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What to Expect from Season 4B

April 29, 2016


IGN – That time jump in Vikings’ Season 4 midseason finale is sure going to shake things up when the series returns later in 2016.


In addition to meeting the four new actors playing Ragnar’s sons Ivar, Ubbe, Sigurd and Hvitserk, here’s a preview from showrunner Michael Hirst and actors Travis Fimmel, Alexander Ludwig and Gustaf Skarsgard of what’s to come when Season 4b premieres.


1. Ragnar Is Over Being King


Vikings has been the story of Ragnar’s ascension to kingship, but looking back on his character’s journey, Fimmel said Ragnar definitely wishes he’d just stayed a farmer. ” Everything’s changed around him, including him. Changed for the worst,” he said.


“I feel like it always feels like he’s let down or he doesn’t have the support of the people anymore,” Fimmel added. “He doesn’t know who to trust. The reasons is not what he thought he was doing it for. Everything that’s occurring is not why he started doing these adventures. It’s all for different reasons now — other people’s reasons, not Ragnar’s reasons. So he’s lost the beauty. He feels like the beauty of it’s all gone.”


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Meet the Four New Actors Revealed in Season 4’s Midseason Finale

April 29, 2016


IGN – Goodbye, young sons of Ragnar, and hello, new adult Vikings ready to vie for Kattegat’s kingship.


Vikings jumped over a decade into the future at the end of its Season 4 midseason finale, moving far past Ragnar’s defeat in Paris to a point in the future where his young sons are now grown men. With the flash forward in time, fans of the series were introduced to the new actors who will be playing Ivar, Ubbe, Sigurd and Hvitserk.


The casting of Marco Islø as Hvitserk, Alex Høgh Andersen as Ivar, Jordan Patrick Smith as Ubbe and David Lindström as Sigurd has been kept a secret for months; when IGN visited the set of Vikings in October, none of the new actors were able to tell their friends or family why they had been spending so much time in Dublin. Fortunately, that doesn’t need to be kept a secret anymore.


The aging up of Ragnar’s four young sons enlivens Vikings’ storytelling. With Ragnar’s absence in the years between his defeat at Paris and his return to Kattegat at the end of “The Last Ship,” his sons began to resent him as much as they looked up to him, and they grew up in the shadow of his accomplishments.


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Meet The Actors Playing Ragnar & Aslaug’s Grown-Up Sons

April 29, 2016

DESIGN & TREND – “Vikings” has cast Alex Høgh Andersen, Jordan Patrick Smith, Marco Ilsø and David Lindström as Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and Aslaug’s (Alyssa Sutherland) grown-up sons.

Introducing the new gang in Kattegat. #Vikings

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Deadline reported that Andersen was cast as a series regular, playing the older version of Ragnar and Aslaug’s youngest son, Ivar the Boneless. As fans know, Ivar — who was born with twisted and seemingly broken legs — is more dangerous than he appears. In fact, earlier in the season, Ivar struck one his playmates in the head using his hatchet after he was ignored by him.


Andersen’s TV credits include “Outsider,” “Tvillingerne & Julemanden” and “Hedensted High.”

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‘Vikings’ creator on what’s next after that time jump twist

April 28, 2016

ZAP2IT – It’s hard to believe that wasn’t a season finale, but “Vikings” is only halfway through Season 4 and already nothing will be the same.


In Thursday’s (April 21) episode, Rollo (Clive Standen) defeated Ragnar (Travis Fimmel), leading to a major jump in time that brought the midseason finale episode to a close. After being away for years, Ragnar returned to a Kattegat that had evolved into a major settlement without him to find all of his sons grown and Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) plotting out the Mediterranean voyahe he is historically most remembered for.


With so many developments, Zap2it went to “Vikings” creator and sole writer Michael Hirst to help us sort out what it all means and get the lowdown on what’s to come when the show returns later in the year.


Zap2it: After the battle between Rollo and Ragnar, we see the Vikings retreating, defeated. We see Ragnar off to the side, curled up in a ball. What’s going through his head after being thoroughly handled by his own brother?


Michael Hirst: Well, I think that’s for you to decide. I think it was an interesting trajectory to take the most charismatic, the most beautiful, the most compelling character in the show and then to take him on a downward trajectory into defeat.


I don’t think that’s particularly normal. Certainly in America, it’s not something you’d expect to see. But I thought I could carry the audience with me because they knew Ragnar wasn’t interested in power. They knew the burden that he carried was almost too much for him. They knew he would probably be happy to die.


The funny thing is as well, whatever you think of Rollo — who’s not charismatic in the same way — you kind of went, “That’s OK! I’m rooting for him, he’s good! I like him!”


Then they say “Hail Caesar!” it’s a good moment for Rollo. I’m kind of pumping my fist for him too.

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Katheryn Winnick and Clive Standen Talk Season 4

April 28, 2016


HUFFINGTON POST – This Thursday marks History’s mid-season finale of Vikings season 4 – the show that managed to break the mold for TV storytelling combined with breathtaking visuals and stellar performances. Created by Michael Hirst, this season of Vikings might be its trippiest yet. With Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) falling into a Chinese hallucinogenic’s arms, Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård) experiencing out-of-body visions, Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) developing as a ferocious shieldmaiden, Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) going full Revenant with a bear and Rollo (Clive Standen) learning Frankish (that’s the craziest plot of them all), there’s no doubt we’ll be in for a treat at the mid-season finale.


Hirst, who also serves as the sole writer of Vikings, has gone in great lengths in terms of adding strong subplots in the general show storyline. Vikings is not just about Ragnar anymore. Travis Fimmel might have served us with one of his best Ragnar performances this season (The “When everyone wanted you dead! I kept you alive! You hurt me, brother. And this is how you repay my love?” Ragnar quote to Rollo is still playing on my mind) but it’s Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen and Alexander Ludwig who really brought their A game in the show.


I had the chance to speak with Katheryn Winnick and Clive Standen about their characters’ rapid development and the channel’s decision to order 20 episodes for season 4.


I am a great admirer of the way Michael Hirst has handled female characters such as Lagertha and it’s becoming evident to me that the show has an increasing female audience now. Are there any inspiring messages you have received from your character’s fans that have stuck with you?


KW: I’m still amazed and humbled how Lagertha has touched so many women from so many unique backgrounds in different countries across the globe. I still get social media messages daily from mothers and daughters who look up to Lagertha and are inspired by her. One of the most memorable was a young girl who was fighting cancer. Her father created a Lagertha shield that she kept by her hospital bed to give her the strength to get through her treatment. It’s also so fascinating for me to see how many people have tattooed Lagertha on their bodies! They’re stuck with me for life now.


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‘Vikings’ season 4 fall premiere to have a time jump

April 28, 2016

VINE REPORT – The midseason finale for season 4 of History Channel’s hit periodical drama series “Vikings” has just wrapped up. Although the follow-up will not air until fall, the network has already released the sneak peek for episode 11 suggesting that there will be a time jump in the narrative.
In the clip, Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) tellw his son Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen), “One day, the whole world will know and fear Ivar the Boneless.” Meanwhile, Bjorn Lothbrok (Alexander Ludwig) states, “I no longer know who I am.” Rollo (Clive Standen) also reveals, “Part of myself is still Viking.”

Meanwhile, Lagertha Lothbrok (Katheryn Winnick) states, “There could only be one queen in Kattegat” to which Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland) quips, “Forget Lagertha, I am the queen.” A montage of more bloody wars and battles then ensues as the video ends with a person saying, “This is a time of war, this is the time to hate!”


According to Deadline, young Danish actor Andersen made his debut during the spring finale. His character Ivar who is more dangerous than he appears, was featured as a child before they make their transition in the widely speculated flash forward in the plot. His brothers will also be shown as grown-ups such as Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith), Hvitsek (Marco Ilsø), and Sigurd (David Lindström).


Based on history, it is expected that Ivar will become one of the leads as he is a prominent Viking leader and a commander of the Great Heathen Army.


Show creator Michael Hirst previously teased that the second half of season 4 will focus on Ragnar and how he tries to get back on his feet following his first loss against Rollo. “What happens to him is unbelievable. Prepare to shed a lot of tears, I think,” he hinted.


He further teased that with Ragnar’s four sons appearing to be older, they will have different reactions to their father’s return. “Some of them are bitter about it. Some accommodate it. But when Ragnar comes back, they’re confronted by a lot of issues,” Hirst added.


Vikings 4.10 “The Last Ship” Podcast

April 23, 2016

April 22, 2016: The Last Ship (Season 4 Episode 10)


Nick reviews the climactic mid-season finale and talks with Clive Standen (Rollo) about his character’s motivations in Season 4.


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