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Vikings 4×07 “The Profit and the Loss” Promo

March 28, 2016


Vikings Fans – We Need To Vote!

March 24, 2016

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Currently, Vikings is competing against 11.22.63 and are losing by 7% so we need to vote. Go here to vote – Hulu: Best In Show.


4×06 ‘What Might Have Been’ Recap

March 24, 2016

EW – “Don’t waste your time looking back,” says King Ragnar Lothbrok. “We’re not going that way.”


Ragnar and his allies sail southward, to Frankia and the riches of Paris. Ragnar brings Ubbe and Hvitserk, his two eldest children by Aslaug. They have received their sacred arm rings, symbolizing that they have come of age, binding them in loyalty and fealty to the King their father. Aslaug believes the boys are too young to fight. “They are not too young to watch,” says her husband. Perhaps he wants his boys to see the raid, learn battle strategy, start to become the great warriors Ragnar hopes they will be. Perhaps Ragnar just wants the boys far away from their mother. Suspicion lingers in their marriage, and rage. Their coupling is a battlefield, their sons spoils.


These aren’t the times for children. Youth must grow up fast. Across the sea, Ecbert calls his people together. He has an exciting pronouncement. His grandson, Prince Alfred — born of Judith and the monk Athelstan — will take pilgrimage to Rome. Father Prudentius will act as his guide. Aethelwulf, his legal father, shall be his protector. Like Ragnar, Ecbert sees this as a fine strategy for raising a new generation — young Alfred will meet the Pope, see the Vatican, feel what it means to be at the center of the world. But this action will also take Aethelwulf far from his lover, Kwenthrith. The long walk to Rome will take months. Who knows how long they’ll linger there? Who knows, too, what will happen to Kwenthrith — and her renegade kingdom Mercia – without her advocate Aethelwulf to protect her.


Will Ragnar have a protector on his own journey? Perhaps Yidu, his lover and designated Dr. Feelgood. Yidu wants to go with Ragnar to Frankia. She promises to supply him with medicine — and although there is not yet a word for “addiction” in the vocabulary of the Northmen, there is something wild in Ragnar’s eyes when she suggests that, without her, the medicine will disappear from his life. (Yidu speaks Frankish, too. You learn a few languages, when you’re enslaved halfway around the world from your home.)


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Gallery Update

March 23, 2016

Thanks to the Far Far Away Site we have some additional Stills from the first four episodes of Season 4. I also added two new photoshoots of Alyssa Sutherland!


Gallery Links:


Just What Is That Herb That Ragnar Is Addicted To

March 21, 2016

Inquisitr – In season 4 of History Channel’s Vikings, Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) has become addicted to a new Asian herbal mix given to him by newcomer Yidu (Dianne Doan). But just what is it Ragnar is consuming?


SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about season 4 of History Channel’s Vikings. Please proceed with caution if you wish to avoid spoilers.


Season 4 of Vikings has seen Ragnar Lothbrok developing an addiction to the potent herbs Yidu is giving him. Fans first saw the introduction of the Asian blend of apparently euphoric herbs in episode 4 (entitled “Yol”) of Vikings. However, by episode 5, Ragnar was beginning to show the signs of a true addict when he demanded the herbs from Yidu and then took time out from Kattegat to consume them. But what is this herb that Yidu first described as a medicine? Let’s see if we can figure it out.




Considering Yidu is of Asian descent, many believe Ragnar is consuming the drug opium, which is obtained from poppy seeds. However, there are a number of reasons why Ragnar is probably not consuming opium in Vikings.

  • Firstly, in episode 4 of Vikings, Yidu hands Ragnar what appears to be a leaf. Opium is obtained from poppy seeds and not the leaves of the plant.
  • While opium can create the euphoric state that both Ragnar and Yidu fall into in episode 4 of Vikings, it is usually smoked, not eaten raw, to obtain that effect.
  • In episode 5 of Vikings, Ragnar is seen throwing knives at a shield as his son Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) and King Harald Finehair (Peter Franzen) approach. When Ragnar turns to speak to them, his mouth and saliva are tinted red. While opium can cause oral problems such as dry mouth, it does not change the color of the saliva or tints the mouth at all.

So, what herb or drug can change the color of a person’s mouth or saliva?


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‘Vikings’ Star Alyssa Sutherland Names Her Hottest Co-Star (Video)

March 20, 2016

Video is below the cut because it plays automatically!
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‘Vikings’ Ben Robson on the tragic events of ‘Promised’

March 20, 2016

ZAP2ITWarning: The following contains spoilers to the March 17 episode of “Vikings,” “Promised.”


All hail Earl Ingstad! At long last, Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) is back in power on “Vikings,” but not without shedding the blood of the man she had come to love — at least in part — who also happens to be the father of her unborn child. “Promised” was a heavy episode of “Vikings,” as Kalf (Ben Robson) learned that Lagertha was with child and got her to agree to marry him.


Of course, anyone who remembers the shield maiden’s Season 3 promise of revenge on Kalf for usurping her Earldom should have see what was coming next. On their wedding day, in a beautiful gown, she stabbed Kalf in the gut, allowing him to bleed out as she held and kissed him. When all was said and done, Lagertha was once again in control and ready to lead her army of shield maidens to war against any foe.


However, before taking his final bow on the series, Robson spoke with Zap2it about saying goodbye to Kalf, when he learned he was being killed off and what his character’s actual goals in the Viking world were. It turns out, it wasn’t wealth and power Kalf was truly after.


Zap2it: Way back before you debuted on the show, we were chatting on the set in Ireland and you were so excited to be diving into this world.


Ben Robson: I remember!


Now we’re here at the end of your stay on ‘Vikings,’ sadly. When you signed on to play Kalf, did you know this is how his story would play out?


Not at all! You know, I think that’s the thing with any job. You don’t know where you’re headed, I guess. [Creator Michael Hirst] has a piece of paper in front on him though, and he doesn’t know where the pen is going to take him.


So when he approaches you with the direction of Season 4, what goes through your mind?


A whole lot. You’re obviously disappointed because it’s an amazing production to be a part of and such a great character to play. I thought there was such potential for Kalf to continue, but I also think that’s what makes the whole series exciting. It has so many twists and turns. The unexpected is to be expected.


So you’re disappointed, you make great friends and enjoy the project. But at the same time, you have a strong storyline and I understood where it was all coming from. Kalf knew what he was into when he stole Lagertha’s kingdom.

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