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Tell Us About Yourself: Alexander Ludwig

February 19, 2015


What’s your wallpaper on your phone and/or computer?

A mountain is my wallpaper for both my phone and computer.


When you walk into a bar, what do you typically order?

A beer and or shot of tequila.


What’s the one word you are guilty of using too often?



What is the last thing you searched for on Google?

Dinner in the sky. I heard its this thing where you can have dinner while suspended from a crane overlooking the city. Looks unreal.


Who is the last person that called or texted you?

My cousin/best buddy James
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George Blagden talks season 3

February 19, 2015

This might be the worst case of Stockholm syndrome in history.

The term Stockholm syndrome had not yet been coined in the era of Vikings, which returns for its third season, Thursday, Feb. 19, on History. But had the term existed, everyone would be looking straight at Athelstan, played by George Blagden.

After all, in the first season of Vikings, Athelstan was a Christian monk in England who was abducted by Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and his team of Scandinavian raiders. Athelstan isn’t a slave any more, but he sure seems to have forgotten how this all began.

“Yeah, like you say, it’s a massive case of Stockholm syndrome,” agreed Blagden, who is from England. “And it goes the other way as well, with Athelstan and King Ecbert (Linus Roache).”

Indeed, when the Vikings returned to England in season two, Athelstan wound up being a captive of Ecbert in Wessex.

“So we see Athelstan start season three finding Ecbert again in Wessex, and it takes all of 10 minutes for Ecbert to try and convince Athelstan to feel comfortable there again,” Blagden continued.

“(Ecbert) hands (Athelstan) a cross, and Athelstan is easily led, maybe. He’s kind of aware of the men in this show who have allowed him to survive, meaning Ecbert and Ragnar.”

Stockholm syndrome, of course, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages identify with their captors, sometimes to the point of defending them. Yet, it’s true that in Athelstan’s particular case, there were different moments when both Ragnar and Ecbert could have stood aside and let Athelstan die, but they intervened and kept him alive.

Maybe Athelstan is the most charismatic character in TV history. Everyone wants him to stick around.
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“Vikings” Season 3 Episode 3 Spoilers: Michael Hirst Reddit AMA Touches On Historical Background And Characters

February 12, 2015


Michael Hirst, the sole writer and creator of the popular History Channel series “Vikings” did a Reddit AMA where he answered questions about the historical background of the show and its characters. “Vikings” has faced criticism that it deviates frequently from history and the character of Ragnar Lothbrok is a legendary composite character that could have been a number of different figures. Similarly actual aspects of the lifestyle of the “Vikings” are inaccurate. Some of the geographical facts like the mountains in southern Scandinavia and the lack of knowledge of the British isles are similarly inaccurate.

Hirst addressed the amount of historical research he does for “Vikings” and explained, “The story I’m telling comes out of my historical research. I don’t have a fictional story that I just add historical details to. Everything I do starts in research, and reading. And during the research / reading, storylines and characters start to emerge. And although I can take these characters for a walk, I never leave their historical reality behind.”

Hirst went on to say, “So of course you’re not watching history, you are watching a show – this is the twenty-first century, and we’re in a studio, and our actors are dressed-up – but having said that, everything you see on the show is researched. The buildings, the costumes, the furniture – everything has been researched, and talked about, and is as real and authentic as we can make it.”
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Clive Standen Talks Season 3

February 10, 2015


Hit series on HISTORY is gearing up for another action-packed run starting February 19th.

by Jennifer Cox

“Vikings” Season 3 kicks off in just a few days, and this Canadian original co-production (with an Irish partner) is especially Canadian this time around – all 10 episodes of Season 3 were directed by Canadians and five of the lead cast in Season 3 are Canadian. The series has also received a total of 10 Canadian Screen Awards nominations (four alone this year).

UK actor Clive Standen, who plays Rollo on “Vikings,” let viewers in on the upcoming season and tells fans just how many stunts he’s done (and about the one stunt he wasn’t allowed to do).

CraveOnline: What are fans in store for when it comes to Season 3 of Vikings?

Clive Standen: From the trailers you’ll see there’s a battle in store… very quickly after that the king of Sweden is going to be looking for more places to settle and raid and very quickly we hear about the myth that is Paris. It’s nothing what you imagine it to be today – Vikings have never seen anything like it. They take 100 ships down the River Seines and it’s going to be one of the biggest battles you’ve ever seen on TV. We had four times as many stunt men and it’ll be epic – it’s a juggernaut of a show now because of the size and scale.

Vikings has become a huge hit – did anyone anticipate how popular it would be?
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From martial arts to a career in show business

February 10, 2015


PASADENA, Calif. — Don’t let the honey blond hair, heart-shaped face and off-the-shoulder teal dress fool you. Actress Katheryn Winnick is deadly. A champion in the martial arts, the blond hair and heart-shaped face deceived her opponents. “I have a really strong back kick,” she says, seated in a velveteen chair, her hands folded on her lap.

“It was my signature move when I would get into the ring and compete nationally. I would get into the room with these guys, and I remember my instructor told me long ago your very first move out of the gate should be your strongest. They’re intimidating, and they think I’m a girl. I remember throwing them a strong, back-piercing kick it’s called, right in the gut. And that kind of shocked them.”

No one was more shocked than Winnick when she used the discipline of her back-piercing kick to become an actress.

She began martial arts in her native Canada when she was 7. She earned her first black belt at 13 and by the time she was 16 she owned her own martial arts studio in Toronto. “I was getting a degree in kinesiology and thought I was going to be in the martial arts or at least in the fitness industry,” she says.

“But when you train at such a high level, especially since I’d been training since I was 7 years old, it’s a different type of training. I grew up in a male field where I wasn’t allowed to show emotions if I got hurt or punched in the face. And you kind of have to just suck it up and do it. So I started teaching martial arts on movie sets before I was an actress.

“And I started acting classes to discover really who I am and kind of open up and figure out what makes me tick. Because of my martial arts history and my experience, I had a hard time connecting or opening up. So for me it was a personal challenge to take acting classes.”

Winnick, 37, always reveled in personal challenges. She was running three martial arts studios in Canada, while commuting between Toronto and New York trying to be an actress.

“I remember at the beginning of my career I just did everything. I did creepy horror movies, I did student films. I’ve done a lot of stuff I wouldn’t dare to watch now, but just to get the experience and just to learn and get comfortable with the sets and lights and people and dialogue. It’s a constant struggle. I feel I have so much to learn. You learn every day something new. I’m still really in preschool,” she says.

When the role of Lagertha in the History Channel’s “Vikings,” arrived, Winnick says she knew she was meant to play it.

“When I read the script and found out that Michael Hirst is involved in writing every single episode and I would be a shield maiden and a warrior and a young mother and dealing with the struggles of being a woman in that time period, I just knew I had to do it.” She’ll be back in Lagertha’s homespun wool and animal skins when the series returns on Feb. 19.

While she was confident in the ring, Winnick felt alien on the set. She remembers acting as Jennifer Jason Leigh’s personal trainer on David Cronenberg’s film, “eXistenZ.” “It was the first time I’d ever walked on a set. . . I remember walking on set and I was mesmerized by the sets and how amazing everything was. I was like a kid in a candy store. I remember I couldn’t afford my first head-shot so I ended up getting a set photographer to shoot me in the field, and in return I gave her martial arts lessons.”

It has taken Winnick a long time to feel comfortable as an actress. “It’s in the last six years that I’ve actually accepted that this is what I love to do, and I’m not going away. This is my career. Since then, I started changing my team. I’m working with great agents and choosing projects that are more of a smarter move than necessarily for the sake of working to put food on the table and a roof over your head – just changing my way of working on a career vs. a job.”

She thinks she inherited her drive and focus from her family. “I come from a very loving Ukrainian family. They’ve always instilled in me that hard work will pay off. No one’s going to give you anything. You can’t rely on your looks. You can’t rely on who you know. You need to work hard. With the martial arts discipline of training four hours a day or training for competition or tournaments, you really have to have strong perseverance and you need to have dedication,” she says.

“No one’s going to push you unless you push yourself. I think that has translated for me as an adult in my work ethic. If I didn’t have that spirit of not giving up, I don’t know that I would’ve been able to deal with the rejection in this business as a young actor when you’re just starting out. You constantly want to push yourself in new challenges.”

Winnick says she has wanted to quit a million times. “You second-guess yourself all the time but when you’re connected, and when you have good material, it feels so good and that high, that being in the zone – you don’t always get it. You get it maybe three times a year if you’re lucky – that is the drive that keeps me going.”

Source: IdahoStatesmen


M&C Interview With Kevin Durand For History’s ‘Vikings’ Season Three

February 08, 2015

History’s “Vikings” will feature actor Kevin Durand this coming season. Monsters and Critics got in the trenches on the phone with some other reporters and asked Kevin Durand, who just killed it as Vasily Fet on “The Strain” this past year, questions about his cryptic character Harbard, a drifter who wanders into Kattagat while the men are away doing their Viking thing.

Another new Viking added to the thrilling storyline will be Kalf, “a trusted second-in-command” character to our dear Lagertha. He will take the place as “acting Earl” when she accompanies Ragnar on raids. But Kalf’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing to watch. The role will be portrayed by the British actor Ben Robson.

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Return of The Vikings: New Faces – In conversation with Linus Roache

November 11, 2014



Paul Risker chats with Vikings star Linus Roache…


vikings_episode3_gallery_7-P-300x155As part of a special week long feature to coincide with the home entertainment release of Vikings series 2, Flickering Myth sits down in conversation with the cast and creator Michael Hirst to go behind the scenes of the critically acclaimed historical drama.


From the reflections of two onscreen brothers, Linus Roache a.k.a. King Ecbert reflects on joining the cast in series 2 and playing the antagonist to Ragnar’s protagonist…


Paul Risker: Was there a sense of intimidation did you feel walking into an established cast?

Linus Roache: I wouldn’t say it was intimidating, but it was nice to get on a moving train – onto something that is successful. I don’t know how Ronnie Wood felt when he joined the Rolling Stones [laughs].

Watching season one for the first time was what made me decide to do the job, because it is great television – it is great drama. Michael is a genius at bringing people inside of history and making you feel like you are actually there. The performances are amazing and it is shot in this very big and epic way.

I was excited because all I had to go on for my character was one or two episodes, which were not even fully written. But from what Michael was roughly telling me about where it would go, I was actually basing my decision on how good season one was.


PR: You fulfill an antagonist role to Ragnar’s protagonist. What makes that part different to the other villains perhaps, and do you think he’s a match for Ragnar?

LR: Definitely, and villain is a strange word. But I think Ragnar has definitely met his match in Ecbert who’s kind of similar to Ragnar in that he’s not tied to tradition – he’s a progressive and free thinker who can think outside of the box.

As soon as he meets Ragnar I think he kind of admires him, and it is a rivalry of two great men finding and pitting themselves against one another. Ragnar is a warrior but Ecbert is more of a strategist, manipulator, politician and he’s extremely ambitious which Ragnar is also. But it’s like two great chess players finding each other, and who have met their match.



PR: Why do you think Ecbert has such a fascination for cultures other than his own?

LR: Why – that’s a really good question. Why are any of us interested in things outside of what we know? That’s what sort of creates the future isn’t it – when somebody is willing to step outside the known and question the dogma of the time. What I like about him is that he’s not even necessarily a spiritual man. At the end of the day he’d probably say yes I believe in Christ, and I’m a Christian, but he’s an opportunist who will use whatever the most salient way is to move things forward. He’s fascinated by how things work and he has a very free mind, which is what makes him both a dangerous as well as a very exciting character. He’s a free thinker; he’s not stuck, and therefore you can move more quickly. He’s probably a little lonely in that there are not many people around him he can relate to, because he is willing to think outside of the norm. That’s why when Athelstan comes along it is a beautiful relationship. He meets someone else who has experienced this other culture, is intellectually smart and so there is a little love happening between him and Athelstan.

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