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Katheryn Winnick teases faceoff between Lagertha and Queen Aslaug

July 22, 2016


EW – Vikings’ midseason finale left much of its cast bloodied, battered, and bruised. A wounded Ragnar retreated in defeat from a battle with Rollo, Lagertha was left on the verge of death after a brutal stabbing, and an aimless Bjorn set sail for the Mediterranean to honor his absent father.


As viewers continue to reel from the climactic episode, cast members Travis Fimmel (Ragnar Lothbrok), Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha), Alexander Ludwig (Bjorn Ironside), and Gustaf Skarsgård (Floki) stopped by EW’s studio at San Diego Comic-Con to tease what’s next in the back half of season 4.


Winnick said it’s “no secret” Lagertha is alive, as she’s currently filming season 5 in Ireland, but the shieldmaiden is in “a different place in her life.” She also promised a dramatic throwdown between Lagertha and Queen Aslaug.


“It’s going to be a cat fight. The two power women go head to head,” Winnick said. “It’s a really interesting scene because you don’t expect what happens.”


Bjorn, on the other hand, is enjoying a lighter storyline. “Floki and Bjorn end up going to the Mediterranean, and they work on their tans a little bit,” Ludwig said. “You’re definitely going to see Floki and Bjorn’s relationship flourish.”


For the full run-down on where Vikings will pick up, watch EW’s full interview above.


Alexander Ludwig on Overzealous Fans: ‘People Will Try to Fight You’

May 22, 2016

THE WRAP – “You’ve got to remind them that it’s a TV show — I’m not actually a Viking,” actor tells TheWrap


“Vikings” star Alexander Ludwig admits his role can land him in trouble off set.


“People will try to fight you,” Ludwig says of periodically pugnacious fans of the often violent History series. “You’ve got to remind them that it’s a TV show [laughs] — I’m not actually a Viking.”


Seemingly obvious explanations aside, Ludwig’s experience on the show has been “amazing,” if occasionally “brutal.”


“The freakin’ weather!” the actor exclaimed during an interview at TheWrap Studio. “We’d never filmed in the winter, and this year has just been awful. It’s been the most exhausting, brutal. … The only way we get through it is because we’re all doing it together.”


Enduring the rough circumstances together has brought Ludwig close to his co-stars, particularly his roommate and the show’s lead, Travis Fimmel.

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‘Vikings’ Star Alyssa Sutherland Names Her Hottest Co-Star (Video)

March 20, 2016

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Alyssa Sutherland Talks Male Costars’ Hair Extension Troubles (Video)

February 28, 2016

IGN – History Channel’s Queen Aslaug chats with TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell in a new edition of “Drinking With the Stars”

“Vikings” star Alyssa Sutherland relinquished her queenly duties long enough catch up with TheWrap for the latest installment of “Drinking With the Stars.”

Sipping at West Hollywood’s Sofitel Hotel with host Stuart Brazell, the women discussed the forthcoming season of the History Channel hit, challenges that Sutherland’s character, Queen Aslaug, will face and her male costars’ off-screen gripes about hair and makeup.

“On screen, they’re really masculine,” Sutherland said of her burly cast mates. “And then in real life they complain about their hair extensions.”

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Interviews with Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick and Clive Standen

February 16, 2016


How Naughty Are These Sexy Vikings Stars?

November 18, 2015


Season 4: Cast Teases New Locations and Nudity

July 17, 2015


History’s Vikings invaded Comic-Con with a “Vikings Longship” (actually a tricked-out bus), providing fans with an opportunity to hang out with the cast of the hit show as they rode around the popular Gaslamp District in Downtown San Diego. Yahoo TV grabbed a seat on the “ship” with stars Travis Fimmel (Ragnar Lothbrok) and Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha), who offered a few teases about Season 4. So, what do the Gods have planned for our favorite raiders?


Winnick says we should expect plenty more action-packed battle sequences, and a focus on the family saga of the Lothbrok clan. Fimmel reveals that the Vikings will return to Paris, the city they successfully raided last season, as well as other locations we’ve yet to see before. More guts, more glory, more beards, more braids! Odin be praised.


Vikings returns in early 2016 on History.




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