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Press: Michael Hirst on the moment Lagertha ‘starts to break’

January 28, 2018

EW – Warning: This article contains spoilers for Wednesday’s episode of Vikings, “Moments of Vision.”


Vikings has always been a violent show, and past seasons of History’s epic have featured massive battle scenes full of character fatalities. But Wednesday’s midseason finale, “Moments of Vision,” takes an unexpected approach to the climactic showdown between the forces of Ivar (Alex Hogh) and Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick). The episode tracks multiple characters in a nonlinear fashion, cutting from the fighting to preparations for the battle. There are flashbacks, and sequences that could either be spiritual visions or dying hallucinations. “I was quite determined that we would just do a unique thing,” says Vikings creator Michael Hirst, who wrote this episode (and all the others.) “A battle scene told from different points of view, including points of view of people who died.”


EW talked to Hirst about the bloody, poignant episode, and what it means for the show going forward.


ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: “Moments of Vision” saw a lot of long-running characters die, including Jasper Pääkkönen’s Halfdan and Josefin Asplund’s Astrid. How much did you plan out these character exits before working on the episode? In the writing process, did you save some characters, or write deaths you weren’t expecting?


MICHAEL HIRST: At one stage, I was sure that a son of Ragnar would kill another son of Ragnar. So that would probably be between Hvitserk and Ubbe. And I went into that final scene thinking that that was gonna happen. And then it didn’t happen, which was mildly surprising to me. A mirror image of that was Harald and Halfdan, and I wasn’t sure what was gonna happen, but then [Harald] killed him. I knew that Astrid was going to die, even though I didn’t want her to die! I loved her.


What I want to show, as well as cool action, is psychological damage. A bigv thing is to try to humanize the Vikings, try to show they were just like you and me. They’re fighting battles every other year, or whatever it is. And it’s gonna wear them down. With Lagertha, I wanted to start showing the psychological impact of continuously being between life and death.


There were interesting moments near the end of Ragnar’s time on the show, when he would have visions of his past life or younger days on the farm. It felt like a lot of characters had moments like that in this episode.


I had a lot of friends who were gay who died in the early AIDS epidemic of the ’80s and ’90s. They died in their 30s, essentially. That is the typical lifespan of a Viking. They didn’t live for very long. So Halfdan’s death, and the death of Torvi’s first son in the battle, and Astrid’s very young. Young people dying is a very powerful part of that episode.

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Press: Midseason Finale Recap and Review

January 28, 2018


TV WEB – The Vikings grand spectacle event is finally here, with the mid-season finale, Moments of Vision! With Ragnar Lothbrok gone the allegiances between his sons have broken apart and they come to meet on the battlefield for what could be the last time for some of them. Coming from a show where their enemies have often been foreigners from overseas who were seeking revenge for the Vikings attacking their lands, this time the fight has come home. The characters on Vikings have always had a strong bond of family and when Rollo (Clive Standen) left to join the French it really pained me to see him go against Ragnar and all those that he used to consider his countrymen. Now it’s gone one step further to where it seems blood and loyalty have been replaced by power and vengeance.


This time around Showrunner Michael Hirst decided to do things a little bit differently. Instead of doing a linear story of everyone preparing to do battle he opted more to mix it up with a lot of flashbacks and time jumps to the actual battle itself. He focused more on the struggle for each individual character and how what’s going into this battle meant for them. Considering we just got the standard way of shooting a scene between two armies a couple of episodes ago it was refreshing to see a different more artistic style for this one. The initial sweeping shots showing the large gathering of warriors on both sides set to the voices of brothers Halfdan (Jasper Paakkonen) and King Harald (Peter Franzen) singing a traditional song across the field.
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Press: Sifting through the corpses of the mid-season finale

January 28, 2018


MONSTERS AND CRITICS – Season 5 of Vikings on History reached its midpoint with less bloodshed than we expected.


Here TV critics Ernie Estrella and April Neale resume their discussion about this beloved dramatic series created by Michael Hirst and starring Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha, who appears to have numbered days left thanks to the insane, youngest son of Queen Aslaug, Ivar the Boneless played by Alex Høgh Andersen.


Ivar is hellbent on avenging his mother’s murder by killing Ragnar’s first and favored wife, now Queen Lagertha of Kattegat. Blood was spilled in the fields as Vikings clashed through the entire episode.


Casualties were plenty, but only a handful to the featured ensemble cast. If there were a victor this round, it would soundly go to Ivar, who forced Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) and Lagertha to retreat.


As we wait for the second half of the season, we will have much to mull over as the surviving characters lick their wounds.


But we must also consider an unexpected wildcard. Which way will the returning Viking, Rollo go? Now a Christian with an enormous Franc army at his command, his allegiance to Ivar instead of Bjorn on this Viking divide has us wondering what Hirst has up his sleeve for the return of History’s epic series that vexingly seems to be ignored at TV award times. But not by us:


Ernie Estrella: What did you think of the method at which Michael Hirst decided to tell this story with the flashbacks and disorienting the viewer with what they saw in their minds as they wandered off vs. what was really happening? I loved the war drums, and the rhythmic beat in the first half of the episode which also served as the time stamp to show who was doing what prior to battle.

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4.12 “The Vision” Promo

December 04, 2016

SPOILER - Click for Episode Description


Why Michael Hirst Won’t Kill Off Katheryn Winnick’s Lagertha Anytime Soon

May 19, 2016


DESIGN & TREND – Katheryn Winnick’s Lagertha won’t be going to Valhalla anytime soon.


Before the surprising time jump towards the end of the season 5 finale of “Vikings,” Lagertha was brutally stabbed in the chest during the siege on Paris. The shieldmaiden wasn’t seen nor was she mentioned in the flash-forward, but series creator Michael Hirst confirmed in a couple of interviews following the airing of the midseason finale that Lagertha is alive.


“There’s a feminist collective in New York who wrote to me a couple years ago and they said, ‘We don’t’ care how many of the male characters you kill off, but if you do anything to Lagertha, you’re in trouble.’ So I’m very careful about that warning,” Hirst told TV Guide.


On a more serious note, Hirst said that Lagertha is far too important of a character for him to kill off just yet.


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What to Expect from Season 4B

April 29, 2016


IGN – That time jump in Vikings’ Season 4 midseason finale is sure going to shake things up when the series returns later in 2016.


In addition to meeting the four new actors playing Ragnar’s sons Ivar, Ubbe, Sigurd and Hvitserk, here’s a preview from showrunner Michael Hirst and actors Travis Fimmel, Alexander Ludwig and Gustaf Skarsgard of what’s to come when Season 4b premieres.


1. Ragnar Is Over Being King


Vikings has been the story of Ragnar’s ascension to kingship, but looking back on his character’s journey, Fimmel said Ragnar definitely wishes he’d just stayed a farmer. ” Everything’s changed around him, including him. Changed for the worst,” he said.


“I feel like it always feels like he’s let down or he doesn’t have the support of the people anymore,” Fimmel added. “He doesn’t know who to trust. The reasons is not what he thought he was doing it for. Everything that’s occurring is not why he started doing these adventures. It’s all for different reasons now — other people’s reasons, not Ragnar’s reasons. So he’s lost the beauty. He feels like the beauty of it’s all gone.”


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‘Vikings’ season 4 fall premiere to have a time jump

April 28, 2016

VINE REPORT – The midseason finale for season 4 of History Channel’s hit periodical drama series “Vikings” has just wrapped up. Although the follow-up will not air until fall, the network has already released the sneak peek for episode 11 suggesting that there will be a time jump in the narrative.
In the clip, Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) tellw his son Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen), “One day, the whole world will know and fear Ivar the Boneless.” Meanwhile, Bjorn Lothbrok (Alexander Ludwig) states, “I no longer know who I am.” Rollo (Clive Standen) also reveals, “Part of myself is still Viking.”

Meanwhile, Lagertha Lothbrok (Katheryn Winnick) states, “There could only be one queen in Kattegat” to which Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) quips, “Forget Lagertha, I am the queen.” A montage of more bloody wars and battles then ensues as the video ends with a person saying, “This is a time of war, this is the time to hate!”


According to Deadline, young Danish actor Andersen made his debut during the spring finale. His character Ivar who is more dangerous than he appears, was featured as a child before they make their transition in the widely speculated flash forward in the plot. His brothers will also be shown as grown-ups such as Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith), Hvitsek (Marco Ilsø), and Sigurd (David Lindström).


Based on history, it is expected that Ivar will become one of the leads as he is a prominent Viking leader and a commander of the Great Heathen Army.


Show creator Michael Hirst previously teased that the second half of season 4 will focus on Ragnar and how he tries to get back on his feet following his first loss against Rollo. “What happens to him is unbelievable. Prepare to shed a lot of tears, I think,” he hinted.


He further teased that with Ragnar’s four sons appearing to be older, they will have different reactions to their father’s return. “Some of them are bitter about it. Some accommodate it. But when Ragnar comes back, they’re confronted by a lot of issues,” Hirst added.


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