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Gustaf Skarsgård is Floki





Floki is a boat builder and incorrigible trickster, who also happens to be Ragnar Lothbrok’s eccentric and closest friend. Committed to helping Ragnar sail west, he secretly designs and builds a new generation of Viking longboats for their voyage across the ocean westward.


Floki, to explain him more, typifies a neurotic person with a highly balanced personality. Possessing reasonable fear, and a vast intellect, he is able to easily build ships with special traits to them, and wisely does not hold himself as immune as Ragnar does. Instead, he forever keeps himself a student of the world around him, and is always at attention, like he should be. His tendency to have bad nerves, and react with anger over insecurity about his prowess as a fighter, and his status among other Vikings, however, keeps him stray from winning greater confidence of Ragnar to better guide him, for in viking society, being so old and unfortunate, knowledge is second to battle-madness in a man, and is only purposed for battle, and the virtues of knowledge going hand in hand with being brave and ferocious granted by Odin were muted by politicians and other arrogant, showy men.


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Season 1


Floki was introduced in “Rites of Passage” when Ragnar brought his son to visit him. Ragnar described Floki as shy, but he then jumps out in front of Bjorn wearing a mask in an attempt to frighten him. Ragnar told Floki that he will be making their ships for their travels to the west.


In “Sacrifice”, when it is announced that they need a new human sacrifice for the gods to take the place of Athelstan, Floki seems to momentarily consider offering himself for the honor, but his lover, Helga, pulls him back.

Season 2

Floki is still as loyal as ever to Ragnar. Floki is among the warriors Rollo injures severely during his betrayal in the battle against Jarl Borg. Floki eventually recovers and continues to build the ships for their continued voyage and raids to England.


Floki finds himself not fully trusting the Christian-turned-pagan Athelstan; while the latter has claimed to have abandoned his Christian beliefs, Floki does not believe him.


Later Floki appears to drift away from Ragnar, feeling Ragnar claims everything. He marries his lover Helga without the blessing of the Earl of Kattegat but with King Horik and his son Erlendur as witnesses. When the Viking fleet leaves Kattegat for Wessex, Floki joins with Horik rather than Ragnar as he thinks the King knows more about the darker Gods that haunt him than Ragnar.


It is on the trip to Wessex that King Horik further sinks his talons in Floki, telling him a shipbuilder is just as valuable as ten Earls. The Danish King also tells him he needs Floki’s ideas, for these come directly from the Gods. In the Viking camp in Wessex, Floki is often seen close to King Horik. Floki even follows the Danish King when he advances towards Anglo-Saxon forces despite Ragnar advising them to wait.


When the Norsemen are on the brink of being annihilated, Floki persuades Horik to retreat along with Ragnar, Lagertha and some others, leaving a critically injured Rollo behind.


Athelstan later arrives at the Viking camp to relay a message from King Ecbert to negotiate. In exchange for fighting in Mercia along with Princess Kwenthrith, the Norsemen are offered lands to farm in Wessex and a fat fee. Floki sarcastically compliments Athelstan’s clothing and haircut, that of a Christian priest.


Arriving at Ecbert’s villa, Floki remarks that it is a bad decision to negotiate with the King of Wessex. He adds that Rollo is not worth it after his earlier betrayal. When Lagertha says it is not only about Rollo, Floki replies it is also about Athelstan, someone who they cannot trust. Ragnar finds it peculiar for Floki to talk about trust.


When Ragnar, Lagertha and King Horik agree to the terms by King Ecbert, they return to Kattegat. King Horik offers a proposition to Floki.


Helga arrives in Kattegat with their newborn child. Floki wants to name her Angrboda, after Loki’s first wife. Helga is upset about it, remarking that Angboda was evil and gave Loki monstrous offspring. Floki says she still was a great giantess. When Helga asks Floki if he will come back with them so he can get to know his daughter, Floki declines, saying he has to stay in Kattegat, and urges her to leave.


Floki reminds King Horik about his proposition, but Horik replies he is not sure if he can trust Floki. When Floki asks what he can do to gain his trust, Horik tells him to kill someone close to Ragnar. Floki gathers some mushrooms which he personally gives to Rollo, still recovering from his injuries, and also via Ubbe to Torstein. Later, Torstein appears to have died from poisoning. Floki, while comforting a grieving Bjorn, tearfully says they should find the one who murdered their friend and flay him.


King Horik visits Floki at his place, saying he did well and now Ragnar and his family should be killed. Bjorn, whom they think of as possibly protected by the Gods, is to be killed as well and Floki, Horik says, should find a way to do it. Floki spies on Bjorn, who pursues his lover Porunn in the woods.


During the night, King Horik secretly gathers his troops to attack Kattegat with the intention of killing Ragnar. When he makes his way to the Earl’s Hall, it turns out that Floki has stayed true to Ragnar all along and was only acting as a double agent.


After asking Ragnar to spare his son and heir, Erlendur, King Horik is first struck by Lagertha and then by Torstein, revealed not to be dead after all. Dying, Horik falls to his knees before Ragnar. Floki sarcastically pats the King’s face before walking away, leaving him to be finished by Ragnar.


Gustaf Skarsgard


Gustaf Skarsgård


Gustaf Skarsgård is an internationally acclaimed film, television, and theater actor.  Gustaf started acting as a six year old. He fell in love with the craft early on and kept working throughout his entire childhood. He was accepted at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts at the record early age of eighteen.


After graduating in 2003 he became an ensemble member of the Royal Dramatic Theatre (Sweden’s National Theatre).  Gustaf has starred in many European cinematic successes:  the academy award nominated Evil (nominated for a Guldbagge for Best Supporting Actor, Sweden’s highest cinema honor), Kidz in da Hood (winning a Guldbagge for Best Actor), and Patrik 1.5 (nominated for a Guldbagge for Best Actor). In 2007, he received the European Film Academy’s prestigious Shooting Star Award.  In 2010, he returned to the Theatre to star in “Hamlet” as the title role, to great critical acclaim.


Gustaf’s most recent films include the independent psychological thriller VI, Peter Weir’s The Way Back (starring opposite Ed Harris and Colin Farrell), and the Golden Globe and Academy Award nominated adventure drama Kon-Tiki.