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Clive Standen & Kevin Durand Discuss Season 3 of Vikings


It’s almost time for a new season of Vikings, and before tonight’s Season 3 premiere, Clive Standen (Rollo) and Kevin Durand (new character, Harbard) take us behind the shield wall and tease what’s coming up! There are some mild spoilers below, so be aware as you read on.

Clive, where is Rollo at when Season 3 begins, and what can you tell us about the challenges he faces in the coming season?

Clive Standen: At the beginning of Season 3, he’s still running away from his demons. At the beginning of Season 2, he makes that monumental decision to betray his brother, and spends the rest of the season trying to get back into Ragnar’s good graces. At the end of Season 2, we leave him after the raid from Horik, and he’s injured and Siggy’s nursing him. Siggy and Rollo have a relationship that’s tempestuous at the best of times. It was a marriage of convenience, and I think Rollo’s starting to fall for Siggy and that wasn’t part of the bargain. So when she turns around and says she’s sleeping with the king and his son, but I’m doing it for you, it kind of breaks Rollo’s heart. We go into Season 3 and he’s running away.

Floki says a great line about Rollo in Season 2: “Warriors do not show their heart till the axe reveals it.” That’s Rollo. When he feels embarrassed, he goes back into his cave, and at the beginning of Season 3, that’s where you find him. He needs to get away from Siggy, and he’s also forgotten who he is. He’s tried so many times and failed and let down so many people. He’s now trying to say the right things, second guessing everything he says, and wants Ragnar to love him again. If you spend your whole life wondering who you are, it’s going to go downward, and certainly halfway through Season 3, he has a moment where he goes to a seer and is very close to suicide I would say. The seer tells him something that changes his outlook on his life and the course of his destiny, and realizes that Ragnar may not be the obstacle. If anything, it’s the ambition that’s getting in the way, the burning ambition that Rollo has to have a name for himself and it won’t simmer down. I think he realizes that Ragnar can almost help him with this, he doesn’t have to be the obstacle.

Kevin, you’re playing a new character, Harbard. How are we introduced to him, and how does he fit into the rest of the story?

Kevin Durand: He wanders into Kattegat when the Vikings are off raiding another land. He comes in and has quite an influence on the ladies of Kattegat. Some are taken by him and seduced by him, and others are skeptical. He definitely leaves his mark. You’ll have to tune in and see what I mean.

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