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Let the raiding, plundering and conquering begin again. “Vikings” Season 3 is here.


King Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) is back Thursday night at 10 PM on History to lead his people in search of new lands, new alliances and in some epic battles.

“The one thing about the Vikings is, throughout history, they did get bigger and better, and they colonized more and as more of the world knew who they were, they exploded and now, we are in the golden age of the Vikings in our story,” Clive Standen, who plays Rollo, told Access Hollywood. “So every season we get more boats, we get more stunt men for the battles, we get more extras for Kattegat scenes and things, so it really [has] just become this juggernaut of a show. And Season 3 is epic in scale, compared to going back to Season 1, and I think Season 1 was visceral and unworldly. … So I can’t wait for everyone to see it. It’s been a lot of hard work and I think we’ve kind of created a bit of a kick ass season that’s worthy of beating the second.”

When things pick up, Ragnar’s people will be gearing up to leave Kattegat behind again.”We’re setting off to Wessex to claim the lands that were promised by King Ecbert and a big part of this year, especially the start is… if he’ll keep his promises. So we’re not sure and we’re always worried about that,” Travis told Access.

Alexander Ludwig, who plays Ragnar’s eldest son Bjorn Ironside, said the monarch’s past pledges are in question at the start of the season.”He promised land for us all to farm on, and a lot of people are very skeptical [about] whether or not that’s going to be able to happen,” the actor said.

Beyond Wessex, the Vikings will be turning their attention to France throughout the show’s latest run.

“We go to conquer Paris and it’s a lot more difficult than we thought,” Travis said of what’s ahead. “They’re very well defended, but it’s a great aspect of the show. It’s so different than the environment we’re involved in in England, so it’s a big change for the show.”


“The Vikings have never seen anything like this before,” Alexander added. “It’s just another level. I mean, the walls are incredible and they basically made this incredible fortitude that was so vast that when [the Vikings] actually arrive, they think it’s going to be like everything else, and [then] they realize this is actually gonna be a huge feat for them, and they’re really gonna have to work hard to get in through the walls.”

With so much on Ragnar’s plate as leader, a path will be paved for Rollo and Bjorn to grow closer.

“As Ragnar’s the King, he’s got more responsibilities. He has to step up to the plate to be a leader which, you can’t be one person without somehow losing something else, and I think he somehow neglects Bjorn a little bit, and his son is a bit lost,” Clive said. “He spent four years with his mother and he’s been distant from his father, he hasn’t really recaptured that relationship – the father and son relationship — so my character, Rollo, Uncle Rollo steps in, and what I found quite interesting about this season is I think Bjorn and Rollo kind of almost school each other.”

Bjorn’s relation with Thorunn will continue to evolve too.

“A lot of people always talk about the fighting sequences and what not, but what I really, really love about this show is the character dynamics and it’s always constantly changing. And [with] my character in particular, it’s a great relationship between him and Thorunn and it definitely takes a pretty wild turn early on in the season,” Alexander said. “I think fans are gonna be pretty blown away by what happens.”

Katheryn Winnick, who plays Bjorn’s mom and Ragnar’s ex, Lagertha, hinted her character also has an interesting romantic future.

“Lagertha now is a free woman, and at the end of Season 2 she was an Earl in her own right and really kind of an ally and an equal to Ragnar, but now she has her own challenges in Season 3 and it’s interesting. It’s interesting what you’ll see. You’ll see Lagertha in a different light in this coming season… But she definitely maybe has a few love interests.”

“Vikings” returns Thursday at 10 PM on History.

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