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Alexander Ludwig is Bjorn Ironsides






Bjorn Lothbrok is the son of Ragnar and Lagertha and the oldest of Ragnar’s many sons. Intelligent and determined, Bjorn loves and admires his father above all men. Following in Ragnar’s footsteps, Bjorn desires to test himself as a fighter as well as an explorer. After fighting in battle without receiving one wound or scratch, he garnered the famous nickname “Bjorn Ironsides.”


Björn Ironside is the son of Ragnar Lothbrok and Lagertha. Intelligent and determined, Björn had made a name for himself, following in his father’s footsteps as a formidable warrior, fighter, and explorer.


Season 1


Upon turning 12 and coming of age in Viking society, Björn received his arm ring from the then reigning Earl Haraldson. Björn had yearned to be a warrior like his father, desperate for recognition as a man and to fight in the raids with his father, but his youth and inexperience hold him back. Björn is a loyal and dutiful son to both parents, and showed no fear when he broke up a physical fight between his parents in Wrath of the Northmen.


Though obedient to his parents, Björn resented being put under the supervision of the young Northumbrian monk Athelstan who was captured as a slave from Lindisfarne.


Brought along by Ragnar on his trip to Gotaland for King Horik, Björn was witness to the beginning of his father’s relationship with Aslaug. Disgusted, Björn confronted his father about his infidelity, making him swear that it will never happen again. While Ragnar did promise this and tried to keep it, Aslaug had already become pregnant with a son.


Season 2


Upon their return to Kattegat, Björn told Lagertha of Aslaug and his father’s infidelity, though he did not say much out of loyalty to Ragnar. When Lagertha decided to leave Ragnar, Björn was torn. Though he initially decided to stay with Ragnar, through Torstein’s urging, Björn eventually decided to go with his mother. Ragnar let them, telling Björn to look after his mother.


Even years after their departure, Ragnar continued to think of them. When he met with the Seer, the oracle told him that he had foreseen that his sons would become famous, possibly even more than him. His son, the Seer said, would marry the daughter of a king, or would sail across a sea without tides. Ragnar asked about Björn, whether he still lived, and whether he would ever see him again. The Seer told him that it was Björn about whom he had prophesied.


Meanwhile, under the thumb of his oppressive new stepfather, the 18-year-old Björn hoped to live alone in the mountains to test his strength and skills. His stepfather, Lagertha’s new husband Earl Sigvard, who often sought to shame and humiliate him in front of his subjects, refused. Around this time, Björn discovered that Sigvard had been hitting Lagertha, much to his anger. Björn told his mother that if Sigvard continued to hurt her, Björn would kill him.


When Björn heard of the capture of Kattegat by Jarl Borg, he tried to get Lagertha to persuade Sigvard to assist Ragnar. Sigvard refused, spitefully, but Lagertha marshals a force anyway and rides to assist Ragnar. Locating Ragnar, Lagertha and Björn are a welcome sight. Ragnar particularly marvels at how tall and powerful Björn has grown.


After his performance in battle against the West Saxons in The Choice, Björn is given the epithet ‘Ironside’ by Ragnar.


Season 3


Bjorn was surprised when Porunn told him that she was pregnant. After the battle of Mercia in The Wanderer He asked Porunn to marry him and she said yes. He looked after her when her face was badly scarred in battle. Later, Porunn gave birth to their child: a daughter they named Siggy. Bjorn sleeps with Torvi, Erlendur’s wife, when Porunn rejects his attempts to have sex with her and tells him to find someone else to be with, due to her feeling self conscious about her nasty scar. Right before he has sex with Torvi, he tells her that he loves his wife. He later finds Torvi and apologizes for taking advantage of her, and hands her a bracelet as a gift. She tells him that she’s neither with child or a child herself, and apologizes too for taking advantage of him.


Ragnar finds Björn unconscious towards the end of the vikings’ failed attempt to get into the city of Paris, with two crossbow bolts stuck in his back. Björn wakes later that night, and while still hurt, he tells his father that he should have never called him ‘Ironside’, doubtful that the gods are protecting him. His father rebuts and questions, “you’re alive, aren’t you?” to which Björn says nothing. Later, while still healing Bjorn is up and walking but holds his arm obviously still in pain. In the season 3 finale, Ragnar trusts only Bjorn with something secret, which later is shown to be that Ragnar is still alive as when he exits Paris Bjorn catches and holds him. He later defends himself and tells his mother, Rollo and Floki he only did what his father asked of him.



Nathan O Toole


Nathan O’Toole


Nathan played Bjorn in Season 1 and the first episode of Season 2.


Nathan O’Toole (born 17 March 1998) is an Irish actor, known for playing the part of young Bjorn Ironside in the first two seasons of the 2013 TV series Vikings. He also played in the series The Borgias as Vincenzo. He lives in Dunshaughlin.





Alexander Ludwig
Alexander has played Bjorn since the forth episode of Season 2.


Alexander will soon be seen in the thriller, Go With Me, opposite Julia Stiles and Anthony Hopkins.

Most recently, Ludwig starred in the film, Final Girl, opposite Abigail Breslin and Wes Bentley. In October, his film The Final Girls was released in which he stars opposite Malin Akerman and Nina Dobrev.


Ludwig grew up in Vancouver, Canada, and after beginning his acting career at age nine with a string of successful commercial and television parts, Ludwig landed the starring role of Will Stanton in 20th Century Fox’s action-adventure The Seeker: The Dark is Rising in 2007.


Previously, Ludwig appeared in diverse films such as Lone Survivor directed by Peter Berg, Grown Ups 2 opposite Adam Sandler and Sony’s Film When The Game Stands Tall, opposite Laura Dern. In 2012 he appeared as “Cato,” the antagonist, in the box-office smash-hit The Hunger Games. Alexander also starred in Walt Disney Pictures’ hugely successful Race to Witch Mountain, opposite Dwayne Johnson and Carla Gugino.


His talents extend beyond acting and filmmaking; Ludwig is a gifted musician and an avid outdoorsman. In his free time Ludwig can be found competing in extreme freestyle ski competitions on Whistler Mountain, or surfing the California coast.