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Ben Robson is Kalf





A young, handsome Scandinavian man who lives in Hedeby, Kalf has made himself indispensable to the local earl, Earl Ingstad, otherwise known as Lagertha. She is fond of him and trusts him to look after her affairs when she is away. But it’s possible that her trust is misplaced and that Kalf is more ambitious and calculating than he appears.


Kalf is the Earl of Hedeby. He is young and handsome, and Lagertha is fond of him and trusts him to look after her affairs while she was away, but Kalf is more ambitious and calculating than he appears. He overthrew her to become the Earl, while she was on a raid in England.


While being left in charge of Hedeby during Lagertha’s travel to Wessex, Kalf was charged by her to deal with Einar who was inciting rebellion against her. But when he was about to execute Einar in a boat in a middle of a lake. Einar asked his axe and he gave it. Einar told him it was a bad choice. but he then convinced him to join him and they plotted to gather enough support to eventually overthrow Lagertha and take her title and lands. Kalf was eventually proclaimed the new Earl of Hedeby with the help of Einar. later he was asked by him what they would do when Lagertha returns and that she would probably have Ragnar on her side. He said he had already found an ally and that he was on his way. Later when he was sleeping with two women, he was awoken by Einar saying that his ally had arrived. His ally revealed to be Erlendur now married with Torvi wife of the late Jarl Borg, both linked to people killed by Lagertha and Ragnar and with many motives to hate them. Lagertha eventually returned and discovered she was dethroned. Becoming extremely angered and wanting revenge. But Ragnar instead preferred to go to Hedeby with her and talk to him. besides Lagertha doesn’t want to negotiate. Ragnar and Lagertha arrived in Hedeby. but to Lagertha’s annoying instead of demand his abdication Ragnar invited him and Erlendur to join his Raid on Francia, to which Erlendur and Kalf gladly accept. Later they arrive in Kattegat with his boats and soldiers. Kalf has invited Earl Siegfried to join them but things still tense with him and Lagertha. He later told her he always desired her, but she remained cold with him even during the travel. When they arrive in Francia, during the table discussion he suggested a day attack. He and Lagertha eventually led the attack on the bridge. They led the Ram to the gates and kept the soldiers. With the help of Earl Siegfried and the horses they where able to open the gates. But when they got inside the bridge Count Odo launched the Spike throwing machine annihilating the men in the front. They were eventually forced to retreat. Later he was present at the night attack. Lagertha and the other shield maidens opened the gates. and later Rollo was able to stop another of the Count spike machines. He and others were able to charge and fight. but again the Count and the soldiers managed to hold on and close the bridge. he and the others were able to escape. but Earl Siegfried and Sinric got trapped inside and were captured. He later appeared talking to Lagertha after she bathes. he says he wants her with him back in Hedeby. she asks if he accepts her demands that she will never trust him and that one day she will kill him. He doubts and thinks a little, but eventually kiss her and they both go to bed.




Ben Robson


Born in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Ben Robson is one of the newest cast members to join HISTORY’s hit original series Vikings which just wrapped production of their third season in Ireland. Robson will portray a significant and pivotal character named Kalf, a trusted and second-in-command to Lagertha played by Katheryn Winnick.


In 2012, Robson obtained his first major lead role as Lucian opposite Academy Award winner Jon Voight in Lionsgate’s Dracula: The Dark Prince directed by Pearry Reginald Teo. The film premiered in Le Marche De Film at Cannes in March of 2013.


Robson grew up in Northumberland and studied in Newcastle and Buckinghamshire. In 2009, Robson set his sites on Los Angeles where he studied at Stella Adler for two years, after which he returned to the UK in 2011. This past year, Robson has made Los Angeles his permanent home.