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‘Vikings’ Star Breaks Down Shocking Exit: “My Fate Was Sealed”

March 20, 2016

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER – [Warning: This story contains spoilers from Thursday’s episode of Vikings, “Promised.’]


The body count on any given season of History’s Vikings is expected to be fairly high. After all, this was a time period in which people weren’t long for this world, as they all sought a better place in Valhalla amongst the gods.


That didn’t make the twist in the closing moments of Thursday’s episode any less shocking, as Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) finally made good on her promise of finishing off Kalf (Ben Robson) for betraying her and stealing her earldom. After revealing she was “pregnant” with Kalf’s child and accepting his proposal, she easily slipped the knife into him on the wedding day itself before emerging from her tent surrounding by an army of female warriors ready to help her reclaim her throne.


To break down that integral moment and find out how he felt about Kalf’s swan song, The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Robson, who is currently working on John Wells’ newest series Animal Kingdom for TNT.


How did you find out about Kalf’s demise?


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‘Vikings’ Season 4 Episode 5 Spoilers

March 15, 2016


BREATH CAST – “Vikings” season 4 returns with an episode that hints at a looming letdown for Ragnar.


Episode 5 teases that betrayal is soon to beset Ragnar, played by Hollywood actor Travis Fimmel.


“Betrayal is in the air at the court in Paris and Wessex,” a synopsis for episode 5 reveals. This happens as Ecbert (Linus Roache) backs Kwenthrith (Amy Bailey) in Mercia, while Ragnar finds a new confidante in Yidu (Dianne Doan) with whom he will share his gravest secret. The synopsis also reveals that Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) and Kalf (Ben Robson) are going to have a child soon.


According to Ecumenical News, the upcoming episode features several characters playing for more power but shows very little of Ragnar.


In another trailer for the episode titled “Promise,” Halfdan is shown egging on the other Vikings by telling them that they are “the masters now.” It also shows Ragnar gazing at the commotion while Lagertha hammers away in a scuffle. The clip suggests that she still has what it takes to be a fighter despite her pregnancy, as she can still keep the invaders at bay while the Christian king orders a wide-ranging invasion.


The video teaser for episode 5 also reveals a budding kinship between Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard) and Queen Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland). In the clip, Floki and his wife join some Vikings at a table. When one of the men asks Floki why his friendship with Ragnar seems to have fallen to pieces, Floki simply answers: “He killed my pet Christian.” Floki and his wife then share a toast with Aslaug.


In other news, Travis Fimmel is reportedly leaving the show to focus on his Hollywood career. How his story will end in the series is now a brainteaser for many of his fans.


“Vikings” season 4 airs on History Channel on March 17.


Review: Vikings 4.4 “Yol”

March 13, 2016

GEEKS OF DOOM – Last week on Vikings, both Ragnar and King Ecbert (Travis Fimmel and Linus Roache) were visited by the spirit of Athelstan (Guest star George Blagden). Ecbert took it to mean that his beloved Athelstan was dead, and he told Judith (Jennie Jacques) so. Ragnar’s vison said “Mercy” three times. Because of this, Ragnar let Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard) go for Helga’s (Maude Hirst) sake. Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) fights a bear in the wilderness. Meanwhile Erlendur and Kalf (Edvin Endre and Ben Robson) plot Bjorn’s death using a crazy Berserker, pretty much in the same moment Kalf declares his love for Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick). Gisla humiliates Rollo (Morgane Polanski and Clive Standen) once more.


Spoilers below.


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Alexander Ludwig Talks Season 4; Teases A ‘Darker Side’ To Bjorn And Several New Love Interests

March 12, 2016

IB Times – Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) has officially gone over to the dark side.


The “Vikings” actor dished that audiences can expect Bjorn to evolve into a “darker” character when he returns from the snowy woods of Norway in the upcoming episode of the History Channel series.


“He slowly starts to become hardened by life’s cruel circumstances and also becomes selfish by doing that,” the 23-year-old actor revealed in a press call with reporters.


Bjorn has faced his fair share of obstacles throughout Season 4 of “Vikings” from leading a village (while his father [Travis Fimmel] was indisposed) to battling a ferocious bear. But the Northman has yet to clear all of life’s hurdles. In episode 4 of “Vikings,” Bjorn will come face-to-face with a blood-thirsty Berserker who has been hired by Kalf (Ben Robson) to assassinate him.


But Bjorn’s deadly foes only play a small part in his cynicism. During the show’s season premiere, it was revealed that Bjorn’s lover, Porunn (Gaia Weiss), had vanished from Kattegat — leaving Bjorn with nothing but her memory and his daughter.


“I think that Bjorn, when he sees his daughter for the first time since Porunn has left and abandoned him and his daughter, it’s just a constant reminds of how hurt he was,” Ludwig said.


But viewers shouldn’t expect Ragnar’s eldest son to be lonely for long. According to the synopsis for episode 4, the fierce warrior will find a new — and extremely controversial — love interest: Erlendur’s (Edvin Endre) wife Torvi (Georgia Hirst).


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Previews and Sneak Peeks!

March 12, 2016

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Vikings sleeps uneasily and prepares for what’s to come

March 06, 2016

AV CLUB – Vikings, for all its reliably exciting action, is well served by stillness. With Ragnar Lothbrok hobbled, perhaps irrevocably, the show is forced to slow down as well, and in an episode like “Mercy,” we’re reminded how that’s not a bad thing.


Especially after the dull, jittery kingdom-hopping last week, “Mercy” is a welcome rest note in the flow of the tale. Floki isn’t at peace strung up in his cave prison, the incessant drip of water on his head driving him toward madness, but his immobility and his cries at the start of the episode give way immediately to Lagertha’s cries of pleasure as she, her enemies vanquished for now, enjoyably beds Kalf over in Hedeby. (We can all agree that that’s how their continuing arrangement should be characterized, right?) Kalf proclaims his love, to which Lagertha is rightfully noncommittal, but his words echo Ragnar’s themes from last season as he states, “I love you. As long as I have remembered, I have desired you. I thought it was power I wanted, but now I realize it was you.” Meanwhile in Paris, Therese rolls in bed with secret lover Roland while Rollo, deprived of such comfort by the defiant Gisla, rapidly grows dangerously irritated (as his ill-fated and supercilious holy man language tutor can attest after Rollo rips up a sacred text and hurls the old bird across the room).


Ragnar is denied sleep, too, his restless waking echoed across the sea in Wessex, as King Ecbert also finds himself stalking his domain by torchlight, ultimately being confronted by the ghost, or vision, or dream of the dead Athelstan. While Vikings toys intermittently with its characters’ various beliefs in mysticism, the scene derives its power more from how it underscores that the death of the conflicted, curious monk has severed the bridge between the worlds of these two kings, and their gods. Travis Fimmel and Linus Roache both make the loss of that connection, and of the kings’ shared friend, haunting and affecting, their parallel quests both ending with them registering Ragnar and Ecbert’s mixture of joy, wonder, and fear at seeing Athelstan there in the dark. The messages he gives them are enigmatic, as all good ghost messages should be. Ecbert receives the sign of the cross as he tells the monk earnestly, “Oh, how I’ve waited for you, my friend.” Athelstan silently washes Ragnar’s bare feet before whispering the word “mercy” three times. But, again, like all good ghosts, the dead monk is gone when they try to reach for more—more contact, more clarity. Left alone again, both kings must decipher what their respective message means.

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Alexander Ludwig thought bear co-star might eat him

March 06, 2016

ZAP2IT – Watch out “The Revenant,” Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) isn’t playing around when it comes to fighting bears. The latest episode of “Vikings,” “Mercy,” put Ragnar’s eldest son toe-to-toe with a bear, and according to Ludwig, it’s a situation that would horrify just about anyone.


“There’s a walkway for the bear, from its trailer where they hold it to the actual set, that’s surrounded by an electrical fence,” he tells Zap2it. “Where I was filming, where I was across from the bear, it wasn’t. It was just a clothesline, but the bear thought it was an electric fence.”


That’s putting a lot of faith in hoping the bear doesn’t figure out what’s really going on. “I kept saying to the producers, ‘I can’t wait for you guys to have to rewrite this ending of the bear fight, when the bear gets hungry and realizes there’s no electric fence,’” the actor remembers with a laugh.


Luckily, the bear was a true professional. “I will say the bear was a better actor than I was and it hit its mark,” Ludwig says. “I was a huge fan of it’s work, it was in ‘Anchorman.’”


For him though, the entire experience was less scary and more “surreal.”


“[Creator] Michael [Hirst] told me that he had these ideas of going places and you never really know if it’s going to come into fruition,” he says. “Then when I got the call I was beyond excited. Partly because I get to work with this incredible creature and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but also because I think it’s what the show needed.”


“You can’t fake landscapes like that,” he says of shooting the scenes on location in Canada. “You go out there and it just adds a validity to the show. This community had to survive terrible conditions and it’s nice to show a little bit of what it would take to do that.”


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