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Katheryn Winnick On ‘Vikings’ Early Renewal And Passionate Fans

April 11, 2016


STARPULSE – As Lagertha on History’s Vikings, Katheryn Winnick has the enviable job of playing one of TV’s toughest women while also being plenty cool herself. With the series currently airing its longest season yet and recently renewed for another, Starpulse checked in with Katheryn to discuss how doing 20 episodes changed the pace of the show – and the most interesting things that have come out of Lagertha having incredibly passionate fans.


When we spoke to her, it was just days after Vikings had received its order for what will be the show’s fifth season. Is it easier for an actor hearing that the show will be back a little earlier, rather than having to wait all the way until it’s finished airing for the network to decide?


“It’s interesting, because we find out later and later,” she said, “but now we’re doing 20 episodes and it’s been tough to shoot over the winter in Ireland, so I think they had to let us know since we’re really just having a small break versus a proper hiatus. We’re going to be back there in a few months.


“The reason why [it’s difficult] is when we shoot in the wintertime we lose daylight,” she explained, “and it’s really cold in Ireland so we have to start our days sometimes at 4:15 in the morning just to be in the makeup chair at five because we start shooting at seven. It’s definitely a brutal shoot – but it makes it all worthwhile for the fans!”


20 episodes is double the usual number of installments in a Vikings season, so we asked Katheryn if she’s seen any difference in the actual pacing or structure of the show since there’s twice as many episodes to fill.


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Vikings shocker: An interview with the departing cast member

April 10, 2016


EW – Vikings is always brutal, but this week’s episode positively massacred the supporting cast, with significant deaths in Paris, among the Northmen, and in Wessex. The last death particularly stung — SPOILER ALERT, in case you haven’t guessed — as the desperate Queen Kwenthrith tried to end the life of her traitorous ally King Ecbert, before getting literally backstabbed by her supposed friend Princess Judith. (Kwenthrith was pregnant with Judith’s husband’s baby. How strange life is!) We talked to Amy Bailey about the end of Kwenthrith. (Click here for an interview with another exiting Vikings cast member, and click here for the full recap of the episode.)


ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I am traumatized by the death of Kwenthrith. How did you find out this was going to be the end of your time on the show?


AMY BAILEY: We all knew there were going to be “big changes,” because we all knew that there was gonna be a big time jump. I also became pregnant with twins in real life. They are seven months old now. I was six months pregnant when we shot that fight scene. When I found out I was pregnant with twins, [Vikings creator Michael Hirst] had just written me an email and said, “I just wrote the most awesome fight scene for you!” In the past, I’d always really liked doing my own stunts, because I come from a dance/athletic background. I called him up and said, “Dude, I’m gonna be really big by the time we film that.” They knew that they had to write me out.


What do you think Kwenthrith was thinking when she went into Ecbert’s chamber? Did she think there was still a way out for her?


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Vikings brutal murder: An interview with [spoiler]

April 10, 2016

An out-of-body experience


EW – Last week, Vikings staged a massive battle episode. But surprisingly, it wasn’t until this week that the bodies started to pile up. The newest episode – SPOILERS FROM HERE – saw major deaths across the Vikings world. Most shocking, in terms of sheer unexpected brutality, was the drowning death of Yidu, Ragnar’s slave-turned-mistress-slash-drug-dealer. In the throes of what appears to be a serious drug addiction, Ragnar got into an argument with Yidu. She threatened to go public with his secret about the demolished colony in Wessex — and without missing a beat, Ragnar pulled her into the water, drowning her in full view of his young sons.


It was a sudden, unexpected end for a character whose existence was always shrouded in mystery. We spoke to actress Dianne Doan about her interpretation of the motivations that led to the death scene.


ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When you first joined the show, did you know how Yidu’s arc on the show was going to end?


DIANNE DOAN: When I auditioned for the role, I think it was intended for an eight-episode arc. You’re never really sure. But [Vikings creator Michael Hirst] does such a good job of keeping us all on our toes. Every time we get these scripts, someone else dies.


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Alyssa Sutherland Pulls Back the Curtain on the “Perfect” Selfie

March 31, 2016

ELLE Welcome to Talking Body, a series where we have honest conversations with women about their bodies. Up this week: Alyssa Sutherland, star of the History Channel’s Vikings. The 33-year-old started as a model when she was 15 and appeared in campaigns for Chanel, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Bvlgari. Recently, the Australian got a lot of buzz (and even a repost from Amanda Seyfried) after sharing an Instagram of a side-by-side selfie–one glammed up, one with no filter–hoping to show young women they shouldn’t let their body image be affected by the idealized images that many women post on social media. “The snaps you see them post are carefully chosen to project the beauty and lifestyle they want you to believe they have,” she wrote. Here, she discusses that photo and what struggles she faced growing up in the modeling world.


Hey. Thought I’d pull back the curtain for some of you young ladies out there. The thing is, we’re constantly bombarded with gorgeous images of the women around us, whether they’re celebrities or friends. The snaps you see them post are carefully chosen to project the beauty and lifestyle they want you to believe they have. People take multiple selfies to get a good one, use all kinds of filters and tinker with all kinds of settings (the pic of me on the left is 1 of 7 I took, and obviously filtered and tweaked). When I was a model, we’d shoot ALL DAY (in amazing light, with a team of professionals) for only 8-10 pictures. We would literally shoot hundreds of frames to choose just 1, which was then perfected through hours of retouching. Studies suggest looking at selfies on Facebook and other forms of social media can give females negative feelings about body image. I could have posted the pic on the left this morning (I mean, c’mon, this is the best selfie I’ve ever taken!), along with say, an inspirational quote or romantic poem I found online, making me look both HOT and profound. (Knowing me though the caption probably would have ended up a Yoda quote warning you of the “dark side” cause there’s a cool shadow in the pic and I’m a fucking nerd). And then I’d feel validated by likes and flattering comments. BUT, the reality is, today I’m tired. I woke up with a big pimple under my nose and I went to a “booty and abs” Pilates class this morning because I too am susceptible – I keep seeing images of girls with perfectly toned tummies and perky butts on here, and it makes me think I should be working harder, juicing more, eating more quinoa, eating less pizza, going to more parties, wearing cooler clothes (I have NEVER been “airport chic” and I NEVER will be. Seriously?? THAT’S what you wore on a plane?!), vacationing in exotic locales, and ugh, WINNING MORE GRAMMYS. Also, my eyebrows are never on fleek. Let’s be real. We’re all just fucking sitting here on Instagram in our sweats. ✌?️

A photo posted by Alyssa Sutherland (@therealalyssas) on


The thinking in my head [when I posted the photo] was, Oh my God, I’m so glad I’m not a teenager right now, because I remember just how difficult it was fitting in at school and wanting people to like you. I thought: How scary is it that your popularity is actually measured in numbers now, by likes on a picture or retweet? To actually have a numerical look at how many followers you have? I actually do the same thing–there are moments when I will see an image on social media and think, Oh my God, I must work out more. I think we’re all doing it. We’re all kind of sitting there and seeing these images and we end up feeling bad about ourselves. “Why don’t I have that?” These thoughts pass through your head and we compare ourselves to one another.


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Katheryn Winnick shares secrets from Season 4

March 31, 2016

TORONTO SUN – It gives new meaning to the director yelling, “Cut!”


Do not plot against Lagertha. It will end painfully for you, especially if you’re a male.


Lagertha, played by Katheryn Winnick, already has had, shall we say, an “active” season on Vikings, which airs Thursdays on History.


“Well, Lagertha has been betrayed a lot,” Winnick said.


I won’t talk about things that haven’t aired yet, but I’ll issue a SPOILER ALERT here, in case you don’t want to know anything about Season 4, which currently is in progress.


In the very first episode of the season, Lagertha dealt with an uprising against her earldom in a way that would get any man’s attention.


She, um, cut off the ringleader’s genitals. Ouch.


“That was definitely a hoot to shoot, although I couldn’t keep a straight face,” Winnick recalled.


“It was hilarious, because the makeup department worked with the prosthetic department to come up with a different product, or different body parts, and different sizes, and I just couldn’t keep a straight face, with all the extras standing there.


“I don’t know how much of it was shown on TV, probably none of it because it’s History, but we definitely were dying of laughter because it was just too funny. I even was talking to our head medic there, just kind of going, ‘What kind of manoeuvre would it be to make this happen?’ You’re trying to have a serious conversation about that, while holding different prosthetics.”


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‘Vikings’ Ben Robson on the tragic events of ‘Promised’

March 20, 2016

ZAP2ITWarning: The following contains spoilers to the March 17 episode of “Vikings,” “Promised.”


All hail Earl Ingstad! At long last, Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) is back in power on “Vikings,” but not without shedding the blood of the man she had come to love — at least in part — who also happens to be the father of her unborn child. “Promised” was a heavy episode of “Vikings,” as Kalf (Ben Robson) learned that Lagertha was with child and got her to agree to marry him.


Of course, anyone who remembers the shield maiden’s Season 3 promise of revenge on Kalf for usurping her Earldom should have see what was coming next. On their wedding day, in a beautiful gown, she stabbed Kalf in the gut, allowing him to bleed out as she held and kissed him. When all was said and done, Lagertha was once again in control and ready to lead her army of shield maidens to war against any foe.


However, before taking his final bow on the series, Robson spoke with Zap2it about saying goodbye to Kalf, when he learned he was being killed off and what his character’s actual goals in the Viking world were. It turns out, it wasn’t wealth and power Kalf was truly after.


Zap2it: Way back before you debuted on the show, we were chatting on the set in Ireland and you were so excited to be diving into this world.


Ben Robson: I remember!


Now we’re here at the end of your stay on ‘Vikings,’ sadly. When you signed on to play Kalf, did you know this is how his story would play out?


Not at all! You know, I think that’s the thing with any job. You don’t know where you’re headed, I guess. [Creator Michael Hirst] has a piece of paper in front on him though, and he doesn’t know where the pen is going to take him.


So when he approaches you with the direction of Season 4, what goes through your mind?


A whole lot. You’re obviously disappointed because it’s an amazing production to be a part of and such a great character to play. I thought there was such potential for Kalf to continue, but I also think that’s what makes the whole series exciting. It has so many twists and turns. The unexpected is to be expected.


So you’re disappointed, you make great friends and enjoy the project. But at the same time, you have a strong storyline and I understood where it was all coming from. Kalf knew what he was into when he stole Lagertha’s kingdom.

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‘Vikings’ Star Breaks Down Shocking Exit: “My Fate Was Sealed”

March 20, 2016

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER – [Warning: This story contains spoilers from Thursday’s episode of Vikings, “Promised.’]


The body count on any given season of History’s Vikings is expected to be fairly high. After all, this was a time period in which people weren’t long for this world, as they all sought a better place in Valhalla amongst the gods.


That didn’t make the twist in the closing moments of Thursday’s episode any less shocking, as Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) finally made good on her promise of finishing off Kalf (Ben Robson) for betraying her and stealing her earldom. After revealing she was “pregnant” with Kalf’s child and accepting his proposal, she easily slipped the knife into him on the wedding day itself before emerging from her tent surrounding by an army of female warriors ready to help her reclaim her throne.


To break down that integral moment and find out how he felt about Kalf’s swan song, The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Robson, who is currently working on John Wells’ newest series Animal Kingdom for TNT.


How did you find out about Kalf’s demise?


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