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Behind the Scenes451 viewsOct 28, 2016
Promotional Stills1181 viewsJun 11, 2016
1.05 Episode Stills872 viewsFeb 03, 2016
1.08 Episode Stills792 viewsJan 24, 2015
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Episode 1.01: Rites of PassageAt a meeting to discuss the summer raids Ragnar Lothbrok urges Earl Haraldson to send his ships to the west to raid an island called England. Ragnar believes he's found a way across the open sea using a rudimentary navigational device and a sunstone. Haraldson refuses saying he doesn't believe there is anything to the west. Ragnar visits a seer to learn what the future has in store for him and is told that he should take the law into his own hands. He decides to get a new boat of his own.

Aired: March 3, 2013
2 1,068
Episode 1.02: Wrath of the NorthmenWith his new boat completed, Ragnar recruits a crew and prepares for departure in a few weeks. His wife Lagertha wants to take part in the great adventure but Ragnar says one of them must stay behind to care for the children. She's definitely not pleased. Earl Haraldson has his spies and is soon aware of Ragnar's plans but is convinced there are no lands to the west and they will never be seen again. After several days at sea Ragnar and his men attack Lindisfarne Monastery on Lindisfarne Island just off the coast in Northumbria, England. Many of the monks are killed and the others enslaved.

Aired: March 10, 2013
2 909
Episode 1.03: DispossessedAfter his successful raid, Ragnar and his crew joyously return home with their riches. Earl Haraldson doesn't hesitate to summon Ragnar to the great hall where he lays claim to the entirety of the treasure. He allows the crew to take one thing from the hoard and Ragnar selects Brother Athelstan as his slave. From Athelstan, he learns the political structure in England and wants to learn some of the language. Haraldson sanctions a new raid but insists that one of his men, Knute, join Ragnar's crew. Ragnar takes his wife this time and surprises everyone by putting Athelstan in charge of the farm.

Aired: March 17, 2013
2 1,123
Episode 1.04: TrialRagnar returns to England this time with Earl Haraldson's permission on condition that he includes Haraldson's man, Knut, as part of the crew. On arrival, they are met by armed troops and Ragnar is inclined to accept their offer to accompany them peacefully to the village. His brother Rollo disagrees and a battle ensues. Ragnar insists that they wait until the next day to attack the village - knowing its Sunday and that most will be at mass. They sack the village and Knut rapes one of the women. When Ragnar's wife intervenes, Knut tries to rape her and she kills him. They return home but Earl Haraldson accuses Ragnar of murdering Knut and orders a trial. Desperate to get a conviction, he offers Rollo a bribe to get him to testify against his half-brother.

Aired March 24, 2013
2 1,107
Episode 1.05: RaidEarl Haraldson attacks Ragnar's farm intent on teaching him a lesson.They lay waste to much of the area killing all of his livestock and burning his buildings to the ground. A wounded Ragnar surrenders to give his family time to get to their boat. He manages to escape and is taken to Floki who nurses him back to health. Rollo meanwhile tells Haraldson that Ragnar must be dead and Rollo is allowed to stay. Siggy warns him him that her husband will kill him. Rollo should have heeded her warning as he is taken and tortured. When Ragnar hears what has happened he challenges Haraldson to personal combat. Haraldson meanwhile arranges a marriage for his daughter without consulting his wife - or his daughter.

Aired: March 31, 2014
2 1,065
Episode 1.06: Burial of the DeadRagnar issues the challenge to Earl Haraldson who initially declines on the grounds Ragnar is a criminal. He remembers what the soothsayer told him however and decides to accept. A pregnant Lagertha, fearing that Ragnar is too weak to win, thinks they should just run away. He is triumphant however with everyone, including his brother Rollo, swearing allegiance to him and his family. Haralson is given a funeral befitting his rank. Roolo. it would seem, has ambitions of his own. It's a long cold winter but in June 794, three viking ships make their way to England and travel down the Tyne to attack King Aelle.

Aired: April 7, 2013
2 1,129
Episode 1.07: A King's RansomRagnar and his men - three boatloads in total - arrive in England and build a camp. King Aelle welcomes his brother and asks him to lead his army but they are quickly defeated when Ragnar attacks them in the night. Ragnar accepts Aelle offer to visit him in his house and demands 2000 pounds of gold and silver as a ransom to release the King's brother. The King agrees but wants one of Ragmar's men to be baptized. Aelle has no intention of paying the ransom however and launches an attack on the invader's camp. Back home, Lagertha dispenses justice wisely in Earl Ragnar's absence. She also accepts Siggy's offers to serve her.

Aired: April 14, 2013
2 1,105
Episode 1.08: SacrificeRagnar, his family and others travel to Uppsala to pay homage to the gods. It's a trip they make every nine years and he invites Athelstan to accompany them. Ragnar is still having difficulty accepting the loss of their baby and Lagertha worries if she will ever bear him another son. The drug, sex and alcohol-fueled festivities are a revelation to Athelstan who learns that there will also be animal and human sacrifice. He renounces his Christian faith but a priest tells him he is to be a sacrificed. He is spared but Ragnar's group must provide a substitute. King Horik welcomes Ragnar who pledges his fealty and his service. In return, he asks Horik to join forces with him so they can send bigger raiding parties to the west. Horik agrees but has a task for him.

Aired: April 21, 2013
2 1,094
Episode 1.09: All ChangeAt the request of King Horik, Ragnar, his brother Rollo, son Bjorn and Floki travel to Götland to negotiate a land dispute with Jarl Borg. While awaiting word from King Horik on Borg's proposal he meets and makes love to a beautiful princess, Aslaug, but Bjorn challenges his father after he sees them. At home, Lagertha has had strange dreams and fearing for Ragnar consults the Seer who tells her that he is not in danger for his life but for the magical world. She has little time to worry however as the black plague strikes the village. Her daughter Gyda and Athelstan both fall ill as do Siggy and her daughter Thyri.

Aired: April 28, 2013
2 1,118
FilmingPhotos taken behind the scenes while filming Season 1 of Vikings.
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Marketing, Posters, and PromosThis will include any promo photos, posters, key art, and marketing materials for Season 1.
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