the last thing you searched for on Google?


The make of a hoodie someone left at my house after a party we threw last night…it’s a really nice one and fits me perfectly!


Who is the last person that called or texted you?


My cast mate Moe Dunford. He rang to say he lost his hoodie. Told him I couldn’t find it anywhere. 😉


What’s the wallpaper on your phone and/or computer?


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‘Vikings’ Boss Previews Ragnar’s “Soul-Destroying” Conflict With Floki

February 18, 2016

“Ragnar needs some unexpected intervention,” says showrunner Michael Hirst alongside exclusive video from Thursday’s season premiere.

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER – It’s no secret that Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard) have had one of the most rollercoaster relationships over the past three seasons of Vikings. When the History series returns for a fourth season Thursday, however, it seems as though their long-standing friendship may finally be coming to an end.
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February 17, 2016

IGNIt’s not as easy as it looks.


If there’s anyone you can hope to have teach you some tricks to become a proficient (or at least serviceable) Vikings shieldmaiden in a couple short hours, it’s Katheryn Winnick. The star of the History series had years of experience in martial arts before she ever took up the sword and shield as Lagertha, and she puts that experience to good use in the series’ impressive fight sequences.


As someone who doesn’t have any background in martial arts, I was pretty much starting from scratch when I headed to Vikings’ studio outside Dublin in October 2015. But Lagertha and the shieldmaidens are inarguably some of the coolest elements of Vikings, and I figured if I was getting a chance to watch some stunt training, I might as well throw myself in the mix.



Katheryn Winnick and stunt double Caroline Simonnet showcase Vikings fighting skills


Winnick is an accomplished martial artist: she achieved her first black belt at age 13, competed in the Canadian Nationals and even opened her own Tae Kwon Do studios in Toronto, Canada. Before I actually got to train with Lagertha’s shield and sword, I had to get the basics of the martial arts-based fighting style that the shieldmaidens use.


Clearly, I am the non-professional stuntswoman here.


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