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Edvin Endre is Erlendur





Erlendur is the eldest son of King Horik. As the son of a king, Erlendur was a Buthlungr, or ‘prince’ of Denmark. He is also the husband of Torvi.


Season 2


Erlendur and his brother Ari accompany their father Horik on raids with Ragnar Lothbrok. He also sleeps with Siggy, as Horik said that he had only been with “girls and slaves”. Erlendur has gone to the third raid in England and was the first to spot land. He was always on the side of his father who wanted revenge on King Ecbert. Ignoring Ragnar and Lagertha’s desire for land and farming. When Prince Aethelwulf came to the camp to negotiate things were going well. Until Erlendur personally led an attack on prince Aethelwulf during his return in the forest. Killing all the bodyguards and leaving on Aethewulf alive. The attack was obviously ordered by King Horik and eventually led to the battle were the Norsemen were defeated by King Ecbert and King Aelle. Erlendur is later alongside his father in the attack on Ragnar, King Horik shows him the royal sword saying that ” If the Gods allow, One day it shall be yours and you shall be King ” After the attack fail. Despite Ragnar ordering the deaths of all his siblings and his mother, and personally killing Horik, Erlendur was spared. Probably on behalf of his father’s only ask to spare him.


Season 3


Erlendur has married Torvi, who has since given birth to Jarl Borg’s son. He joins forces with Kalf in the hope of avenging his family.


Erlendur and Torvi later arrive in Kattegat. He asks Ragnar how the farming in Wessex is going. He does not seem to pay his wife much attention, even during the feast.


During the Paris campaign Erlendur sullenly watches the exchanges between his wife and Björn. After his rival has left Erlendur confiscates the bracelet Björn gifted Torvi, stating that such finery is too grand for a whore.


Erlendur is later among those discussing what to do after the failed attack on Paris. When Ragnar stands up. At one point he looks exactly at Erlendur’s face when reminding he became king because of ” Other People’s Actions ” meaning King Horik’s attempt to kill him and his family. Of which Erlendur looks him with a cynical face.



Edvin Endre


Edvin Endre is an actor, known for Vikings (2013), The Hidden Child (2013) and JacobJosefAimee (2014).